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10 Best Songs About Nature

Music is the key to the soul. Some of us like it more than others, but we all listen to music. For those who love nature, there are plenty of songs about nature that will bring you enhancement. As a nature lover, what better way to enjoy listening about the trees, the animals, the beautiful sky, the wonder of the universe, and everything in it?

Whatever your pleasure, these songs will please any nature lover. Relax on your porch or patio and gaze up at the stars or the moon, sit by your tree or plants, take in the environment, and enjoy these ten best songs about nature.

Top Songs About Nature

“What a Wonderful World” – Louis Armstrong

This classic 1967 song by Louis Armstrong is in a class all by itself. It’s one of the best jazz songs about nature you can find. The lyrics describe the sky, the rainbow, the flowers, and the beauty of nature all around us and how nature’s beauty affects the beauty in humans.

Louis Armstrong was a popular jazz musician, and the style of this song is typical of that genre. The temp is slow and steady and will relax you while entertaining you with the wonders of nature.

This song will have you feeling good. It’s perfect for a stroll in the park while resting on your patio or porch or even taking a hike to enjoy the beauty of nature.

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“Earth Song” – Michael Jackson

This song begins with the surreal sound of nature. With birds chirping, it’s probably one of the best pop songs about nature. It will make you feel like you’re in the woods, forest, or desert.

The lyrics also speak in-depth about nature and taking care of the creation. There aren’t many famous rock songs about nature, but Michael Jackson gets close. “Earth Song” by Michael Jackson is very moving and compelling.

The tune has a slow pace but a strong bass that makes you stop and notice and contemplate your natural surroundings.The lyrics focus on how we have corrupted the environment with pollution and how it has affective nature and human beings.

“Sunshine On My Shoulders” – John Denver

Typical of the late 60s/early 70’s sound of music, this nature song by John Denver, considered a true “nature boy,” is very melodic. It has a natural tone and natural feel to it. 

The story behind this nature song is that Denver wrote the song while it was raining. He was hoping to spend hours outdoors in the sun and warm weather.

John Denver spoke about the song having a general meaning of romance, but on a deeper level, it was more of a song dedicated to nature. The lyrics are about the beauty of the sunshine and how it can bring out several emotions in us.

“Green River” – Creedence Clearwater Revival

This is another pop song about nature from the late 1960s music era by one of the popular bands at the time, Creedence Clearwater Revival. The song is about a river the main singer, John Fogerty, used to visit as a child.

The song mentions that the river provided a place for peace and tranquility and many lasting memories for Fogerty as a child. This song describes how nature can provide enjoyment for a child and an adult.

It even mentions a bullfrog or two! No technology, no cellphones, no toys, just you and nature. The temp is upbeat, fast-paced, and catchy. It makes you want to dive in your favorite river or wade your feet and enjoy the surroundings.

“Mother Nature’s Son” – The Beatles

In 1968, Paul McCartney, one of the singers for the popular group the Beatles, was influenced to write this famous song about nature while listening to a prominent sage leader in India speak about ecology.

Even though the band didn’t write modern songs about nature, many of their songs have become classics and are still beloved today.

McCartney loved nature and often spoke about his love for nature. The song has a slow tempo and a strong beat. You can listen to this song while enjoying the outdoors and taking in that nature offers. 

“Earth Day Every Day (Celebrate)“ – John Denver

Another nature song by John Denver, this song focuses more on environmental concerns and the desire to appreciate the land and the water and our need to take care of both. Denver also wrote a song about Yellowstone National Park before his death. The tempo starts slow and steady, then picks up with a Caribbean style.

“Rocky Mountain High” – John Denver

John Denver wrote several songs about nature, and this one is no exception. He focused his attention on writing this song during a yearly Perseid Meteo Shower that happened in August 1972. Denver was camping at Williams Lake’s tree line when he noticed the shooting stars.

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John Denver lived in Colorado. One of the singers’ popular songs, the song is also an official Colorado state song.

He attributes it to the spectacular mountain range in Colorado known as the rocky mountains. Denver also addresses the decline of the beauty of the mountains and hills in his home state due to progressive economic growth.

“Sweet Summer Lovin’” – Dolly Parton

This nature song was a huge success for Dolly Parton in 1979. She sings about something many can relate to – wonderful summer moments and romance. Dolly sings about jogging around rivers in the sunshine.

The tempo has a nice beat to it. It’s not too slow and not too fast. Dolly’s voice is as beautiful as the lyrics and the tune. It will bring up memories of summertime, romance, and fun in the sun enjoying nature.  A great song to listen to!

“Theme From Antarctica” – Vangelis

Although this is an instrumental song, it’s one of the best instrumental songs about nature. The video depicts animal life in Antarctica and beautifully expresses the movements of various animals that live on the continent and the world we live in.

The tempo is strong and has a good beat that makes you think about nature. If you’re ever out exploring nature, play this song and plug in your headphones. It will be a great experience. It’s almost like watching a movie about nature – but you’re listening instead.

“I Saw God Today” – George Strait

Depending on your musical taste, some may say we saved the best. This song by one of country music’s top performers is one of the best country songs about nature. It helps us recognize the miracles that occur in our life every day. In the song, Strait mentions the birth of his child, which is another miracle.

Strait encourages us to enjoy and appreciate nature – the sunsets and sunrises. Strait lets us know that God’s fingerprints – His creation – are all around us.

The tempo is steady and relaxing. This nature song will take you back down memory lane and have you looking around at nature and enjoying the wonder of it all.

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Final Thoughts

Whatever your choice of music, there are plenty of nature songs to enjoy.  Not only can these songs encourage us to appreciate the environment around us, but they can bring back memories and help us relax and reflect.


Ivan Yaskey is a Philly-born EDM and synthpop enthusiast and interviewer who recently relocated to beautiful Boston, MA.