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10 Best Songs About Walking

What is your best song containing or referring to the phrase “walking”? There is a long number of choices. You might want to put together a walking-themed playlist to enjoy while walking outside or in the gym.

Walking songs can encourage you to go for long hikes. Likewise, it could assist you in keeping your speed.

Finally, listening to music while walking can make the whole process more pleasurable, encouraging you to walk more frequently and stick to your fitness routine. Here are some of the best songs about walking you should consider.

Top Songs About Walking

“Walk” – Foo Fighters

In their song “Walk,” the Foo Fighters express optimism in allowing oneself to go through a recovery period, despite the several times they had failed at it.

The writer admits in the first verse that he has strayed from his route of rehabilitation on multiple occasions and that he is becoming accustomed to new starts. He acknowledges his flaws and concentrates on beginning his road to recovery.

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Because he conveys thanks in the bridge for the reality that he is not dead, the singer could be alluding to the stages of studying something new, recuperating from a sickness, or recovering from an addiction.

“Walking Through the Park” – Muddy Waters 

Choosing my favorite bluesman is similar to choosing my favorite walk. It’s nearly impossible. But if I had to choose only one, I’d go with Muddy.

No one had ever sounded quite of him before. Carey Bell on harmonica, Sammy Lawhorn on guitar, and the renowned Pinetop Perkins on piano made formed a backing lineup for “Walking Through the Park.”

“Walk It Talk It” – Migos 

The song by American hip hop duo Migos, featuring Canadian artist Drake on backing vocals, was launched On March 18, 2018. Culture II, the trio’s third album, featured it.

After its launch as the third single, it hit number 18 on the Billboard Hot 100 and eventually peaked at number 10 there. 

“Walk On the Wild Side” – Lou Reed 

‘Walk On the Wild Side,’ the most significant success of former Velvet Underground leader Lou Reed, is mainly about New York drag queens, which made it somewhat daring at the time of launch.

Reed said in the song that he believed it would be sort of fun to expose folks to individuals they hadn’t met before or didn’t want to see.

“Walk of Life” – Dire Straits 

The song is the third single from their seminal fifth album Brothers in Arms. It was released in 1985 and featured a straightforward rock and roll beat with an entrance riff performed on a Hammond organ and synthesizer.

The lyrics recount a tale about a busker named Johnny who is “down in the tunnels, attempting to make it count” in what one assumes is an autobiographical song.

The footage, however, shows no evidence of Johnny. Instead, for American audiences, sports bloopers were employed.

“I’m Gonna Be 500 Miles” – The Proclaimers 

To be with this girl, this gentleman would walk 500 miles and then another 500 miles, as per the concept of this song. This equates to a total of 1,000 miles of walking. He seemed to be exhausted from all of his walking.

What value is he to this girl if he’s wearied like that? Isn’t she going to have to look after him? He might potentially become paralyzed as a result of it. Why would he put such a strain on this young lady? That’s crazy.

“I Walk the Line” – Johnny Cash 

The song ‘I Walk the Line’ is about remaining faithful. While on the travels, Cash swore to remain committed to his first wife, Vivian Liberto.

Ironically, this song catapulted him into the spotlight, and swarms of fangirls encircled him. As a result, the promise in the song became a difficult task.

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“You’ll Never Walk Alone” – Gerry and The Pacemakers 

Originally a stage piece from the 1945 Rodgers and Hammerstein musical Carousel, the song is now fully recognized as Liverpool Football Club’s anthem and a fan favorite.

The Merseyside hymn was established by Gerry and the Pacemakers’ cover of the song in 1963, which was ranked top in the United Kingdom, but Frank Sinatra was the first to produce a version in 1945.

“Walking on Sunshine” – Katrina and Waves 

Since its debut in 1983, the pop hit has been playing continuously. Likewise, it has appeared in many films, including the excellent High Fidelity in the scene where Jack Black pulls out a cassette and dances along to it.

When the character learns the guy of her desires loves her too, she feels like walking in the sunshine: “I used to wonder if you liked me, but now I know it’s true.”

“Walkin’ By Myself” – Jimmy Rogers 

You will realize from the previous songs that the blues are the popular walking songs, and this one is no exception.

Jimmy Rogers was a Chicago blues singer, guitarist, and harmonica player best remembered for his initial 1950s performances as a Muddy Waters’ band member. He promises his love in this song that he will be faithful.


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