Singer-Songwriter Laraw Establishes Her Voice on “Scissors”

There’s no singular way to express grief. In crafting her latest track “Scissors,” Montreal-born singer-songwriter Laraw pulls from her unique background.

With Lebanese and Moroccan roots, Laraw speaks and sings in French, Arabic, and English and draws from her years studying music production and sound design, plus playing video games, when crafting her songs.

What results is a musical and cultural melting pot that transcends genres and expectations and removes all barriers to self-expression.

Out on May 27, “Scissors” was co-written by Laraw and Michael Adubato, who previously worked with Maude Latour, Del Water Gap, and Grace VanderWaal. Thematically, the song centers around a broken relationship and how the resulting grief can destroy you. 

Also doing some modeling through agency Maven, Laraw spoke with us about her new song and eclectic, emerging career:

You’ve explored music production and sound design before. What drew you to singing and songwriting?

I always had a hard time expressing how I feel to others. I’m super sarcastic and try to joke about everything. Songwriting and singing is the only way I can structure my thoughts and emotions.

I’ve always carried a journal with me, and I write every day. With my songs, I just turn my words into a melody and somehow it becomes easier to share my feelings.

How does your background in those areas (music production/sound design) influence your approach to songwriting?

It helped me understand the multiple aspects of a song and how everything from the lyrics to the drum beat is a story being told.

I guess when it comes to the approach, just understanding that the writing is as important as everything else, if not the most important part, in my opinion. 

You’re also multilingual. How does this affect the lyrics you come up with?

It just makes it harder to communicate truly! My brain is racing to form a sentence in four languages. It’s kind of weird to explain. 

Your latest track “Scissors” focuses on the end of a relationship. What inspired you to write about this topic?

It’s simply a truuueeee story. I wrote the song before the relationship even ended. Putting my thoughts into this song made me realize I was reaching a dead end.

It was really sad: We broke up right after I came back from a trip, the week of my birthday! I try to see it as starting a new season in my life.

You also describe “Scissors” as starting a new chapter of your life. What does this mean for you?

It means I got to rediscover and meet myself. Being single in your 20s is essential.

You go from being a teenager to an adult so quickly, and I never took the time to think about what I wanted.

Now that I have, and I feel much more happy and ready to conquer whatever there is to conquer. 

You describe your style as multi-genre and experimental. Who and what influences your sound?

You know how in movies depending on how dramatic or happy the scene is the music will follow the emotion?

I kind of feel that way about my music, except the movie is actually my life. I was very moody and going through it this year, so my sound is leaning towards Rock and Indie pop…like Always meets Benne. 

What should listeners expect as a follow-up to “Scissors”?

After every heartbreak there’s a healing phase, some questionable dating stories, a party phase, and a new romance. So I guess we’ll discuss my questionable actions and maybe even fall in love.   

You’ve additionally done some modeling. How did you get into modeling?

It’s funny because growing up I was bullied and I never really loved my appearance. I don’t really have a fun story on how I started: I simply got some offers through Instagram, and I’m really grateful for the opportunity.

What are your plans for your career long term? Are you thinking about putting together a full-length album eventually?

I wanna be singing on a stage until I’m too old to walk. And, YES, after the year I’ve been through, I will need to make a double album.


Ivan Yaskey is a Philly-born EDM and synthpop enthusiast and interviewer who recently relocated to beautiful Boston, MA.

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