10 Best Songs About Destiny  

Most people usually define destiny as a force that one cannot avoid. It is an inevitable aspect of life that people believe they cannot change. Aside from being a force that binds people as a community, destiny also creates a sense of purpose that drives them. This is the reason why we have so many great songs about destiny. Here are the best songs about destiny of all time.

“Tell Me” – Pete Rock & CL Smooth

The song “Tell Me” is a masterpiece that brings fate or destiny into the light. It shows how the couple finds it challenging to accomplish their deep desires to love each other and bring meaningful changes to their lives. It should be noted that the couple has not yet decided whether to pursue their desires because they are not sure it is their destiny. It is a great rock song that gained some media recognition and airplay in 1994 and 1995.

“Definition of Destiny” – Billy Talent

The song “Definition of Destiny” by Billy Talent was released in 2009 under the album “Billy Talent III.” This song falls under our scope as one of the best songs about destiny because of the meaning behind these powerful lyrics since they resonate with actual reality.

The songwriter states that the song was written to encourage people to live today to avoid regret while still young. In addition, it encourages people to have the courage to try out things while they are young to avoid regretting not trying while they are old.

“Meant to Be” – Bebe Rexha Ft Florida Georgia Line

The song “Meant to Be” was released in October 2017 as part of Bebe Rexha’s third studio album, “All Your Fault: Pt. 2.” It is a piano-driven ballad, which drives the message that whatever is meant to be will eventually happen.

After getting some encouraging words from Hayley, Hubbard’s wife, she wrote a song. It became number 2 in the United States and number 11 in the United Kingdom.

“Invisible String” – Taylor Swift

Taylor Swift is a famous American Songwriter who could not miss this list. Her song, “Invisible String,” that charted number 37 in the United States, uniquely brings the idea of destiny that we all can relate to. It reflects on all the aspects that play a role in bringing two soul mates together. According to Taylor Swift, she wrote the song right after sending a baby’s gift to an ex and realized how happy she was after reflecting on her life.

“Rewrite the Stars” – Zac Efron Ft Zendaya

The song “Rewrite the Stars” by Zac Efron and Zendaya was released in 2017 as a soundtrack to the movie “The Greatest Showman.” It reached number 16 in the United Kingdom and 70 in the United States. The duet portrays two lovers where Zac (Phillip) plays a character from a wealthy family and Zendaya (Anne) is a poor acrobat. Although Phillip’s parents insult Anne, Phillip chases after her and hopes they can change their destiny.

“Twist of Fate” – Olivia Newton-John

The song “Twist of Fate” was written by the great Peter Beckett and his songwriter partner Steve Kipner. Olivia’s manager, Roger Davies, contacted Becket for an uptempo song for an upcoming movie called “Two of a Kind.” Soon after it was released in 1983, the song charted at number 5 in the United States and number 57 in the United Kingdom. The song portrays how the twist of fate brings the couple back together after their tribulations.

“Almost Maybes” – Jordan Davies

The song “Almost Maybes” was released in 2020 and charted number 43 in the United States. It talks about how a character engaged in several romances, where some were good while others were bad. However, he finally finds true love and feels like it was destiny for these events to happen.

“Found You” – Kane Brown

The song “Found You” was released in 2017 in Kane Brown’s “Deluxe Edition” Album. It charted number 80 in the United States. The song describes a guy who tries his luck of finding a girlfriend at a random party after a nasty breakup. Although he never wanted to go to that party, he finds the love of his life. 

According to Kane Brown, his fiancée was the inspiration behind the song “Found You.” This accurately depicts how destiny brings together people meant for each other. 

“Detours” – Jordan Davis

This is another Jordan Davis song released in 2020 and speaks about how treacherous the journey of finding Mrs. Right is. Jordan relates the song’s message to how it took him time to find his lovely wife, Kristen O’Connor, and how the relationship was meant to be.

Jordan did not plan to release “Detours” because it was a personal song. However, he decided to release it in 2020 after playing to a live audience. 

“Que Sera Sera” – Doris Day

Last but not least is a classic from the ’50s called Que Sera Sera, which roughly translates to “whatever will be, will be.” This song by Doris Day became number 1 in the United Kingdom and number 2 in the United States. The song points out how it is challenging to predict anyone’s future because, throughout the song, she has been getting the same response, “whatever will be, will be.”

In Conclusion

In conclusion, the above ten songs are best to summarize the topic of destiny. Songs like “Found You” and “Almost Maybes” demonstrate how one can meet the right person at the right moment in their life. Although it is challenging to change the past or the future, moving forward is always the best step.


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