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20 Best Songs With Pink In The Title

20 Best Songs With Pink In The Title

There are few colors in the world that bring the same emotion as the color pink. Whether it is easter-time, the club, or a 90s throwback, the color pink is as timeless as these 20 amazing songs all about our favorite color.

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Pink Houses by John Cougar Mellencamp

The song sounds like a cute little tune, but its words go much deeper. “Pink Houses” was inspired when Mellencamp saw an old black man sitting with his black dog on the porch of their pink house.

Although the content of “Pink Houses” is a heavy commentary on racial disparity in the United States, the tune is timeless. In fact, it was considered one of the 500 greatest songs ever recorded, according to Rolling Stone.

Geek In The Pink by Jason Mraz

A classic case of “nice guys finish last”, “Geek In The Pink” is all about not judging a book by its cover.

Branded as a “geek” by the girl Mraz is trying to pick up because of his pink polo, Mraz gives his crush some valuable advice: don’t judge me by the color, confuse it for another, you might regret what you let slip away.”

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Pink Guitar by Reba McEntire

Never give up on a dream! In this song, Reba sings about her dreams of performing at the Grand Ole Opry just like her heroes Johnny Cash and Dolly Parton.

How inspiring is the story of the young girl who saved all of her chore money to buy a pink guitar and spent all of her college fund traveling the country chasing her dream!?

Pretty Pink Ribbon by Cake

In this 2001 alternative rock song about gender norms, a first glance might make you assume that the song is about how hard men have to work while women get it all handed to them.

As the song progresses, the song changes its tone. Reminding us with lines such as “if it weren’t for being female, she would be allowed to speak her mind.” that the grass isn’t always greener on the other side.

Pink Sunglasses by Miranda Lambert

This 2016 country classic is all about the power of confidence. Miranda buys herself a $10 pair of pink shades.

They work such magic for her confidence, that she never takes them off. In fact, she feels so unstoppable in her pink sunglasses, that she even wears them to bed.

Pink And Glitter by Tori Amos

The classic symbol for a baby girl, Tori Amos wants to shower the world with pink to celebrate the life of her daughter. 

The song takes place in the holiday season and is a timeless reminder of how much joy a baby can bring a parent. You can really feel the emotion of a mothers love.

The Color Pink by Walker McGuire

In this country classic, a father tells the story about his love of all things outdoors and sports. Once his daughter comes into his life, he realizes his love for her trumps everything else.

He lists countless activities that he would have never considered for himself, and the joy that it brings him. Including letting his daughter paint his nails pink.

Pink Triangle by Weezer

In a song with a throwback to the days of World War 2, the pink triangle has been used to distinguish the LGBTQ crowd in concentration camps.

The song follows an unstable narrator as he falls in love with a girl at first glance. Until he notices her pink triangle and his hopes are suddenly dashed.

Pink + White by Frank Ocean

This 2016 track features Beyonce and is a sultry track about the narrator’s ideal pink and white world and his desire to get back to pinker days.

Although the song references darker days ahead, Ocean’s blend of pop and R&B have made him considered one of the most dominant music forces of the 2010s. And this song shows just how good Ocean is.

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The Pink Panther Theme Song by Henry Mancini

Maybe not exclusively about the color pink, but this song is one of the most iconic and recognizable songs ever written.

Play just a few bars of this classic and you’ll have the entire room humming to your tune.

Pink Cadillac by Bruce Springsteen

Pink Cadillac is one of Bruce Springsteen’s best-known songs. The 1984 release was a rock classic that received plenty of airplay.

Natalie Cole recorded a version of it that became a top ten hit in 1988. The lyrics that speak of a pink cadillac are a euphemism for making love. The raunchy tune is still popular with various singers doing their covers of it.

Pink by Aerosmith

Pink is a rock number from Aerosmith’s 1997 album Nine Lives. The award-winning rock song won the Grammy award for Best Rock Performance by a Duo or Group in 1999 and the MTV Video Music Award for Best Rock Video in 1998.

The tune is about the singer’s love for pink things, and many of the lyrics start with the word. The references to the things he loves are about his lover, such as her pink lips. He also mentions other pink things that remind him of his lover.

Pink Lemonade by James Bay

Pink lemonade is a rock song that talks about the singer’s reluctance to talk about his feelings for his lover. He says he wants to drink pink lemonade and watch movie trailers without focusing on the difficult conversations that she wants to have.

 The 2018 release resonates with many people because sometimes we don’t want to keep talking about feelings. Instead, we would like to relax and do regular things with the people we love.

Pink Champagne by Ariana Grande

Pink Champagne is a happy pop tune originally sung by Ariana Grande in 2013. However, it was not officially released until she had ten million Twitter fans.

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The melody is upbeat and fun, and the lyrics talk about having a good time dancing, screaming, and painting the city. The song’s beginning talks about the singer working hard with her life in black and white. The chorus says it is now time to pop pink champagne and have fun.

Pink Matter by Frank Ocean

Frank Ocean’s love ballad, Pink Matter, is a beautiful tune about a woman. He describes the form of a woman focusing on her sensuality.

The slow song only features a piano and guitar and allows Ocean’s feelings through the lyrics to shine through. The track features Andre 3000 of Outkast, and his slow rap is the perfect accompaniment to Frank Ocean’s sultry vocals.

Four Pink Walls by Alessia Cara

Four Pink Walls is the name of Alessia Cara’s debut album. The title track of the same name is a bouncy hit about the singer growing up in a room with four pink walls where she dreamt of stardom.

After she realized her dreams, she moved to another different room. She sometimes misses that pink room where she dreamed of making it big.

Pink by Julia Michaels

Pink is a song released by Julia Michaels from her EP, Nervous System. The dance track was released in 2019 and is about the singer’s lover’s obsession with her, and the singer says she does not mind it.

The lyrics are playful and are the perfect accompaniment to the danceable track that has some rock-like guitar riffs. The repetitive chorus lyrics make it the perfect tune to dance to.

Pink Christmas by Tori V

Pink Christmas is in the form of a letter to Santa Claus. The singer describes the kind of Christmas wishes she has, and most of them involve plenty of pink things.

She talks about wishing for a pink cat, a pink robe wearing an ugly pink sweater, and drinking a pink fondue. The upbeat song talks about how much the singer loves the color pink, and a pink Christmas is her perfect dream.

Pink Rabbits by The National

Pink Rabbits is a rock ballad about a failed relationship that eventually works out.

The singer talks about the sadness of wondering if his lover is thinking about him and his pleasant surprise when she comes back to him.

The band’s vocals emphasize the sadness of the lyrics, accompanied only by a slow piano and guitar combination.

Pink Moon by Nick Drake

Nick Drake is a British singer who died from depression that plagued his short life. Pink Moon is a beautiful melody presented by the simplicity of the singer’s vocals and acoustic guitar. The lyrics are repetitive about the pink moon that will get everybody.