Boris Brejcha Crafts a Distant, Intriguing Uncharted World on “Space X”

Conceptually, Space X conjures up a narrative of otherworldly exploration and reach-for-the-stars innovation. German-born DJ Boris Brejcha created a track based around this theme, debuting it back in 2021 at Elon Musk’s Gigafactory Race in Berlin.

Out on June 23 through Fckng Serious, “Space X” takes users on a sonic journey of sparce yet intense arpeggiated chord progressions and dark synths, all played off vocoder-like vocals repeating “Welcome to Space X.” A gradual crescendo shapes its overarching structure.

As a follow-up to “Level One,” “Space X” further pairs the dark, mysterious sounds with a music video based on Boris Brejcha’s creative direction. With behind-the-scenes footage released ahead of the video’s debut, the vibe materialized through a four-day shoot in Iceland meant to capture wandering through an unfamiliar yet serene landscape. With snowfalls and cascading rocks, the location provided a practice setting for moon landings and the current Mars mission.

Continuing to see his career grow, Boris Brejcha – typically seen wearing a mask during shows – has amassed over 140 million YouTube views and 1.6 million Spotify listeners. Earlier this year, he took his performance on the road in North America through the Fckng Serious Bus Tour, which stopped at Coachella, EDC Las Vegas, and Red Rocks Amphitheater.

What inspired Boris Brejcha to create the track “Space X”? 

The fact that I am a very future-loving person. I always want to have the latest gadgets and also try them out – not only in producing music but also in all other areas and situations in life. I also love future-oriented films. So, it was very obvious to produce a song, which is rather based on the mystical space, instead of the Earth we know.

How did you create the vibe of a new and untouched planet through production? 

Here, I have copied some of the film Interstellar. The deserted landscapes, with the suitably mystical and lonely mood, have brought me in the vibe to create such an atmosphere in my song. That’s also how the melody came about, which sounds like a big bang to me. Like the emergence of the era.

How did the concept for the music video come together? 

That was pretty simple. We were looking for a place that also looked relatively deserted. And that’s how we finally came across Iceland. It fit like a glove. I’ve always wanted to travel to Iceland, also to experience the northern lights. Our video team then wrote the appropriate story to go with it, and the concept of a big bang was born. It was breathtaking. 

Tell us about performing for the Gigafactory Rave: How was your experience? 

It was, how shall I say…a once-in-a-lifetime feeling: performances that actually seem unimaginable, and that you will remember your whole life. It was so unexpected that the gig was almost over right away. But, it was very cool. I was able to talk a little bit with Elon Musk and the people participated well in the performance.

How did you get started as a producer? 

I just started. At that time, there were no YouTube tutorials or anything like that. It was more like learning by doing and making many mistakes to get even better. I learned to play keyboards and drums at a young age, which helped me a lot in producing music. And currently, it still helps. Learning an instrument is something I highly recommend to any aspiring musician.

What influenced you to develop your sound and image? 

That comes quite automatically – at least with me. It’s the effort to always make the next song better than the one before – in every area, no matter if it’s the arrangement or the effort to make the sound more qualitative. On top of that, you are influenced by all the traveling. And all in all, after some time you find your own style and sound, which is unmistakable.

How did you feel after the success of your last single, “Level One”? 

I don’t know if it was a huge success, but that’s not what matters to me. I was thrilled that we released this song, because first of all, it’s a super cool song, and secondly it accompanied me completely last year because it was my intro song. So, it has influenced my whole set. Just like it was the case with “Take It Smart.”

Outside of “Space X,” you’ve been touring with the Fckng Serious Bus Tour. How have you been preparing your sets, including for major events like Coachella and Red Rocks? 

I’m not like that, to be honest. That is, I do not like to do different sets. The fans know me like that, and they know my songs. It has more of a concerted character. The difficulty for me was instead to shorten my set from two hours to only one hour. That’s horror for me. It’s very hard for me, because I have too many beautiful songs, and I would love to play them all.

With dates running into September, what should audiences expect from you for the remainder of your tour? 

In any case, a lot of fun. I’m very fun-loving. And there will always be surprises because I change my set more often with new songs of mine. Furthermore, we have planned some concerts in different countries. And of course, there will be some music releases – so you can be excited.


Ivan Yaskey is a Philly-born EDM and synthpop enthusiast and interviewer who recently relocated to beautiful Boston, MA.

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