10 Best Songs About Power

It’s no surprise that songs about power and domination are omnipresent in a world where success is typically judged by power and status, from the perfect automobile to the proper mansion. Power indeed corrupts. On the other hand, power slaps, at least when it’s employed as the basis for a song that leaves you feeling untouchable.

This list, irrespective of genre, rates the most fantastic tunes about power. Most of those songs about power are on the list, but although that word appears in the title doesn’t suggest the song’s content is solely about power.

“Power” – Kanye West

It’s no coincidence that this rap-rock jam is one of Yeezy’s most exciting songs: ‘I guess every superhero needs his theme music,’ he says in the opening line. However, how the words fluctuate from boastful and cynical to ambiguous and self-aggrandizing makes ‘Power’ so intriguing.

On the hook, West sings, “No one man should have all that power,” adding, “The clock is ticking, I just count the hours.” ‘Power’ is Kanye West at his most theatrical and sophisticated.

“Power & Control” – Marina and the Diamonds

“Power & Control,” a single by Marina and the Diamonds, is about power and how it may be misused. The song’s lyrics discuss how someone in a hierarchy of responsibility can quickly turn corrupt and use their status to oppress people.

The music sends a message about the perils of power abuse and an encouragement to speak up against power abuse. It’s a stirring anthem for those fighting for equality and fairness. Marina’s music has a solid feminist tone running through them.

“Soul Power” – James Brown

Although its lyrics were a slurry of Brown’s typical grunts, asides, and come hither, one of James Brown’s biggest successes, ‘Soul Power’ became a rebel hymn. Ever since several campaigns have made ‘Soul Power’ their mantra. The track is the epitome of JB funk, with an acoustic version by Brown and Maceo and the Macks taking the rhythm to unimaginable heights before bringing it back down.

“Titanium” – David Guetta Feat. Sia

Only a few tracks can surpass the force and daring of David Guetta Feat. Sia. The tune is about conquering impossible odds, and it’s the ideal anthem for everyone who’s ever had to overcome adversity.

It’s no surprise that Titanium has become a favorite song for sportsmen and those who need a little extra drive, with lyrics like “I’m bulletproof, nothing to lose.”

It has motivating lyrics and a peaceful tempo, but it still has the intensity of a dance track. Titanium is a beautiful tune to listen to if you’re searching for a little more motivation.

“Run the World (Girls)” – Beyoncé

The Queen can teach you about power imbalances if you want to learn who’s ultimately in charge. Suppose the concept of female empowerment and global dominance isn’t apparent enough. In that case, this anthem reaffirms its premise about who, in reality, owns this mutha in no fewer than two dozen instances. Beyonce does this to make it crystal clear.

“Power of a woman” – Eternal

Eternal’s song “Power of a Woman” is a fantastic track about a lady’s fortitude. The lyrics discuss how a lady can face challenges that come her way. The song is uplifting and motivating, and it will give you the courage to stand up for what you believe in. Many people have found it to be the ideal music to listen to when going through a difficult moment. Some people utilize Eternal’s Power of a Woman as a source of motivation when faced with a challenging task.

“People Have the Power” – Patti Smith

‘People Have the Power,’ despite its debut in 1988 when Smith was concentrating on parenting her family and practically in semi-retirement, has become a centerpiece of the punk icon’s live concerts. It’s easy to see why: it’s a roaring rock anthem with lyrics that sound more pertinent than ever before. ‘People have the power to redeem the work of fools,’ Smith chants, and it’s a theme that might be applied to a variety of existing political circumstances.

“Power” – Little Mix Feat. Stormzy

Little Mix’s single “Power,” which features grime singer Stormzy, is a hit in the United Kingdom. Ed Sheeran, Steve Mac, and Jonny McDaid collaborated on the song, and Mac oversaw the production. The lead track from their fifth studio album, LM5, was launched on November 10, 2017. “Power” is a fast-paced dance-pop track about female empowerment.

Music critics were split on the song’s reception. A few people complimented the song’s inspiring lyrics, while others slammed it for its bland production and perceived lack of creativity. Power ranked three on the UK Singles Chart and number two in Australia, becoming Little Mix’s eighth top-ten hit.

“Power to the People” – John Lennon

“Power to the People,” John Lennon’s fourth song with the Plastic Ono Band, was a statement of intent with origins in 1960s political activism. Its title is one of those statements that has become part of late twentieth-century social philosophy.

Although Lennon eventually dissociated himself from the 1970 classic song, claiming years later that ‘it didn’t just fit well,’ its impressively explicit content continues to galvanize. This masterpiece by John Lennon earned its spot on this list.

“The Power” – Snap

Snap’s song The Power is about the power of being successful. The song’s lyrics discuss how the singer has worked hard to obtain their accomplishment and how they are now in a position of strength.

The song serves as a reminder that everyone can achieve their goals if they work hard enough and keep focused. Many people can identify with Snap’s The Power since they are constantly working to reach their objectives.

Final thoughts

The songs in this list are good motivation to help you face the world with confidence and high self-esteem each day.


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