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10 Best Songs About Beer 

10 Best Songs About Beer 

Whether you’re out at the bar or just hanging with friends at home, having a beer and some snacks is always fun. Beer songs are a way to share our love of beer. Everyone enjoys having a good time and sharing what we know. What makes a good song about beer? It can go from being simple to being highly complex and funny.

The truth is that songs like these will make you laugh while telling a story simultaneously. It all depends on the individual that listens to these songs and their personal preferences. Here are 10 of the best songs about beer that will make you want to sit back and order yourself one.

“Beers And Sunshine” – Darius Rucker

This song was released in 2020. Darius Rucker talks about how he is a beer drinker and how every time he drinks, his life gets better. He then says that his life has never been the same after a beer; it always gets better. This song gives you the impression that drinking beer is good for you and will always make your life get better. Beers And Sunshine by Darius Rucker is an excellent beer-drinking song for anyone that likes drinking alcoholic beverages.

“Wine, Beer, Whiskey” – Little Big Town

This song was released in 2018. This song talks about all three of the classic alcoholic beverages. The singer talks about how she wishes that she had one of these drinks with her to get drunk. She then tells the person talking to her to wait until she gets back and has a few more drinks. The song talks about beer, wine, and whiskey being the perfect combination to get drunk quickly.

“Drink A Beer” – Luke Bryan

This song was released in 2013. This song talks about liking beer and having drinks with friends. Luke Bryan starts talking about how he wants to drink beer with his friends when he gets the chance. He then talks about how there are other ways to get a good buzz: eating bacon and drinking beer together. He then follows that statement by saying that it’s incredible how much fun this combination can be. He then mentions that if you get drunk off of this combination, you will have the best time ever while still on the first bottle of beer.

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“Beer for My Horses” – Toby Keith

This song was released in 2009. This song talks about how the singer isn’t afraid of anyone, and he is going to protect his buddies from harm. The friends he’s talking about are the two buddies with him at a bar. They were drinking beer and having fun at the bar when they started to play pool. The three men then realized they needed someone else to play with them if they wanted to win, so they went up to a woman and invited her over to play pool with them. Featuring Willie Nelson, this song is good to have on your playlist.

“Tear in My Beer” – Hank Williams Jr

This song was released in 2014. Hank Williams Jr. talks about how he wants to pour himself a beer, sit back, and relax with his best friends. He then tells the listener that they should write a list of all of their favorite things, and then they can drink beer and think of them while doing so. Hank then tells the listener that he would hold their hand, give each of them a kiss, and whisper lovely things in their ear. The listener can feel like it’s a perfect day when he says all of these beautiful things to his best friends.

“Beer in Mexico” – Kenny Chesney

This song was released in 2013. In this song, the singer talks about how he is a poor little rich boy. He says that he has so many fun things that he can do to pass the time because he has money to do them all. He then says that he wants to go out and have a drink with his friends and then head out to the country club and play some golf. This song was one of many great songs made by Kenny Chesney in 2013.

“No I in Beer” – Brad Paisley

This song was released in 2020. Brad Paisley talks about how beer is the best thing that ever happened to him. He mentions that his wife may not like him talking about this, but he doesn’t care. In the song, he talks about how getting drunk is something that everyone needs to do once in their life because it makes you forget your problems and feel good. Many people would agree with this statement; getting drunk makes you forget your troubles and feel good.

“Beer Never Broke My Heart” – Luke Combs

This song was released in 2019. This song is a great beer-drinking song for anyone that has ever had their heartbroken. The singer talks about how he has had his heart broken multiple times, and he still keeps coming back for more. He then asks the listener if they have ever had their heartbroken, and if they have, they should know what it’s like to drink beer to get over them. He then says that it’s okay to do this because beer won’t break your heart as a bad girlfriend will.

“Beer:30” – Florida Georgia Line

This song is one of the most popular songs that talks about beer. The song was released in 2020. In this song, the male singer talks about how much he loves a girl, but she doesn’t want to marry him. Instead of giving up on his love for her, he starts a new journey, which is drinking beer. He knows they are supposed to meet up at 10:00 p.m., so he decides to stay out till beer o’clock or until he sees his love for the first time that night. His idea was to have a couple of drinks with his friends at the bar.

“Cold Beer Truth” – Chris Janson

This song was released in 2022. This song talks about how many friends were hanging around drinking beers when they decided to make a truth game. They agreed that the loser of each round would have to do something that they didn’t want to do. The winner of each round got to say something that they wanted, but the other players didn’t have any say in it. The player had to listen to his song and then drink his beer.

Final Thoughts

It’s not possible to be the best beer-drinking songwriter. There are too many good songs written, and there will never be enough room in this article to read all of them. The point of this article was to give you some good beer-drinking songs that don’t necessarily have to do with alcohol. Songs about running are not the only type of songs that can make everyone want to get up and run, songs about beer can do it too.

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