21 Best Songs About Tacos

Most people love a good taco. Some people prefer the soft, less messy ones. Others, those hard, crunchy ones that all the fillings fall out of? Both types of tacos are pretty darn yummy.

Therefore, it would be an excellent way to eat them with some taco tunes playing in the background. The question is, are there any songs that revolve around this delicious Mexican masterpiece.

No worries. Google search has landed on the right page to find the 21 best songs about tacos. Here are the most relevant taco anthems.

“Taco Tuesday” – Lil Jon

This song by hip hop master Lil Jon is about how he loves Taco Tuesday. The song itself is only a little over two minutes long. However, it is upbeat and all about the favorite Tuesday night dinner that has become a staple in many households.

The description of the fun-filled way to eat tacos and all other Mexican meals is detailed in a hip-hop way by Lil Jon. He starts his notorious ranting by asking are you ready to eat some (bleeping) tacos, bro?

He identifies all the luscious tongue-tingling drinks that are famous when eating tacos or any Mexican entrée and then brings the song back to the listener’s attention to tacos. So, gather the family around the dinner table on Tuesday and play this jam while making some tasty tacos.

“Taco Tuesday” – Migos

This tantalizing tune will have the listener thinking about a delectable taco. However, listen closely. The metaphoric lyrics tend to be describing a man’s vision of a particular female.

Migo’s vocals seem to be detailing a woman’s body as he talks about the ingredients of a taco. Even so, the video is a bunch of dudes making tacos. This song is a fun lyrical tune to listen to. It definitely fits on a top 10 list of the best taco songs.

“Jose Got Dem Tacos” – Kap G

This young Mexican American rapper who sings about tacos in his unique lyrical verses may make someone initially think that the song is about how a guy named Jose can make some mean tacos.

Still, in reality, the song is about a drug deal. Although Kap G mentions some specific things that may be associated with the food product, this is not what the song references. It is more like a gangster rap song.

It grew popular around 2013. It may not be about tacos, but it is a taco song. Therefore, it makes this list as one of the best taco songs.

“Tacos” – Little Big

This song is literally about food—mainly tacos. The video that goes along with this Russian band’s Taco song has the members dancing around in full taco shells, pizza bikinis, and macaroni shorts.

Obviously, it is meant to be somewhat comedic. Apparently, this song that plays more like a catchy jingle seems to have a substantial cult-like following. With over one hundred and thirty-two million views on YouTube, it was necessary to put this taco tune on this list. 

“Tacos on My Mind” – Josh Leyva

Josh Leyva is a social media influencer that likes to make videos that bring a smile to the faces of his audience–and it works. This song and video display his love affair with the popular food while downplaying all the other foods humans love, like pizza and hamburgers.

He says that if his love interest doesn’t like tacos, the relationship would end–not precisely in those terms, but a somewhat similar lyrical theme. This song is also tuned to an audience who likes to laugh.

“Tacos” – Christon Birge

This one is for all the country music fans out there who love romance and tacos. Like all country music, the lyrics tell a type of tale. Singer Christon Birge sings about his way of sweeping his lady off her feet in this catchy country song.

While describing all the simple things people appreciate about life and what they will do together, he slips in how there isn’t much he can afford. However, he can buy her tacos and touch her butt.

The song is cute and appropriately country music-themed–from the lyrics to the beat and sound. Centering the final message around a taco, not to mention the song being called Tacos, this is a perfect song for the 10 best songs about tacos list.

“One Night Taco Stand” – Josh Grider

Being a New Mexico native, Josh Grider was born to sing a song about tacos. In his song One Night Taco Stand, he references more than just tacos.

He outlines the Mexican heritage as he defines it through singing about a traditional taco stand with picnic tables adorned in Christmas lights, a good old beer, and listening to an old Tejano band, as he flirts with a senorita.

Although the song speaks more to the traditional things a person may see at a taco stand in Mexico, it goes well with this theme and makes it on this list.

“Tacos and Margaritas” – Coffey Anderson

Yes, this is another good country tune that compares food to a romantic relationship.

The singer-songwriter and internet personality, Coffey Anderson, states in his song that he and his love go together like tacos and margaritas—no doubt referencing how they make sense together.

It is a simple country tune. It works for country music fans that love a traditional country song and the duo of tacos and margaritas.

“Raining Tacos” – Parry Gripp

Novelty songwriter Parry Gripp has turned the taco into a fun childish tune for us to bop along with to the beat. This song will have listeners swaying as they make a taco through the lyrics.

It lists the ingredients and other condiments that go along with putting one together. It is a whimsical and silly song. However, so relevant to this list. It is a song that plays a beat and puts a taco together by singing it out. How could it not fit on this list?

“Taco Grande” – Weird Al Yankovic

Let’s end this list with a great tune from the one and only king of parody songs—Weird Al.

In this funny rendition of Gerardo’s “Rico Suave,” Al changes the lyrics to reference his love for Tacos. It is a hilarious homage to Mexican cuisine and a perfect song to listen to on taco Tuesday.

“Tacos and Tornadoes”- Koe Wetzel

Next on our list is the incredible country track “Tacos and Tornadoes” by Koe Wetzel. It was released in 2015 on the album “Out on Parole” and is one of the best songs about Mexican food.

