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Dombresky Performs Coachella, Readies New Label

Deep House saw a resurgence roughly eight years ago, first picking up steam in Europe before crossing the Atlantic. Producers previously grouped in with the underground began exploring these retro, groovier, and often more relaxed sounds.

The momentum hasn’t let up, and as a recent product, French-born DJ and producer Dombresky presented his latest offering, “Dirty Secret” out on D4 DANCE. A new direction for the producer who’s seen his career build steadily over the past decade, “Dirty Secret” goes in a darker yet more melodic direction.

The track dropped right before his latest Coachella appearance, delivering something new for listeners.

Originally from southern France, Dombresky moved across the Atlantic in 2016 to settle and take his career up to the next level in Miami. A funkier sound characterized his tracks during this period, which quickly grouped him in with other future and deep house stalwarts like Duke Dumont and Tchami.

Cross-genre collaborations can amplify a producer’s presence. For Dombresky, support from talents like Diplo, Claptone, and Armin Van Helden created a more visible platform leading to appearances at Lollapalooza, Snowglobe, Countdown NYE, and performances at the Shrine Auditorium and the Hollywood Palladium.

His show Process Radio not only helps him connect with listeners and showcase his releases but introduces up-and-coming talents to a wider audience. New releases, meanwhile, have garnered over 1 million Spotify listeners.

At this stage, his career has reached a global echelon, translating to sold-out shows across the U.S. and the world. In response, Dombresky recently launched Process Records to mentor and oversee his own talent pool.

We had a chance to speak with him following his Coachella appearances:

What was the inspiration for your current track “Dirty Secret”?

I grew up with a lot of garage and two-step music. Once I had the vocal from Amira, the idea was to take those influences and find a way to build it into a true house track for the clubs. After I wrote “IRLY” and “In My Room,” I wanted to change it up and make something for my late-night and festival sets, something darker and more serious. 

Your sound often gets grouped in with deep and future house. What made you decide to go in a darker, more melodic direction on this track?

Whenever I make a new track, I always force myself to work outside of my comfort zone. I never want to give myself boundaries when I’m making something new like it has to sound like “this” or “that.” I just go with whatever truly inspires me at the moment. I need to truly love what I’m making. I need to feel it. If I feel it, I know someone else will. That’s the qualifier. 

Dombresky Dirty Secret Single

You’ve done a few collaborations, notably with Tchami, Diplo, and Armand Van Helden. How do you approach collaborations versus your solo works?

Going back to what I mentioned about creative limits or boundaries, this is one of those things that helps push me. On one side, it’s truly a dream to sit alongside the people I admire and get to peer into their creative process.

On another side, it changes the pace of things. You ultimately work faster and, in most cases, in an entirely new way. You naturally focus less on the small stuff and focus more about getting your idea down. As a result, my approach to how I cater to my own solo work improves, or at least changes each time I collaborate with someone new. 

You began producing over a decade ago. As your career has grown, how has your sound and approach to production changed?

It’s crazy how music in general is just moving so fast now. Big artists are cycling through new records at a much quicker pace. Hits don’t have the same staying power that they used to. Trends are changing twice as fast as before.

All of this has made me far more confident in focusing on me, what I like, and what I want to produce versus trying to ride some wave. I don’t think I can credit my career path to having any sort of influence over the changes in my sound.

In 2016, what prompted your move from France to Miami? How did this help your career?

I was a hip-hop DJ before in France. I had a lot of fun, but it was also creatively limiting. The club scene out there is different from other countries, and I always felt that there was more to accomplish overseas with more possibilities and a wider range of music. The idea to make the move to Miami was just exciting. I love my country first, but I think I made a good decision.

You appeared at Coachella in April. What was your objective for your sets?

A lot of ME! This was a true house set; I wanted it to feel like a party. I had some surprises in there including new songs, unreleased stuff, and more. You might’ve also heard my next single… 

The summer music season is just a few months away. What do you have planned, in terms of festivals, club appearances, new music, and anything else, for this year?

There’s a lot that I want to say but can’t announce just yet. I think the next festival is EDC. I’m doing four or five sets out there, and touring throughout Europe in the summer. Disco Dom might also make a few more appearances!

You’re becoming one of the most sought-after DJs and producers on a global level: What’s next for your career in terms of music and collaboration? Do you have any EPs or albums planned?

I think I’m sitting on about 20 tracks right now. There’s far more music to come this year. I think it’s some of the best music I’ve ever made and am anxious to get it out. I also have a few special things planned with a certain side project of mine, including a possible collab album for that project with another artist I love. 


Ivan Yaskey is a Philly-born EDM and synthpop enthusiast and interviewer who recently relocated to beautiful Boston, MA.