10 Best Songs About Spring

Spring marks the end of the freezing winter season and the arrival of the sun’s warm beams. Spring has been used as an inspiration for fresh seasons in life by musicians in their works, whether it’s using the metaphor of new life and rebirth or silly spring puns. Here are some of the best songs about spring.

“A Beautiful Morning” – The Rascals

This song was written and released in 1968 during the turbulent sociopolitical times of the late 1960s. As the song’s title suggests, the Rascals sought to provide hope and optimism to their audience.

The story teaches fans that, just like springtime, each season will shift into a new season with brightness and bloom. The song frequently encourages people going through hardships to carry on, as each season brings new life and new opportunities.

“Spring Is Here” – Nina Simone

Simone’s sorrowful song from 1966 questions why her emotions don’t match the passionate, cheerful anticipation that spring normally brings.

Simone’s melodious voice shines in this melancholy track, which expresses a universal need for love and appreciation.

Simone sings of all of the joys she looked forward to enjoying, such as looking at the skies, and the fresh winds of springtime, after realizing she needs a companion and desires somebody to cherish her.

“When It’s Springtime In Alaska” – Johnny Cash

This song about spring in Alaska informs listeners that, while they may expect joyful outcomes in life, life does not always work out that way, much as springtime gives up hope for something new.

According to the song, a man had a dance with another man’s wife, and instead of enjoying the rest of his life with the lady, he dies due to this mistake. The man does not live long enough to see the nice, sunny destination he had hoped to see.

“Spring Vacation” – The Beach Boys

The legendary Beach Boys’ song released in 2012 is a tribute to looking forward to life’s good and fun things.

The song encourages its listeners not to dwell on the difficult aspects of life but instead focus on the positive aspects and taking some time off in the spring.

Furthermore, life is not always a walk in the park, and one may face difficult times at some point. It is, however, the willingness and patience to fight through the difficult days in the hopes of seeing better days that counts.

“Here Comes The Sun” – The Beatles

This song, released in 1969, expresses the desire for rejuvenation as spring approaches. Most people look forward to spring weather because winter may be terrible at times, thus arriving in spring feels like a new challenge.

After a traumatic experience, starting afresh might help you put the past behind you. This song about spring encourages fans that everybody has the option to start again with a clean slate as we approach the dawn of a new season.

“Spring Will Be A Little Late This Year” – Carly Simon

Carly released this tune after she had been through a breakup. The song explains that sadness makes a person feel that the chill and gloom of winter will remain forever rather than the warmness and brilliance of spring approaching.

During a heartbreak, it’s easy to believe that loneliness will delay the romantic sensations that springtime generally brings. Heartbreaks, betrayals like the seasons, come and go, and the heart heals with time.

“It Might As Well Be Spring” – Frank Sinatra

This jazz tune from 1962 elicits springtime fever due to the impending arrival of spring. This song’s basis is that often one yearns for something or someone fresh in their lives.

The song recounts someone, pleased and hopeful for no obvious cause, but because of the changes that he is hopeful will occur at some point in life. The optimism in life is similar to how springtime’s new life lifts people’s spirits each year.

“Butterflies” – Kacey Musgraves

In this 2018 country song, Musgrave’s exquisite songwriting conveys the springtime romantic sensation of butterflies. Butterflies encapsulate the spirit of a new romance, which is often associated with the newness of spring.

The thrill of new love, even though it is carefully balanced, there is still a chance that new love is unlikely to materialize.

The song’s key takeaway is that one should be willing to change with the seasons rather than getting caught up in the enthusiasm of a single season that starts well. Things, like seasons, are subject to change.

“Spring Breakdown” – Luke Bryan

This song, published in 2015, is about unexpectedly losing a loved one. Spring break brings beautiful beaches and hours spent with loved ones.

Bryan’s song depicts the heartbreaking story of a person on the edge of losing the one they love and having to spend the season alone. According to the song, even during a pleasant period, horrible things might happen.

“Spring Can Really Hang You Up The Most” – Bette Midler

Unlike other spring songs, this one released in 1986 contrasts the hopeful anticipation brought on by the transformation into spring with distraught sentiments of a broken heart.

Instead of emphasizing the wonderful flowering love, that spring may offer, Midler’s song warns listeners that spring does not always bring us lasting love because it will expire and another season will arrive.


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