Based on the lyrics, “Tacos and Tornadoes” is about a drunken stupor and the consequences of alcohol addiction. The narrator likens tacos to alcohol and describes how he regrets drinking too much and wants repentance for his actions while under the alcoholic spell.

This song became an instant hit, garnering significant fame and recognition for its relevance in society. It has more than four hundred thousand views on YouTube.

“Taco Taco Tacos”- Peelander-Z

If you are a soft rock and punk fan, you will love “Taco Taco Tacos” by Peelander-Z. The Japanese American Punk rock band released this song to appreciate the taco shops and meals everywhere.

If you enjoy eating tacos with background music, this song is perfect for making it an even better experience.  

“Tacos, Enchiladas and Beans”-Doris Day

If you love 1940s songs, then “Tacos, Enchiladas and Beans” by Doris Day is a great track.

The song is about loving someone as much as you love eating your favorite dishes. Doris discusses that her romantic partner should only feel competition from her favorite meals, “Tacos, Enchiladas and Beans.”

Most people may agree that tacos are delicious Mexican cuisines that are mouth-watering and leave you wanting more. 

As such, if your family holds taco Tuesdays, then you should put this song on the radio and enjoy your meal with Doris Day serenading you.

“Two Tacos”- Felix & His Guitar

“Two Tacos” by Felix & His Guitar is a hilarious love song about two tacos in love and wanting to get married. It may not be your typical song about taco cuisine, but it consists of fantastic instrumentals and emulates Latin-style music, perfect for dancing.

If you are looking for a song that offers good vibes and can help you enjoy your day while eating some tacos, then you better listen to Felix & His Guitar’s “Two Tacos.”

You may find the song funny enough to enjoy listening to it.

“Street Tacos”- Bonus Points

Do you like dancing to the rhythm of a song? Then, “Street Tacos” is an ideal choice.

Released in 2018, “Street Tacos” is an instrumental song with a bit of Latin fusion. The audience can easily allude to the song’s theme of the deliciousness of street tacos.

In addition, the video is quite creative, comprising different musicians and dancers with a knack for Salsa dancing. It is also fun to watch.

So, if you are enjoying some street tacos from your favorite taco truck, do not hesitate to listen to this song while enjoying a bite of your delicious taco.

“Best Fish Tacos in Ensenada”- Adam Freeland

“Best Fish Tacos in Ensenada” is an electronic track by famous English DJ Adam Freeland. Although no lyrics accompany the beats, the song is impressive.

Based on the song title, one assumes that Freeland may have visited Ensenada and loved the fish tacos cuisines to the extent that he wrote a song celebrating the tacos.

The track is fun to listen to and dance to whenever you are in the mood to party.

“Gringo Tacos”- Kenny Segal

“Gringo Tacos” by Kenny Segal is an upbeat song about Gringos and tacos.

The song is fun to listen to as it explores Gringos (English Speaking non-Latina or Spanish people) love for tacos.

In the song, the narrator speaks of how tacos should get cooked to emulate the well-known Mexican snack. Kenny is known for releasing humorous songs that bring joy to all his listeners.   

That said, listening to this song while enjoying a platter of tacos should make for a memorable experience.

 It is also a lovely song to jam to when you are at home whipping some meals on the stove.

“Fish Tacos Party”- Alexandros

“Fish Tacos Party” is a track from Alexandros album “Sleepless in Brooklyn.”

Many would expect to hear more about fish tacos and partying, but the track has a different meaning. From the beginning, the lyrics offer encouragement to wake up early in the morning and go to work.

The narrator explains that despite the world living differently, it is essential for individuals to stand out in their endeavors.

Perhaps “Fish Tacos Party” depicts loving your daily routine as you would love eating tacos.

“Taco Shop”- Bun B

“Taco Shop” is a hip-hop track by Bun B released in 2005 from the album “Whut it Dew 2.”

The hip-hop rap song is a fantastic track that combines Spanish and English lyrics to express the narrator’s love for tacos. However, the song sexualizes taco shops to insinuate the love a man can give to a woman.

Aside from the explicit sexual expressions used in this song, the audience can easily relate to and enjoy the tune.

“Tacos Altos”- Arcangel, Noriel, Farruko, Bryant Myers, and Alex Gargolas

Do you love Spanish songs? If so, “Tacos Altos” is an incredible track you can enjoy while having some tacos at home.

Though the lyrics to the song are in Spanish, an individual can easily enjoy the beats and words of the track. However, if you research online, the tune is simply about a man praising a woman’s feminity and beauty. 

Although there is a far difference between the title of the song and taco meals, the track is a fantastic find that can help you through your day.

You can also enjoy some tacos at home while jamming to “Tacos Altos.”

“Taco Tuesday”- Lucky Diaz and the Family Jam Band

Ending this list is an incredible tune from the Lucky Diaz and the Family Jam Band. “Taco Tuesday” is a popular kid’s song perfect for kid parties and family gatherings.

If you’re having a barbecue party at home and have family and friends over, your kids will love the “Taco Tuesday” song. It has some quirky lines and great beats they can dance to, mainly if you serve them tacos for lunch.

Final Thoughts

Although the subject of tacos is hard to find in a song, I think this compiled list fits well as the best songs about tacos. It starts with hip-hop. Next, it centers around international and social media influencers. Then, it ends with country, novelty, and famous parody songs. It has them all.


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