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10 Songs About Missing Somebody

10 Songs About Missing Somebody

Some songs have an impact on the lives of people in profound ways. Many of those types of songs become anthems used to heal relationships or fall in love all over again. A song that pulls at the heart-strings often brings a smile to someone’s face and sometimes the necessary tears. When it comes to missing someone, those same songs can give hope to get through another day without the person.

Take a look at these 10 songs that I’ve put together to see which ones come to mind when the feeling of missing someone is overwhelming.

“I Will Always Love You” by Whitney Houston

I Will Always Love You” is arguably the most iconic love song of all-time. It is an intense and passionate song that can bring out the deep love someone has while also delivering hope for anyone else that is missing someone.

This song brings a person to their most vulnerable state, which cannot be denied.

“Thinkin Bout You” by Frank Ocean

The title pretty much says it all. When it comes to nostalgia and missing someone, “Thinkin Bout You” is the go-to remedy song. It can get a person dancing in their living room or have them singing out loud while driving down the highway.

Named the fourth-best song of 2012 by Rolling Stone, there’s no sadness. There’s only appreciation and gratitude for having a deep affection for another human being.

“I Don’t Want to Miss a Thing” by Aerosmith

This classic song stands the test of time. It can help mend a broken heart or bring hope to a discouraging moment when missing someone. The beginning lyrics set the stage for an incredible journey of nostalgia.

While you’re far away and dreaming, I could spend my life in this sweet surrender” are lyrics that anyone who’s missing someone can relate to and want that person to be by their side at that very moment.

“I Want to Know What Love Is” by Foreigner

A song that makes a person remember the good times of a relationship can often be a song that also provides a teachable moment.

This song plays right into that concept and puts the listener in an open-minded and hopeful mindset, which makes missing someone almost unbearable.

I Want to Know What Love Is” has genuine lyrics that say the person who is being missed can also teach a thing or two about how to love.

“Someone Like You” by Adele

Adele takes missing someone to an even deeper level. It hurts to miss someone special. But when it’s a breakup, the pain is heavy and sometimes too much to bear.

Someone Like You” puts the breakup in the right perspective for moving on even though the memories are still on the heart. While moving on is difficult, and the pain of missing someone is enormous, wishing them well helps to lift the burden of needing things to be any different than they are.

“Nothing Compares 2 U” by Sinead O’Conner

This song is a tearjerker. Nothing Compares 2 U tells the exact time by hours and days (it’s been seven hours and 15 days) of missing the person.

There’s simply no denying there isn’t anything that can take away the pain – except for giving the relationship another try. There is a glimmer of hope. Whoever is being missed has a welcome place back into their life.

“Let Me Know” By Aaliyah

Perhaps it’s a crush or a hidden love affair. “Let Me Know” provides sincere dialogue that simplifies the pain of not having the other person around.

It’s a song that welcomes open-heartedness without being afraid of the outcome. Listening to this song offers anyone a hopeful message that things don’t need to be the way they are.

“Fix You” by Coldplay

Sometimes getting through the night can be the hardest part when missing someone. “Fix You” puts the mellowness in a person’s heart and offers a peaceful opportunity to take a moment and reflect while the memories of the person wash over every emotion.

The lyrics glide listeners into a deep understanding of valuing another human being and ignites the passion to elevate a relationship to a higher level.

“See You Again” by Wiz Khalifa and Charlie Puth

From long-lost friends to failed relationships, “See You Again” goes deep to send a message of love, honor and respect for the time spent together.

There’s no other way to get around the intense emotions felt while listening to this song. It almost makes missing someone worth the uneasiness that is being expressed so eloquently.

“Dancing With a Stranger” by Sam Smith

There are fewer things harder than having ongoing memories of a person after a breakup while also beginning a brand-new relationship. Sam presents this type of entanglement softly and kindly and allows the person to honor those conflicting feelings.

Dancing With a Stranger” provides an outlet for the contrasting emotions and memories that someone may still need to work through before moving on.

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