Odd Mob Finds His Euphoric Groove on New Track “XTC” with Unwavering Excitement

Most would describe Australian producer Odd Mob’s career as a slow burner. Listeners started taking notice nearly a decade ago with 2014’s “Is It a Banger,” a local hit that’s since amassed 7 million streams across platforms.

In the years since, Odd Mob dropped other notable tracks like “Lithium,” earning 20 million streams, and “Intrinsic,” nominated for an AIR award in 2019. A year later, a remake of “Chase the Sun” saw him pair up with Roland Clark. Continuing to look ahead after returning to his craft with “Left to Right” in 2022, Odd Mob released the appropriately named “XTC” back in June as he gears up for a tour later this year.

Consistently present on the ARIA Club Charts and at Australia’s major festivals, Odd Mob makes his mark both through his original tracks and remixes, releases bootlegs under his Oddities brand, and has received support from prominent producers like Diplo, DJ Snake, Jauz, Dom Dolla, Oliver Heldens, Cloonee, Don Diablo, Tommy Trash, and Disclosure.

Signed to Agency for the Performing Arts for U.S. distribution, he’s already done a few short North American tours and intends to appear at Beyond The Valley, Groovin The Moo, Future Music Festival, Stereosonic, EDC Las Vegas, Shambhala, Hard Summer, and Sunset Music before the end of the year.

How did Odd Mob started with DJing and producing?

My mum was running a talent show at my high school, and she asked me to MC. One of the judges owned a mobile DJ service and gave me a job, haha. He had me “DJing” with DVD players. I quickly upgraded to a controller, and then eventually I played a few underage raves. I made a few mashups for that and then thought, “If I can make a mashup, then why not a song?” Been producing ever since!

You’ve been releasing music for the past nine years. How has your style and approach to production evolved over this period?

I used to start out with telling myself, “I wanna make X genre.“ Now, I’m a lot more in tune with my creative spirit and let things flow into absolutely whatever comes out the other side.

You have a fairly eclectic sound. How would you describe your style as a producer?

I always try to have my tracks create a certain mood or just make you go “ooft.”  No matter what, I always try to have at least one main unique aspect, which is usually sound design driven.

Tell us about “XTC”: What was your inspiration for this track?

“XTC” was simply meant to just be a club banger. No deeper meaning – just wanted it to feel chunky but also have an element of “WTF how did u make this sound / why TF couldn’t you have used something more pleasant on the ears?”

In terms of production, how did “XTC” come together?

It came together pretty quickly. I recorded the vocal loop first take (it’s still full of muck to this day) over the rolling bass and drums. Then, I sat down for a while and dragged different samples into the lead rhythm and eventually ended up using a weird hat loop pitched down like 17 semitones for the final lead.

With a new EP coming out soon, what should listeners expect from this release?

Expect nothing but carefree silly, fun club bangers. There’s no deeper meaning other than hoping it will get the heart racing at your nearest nightclub!

Over the years, you’ve done a few collaborations. What’s your approach to working with another artist?

I don’t work with other artists too much, but I definitely think it’s good to bounce ideas around as quickly as you can and be open and honest about what you do and don’t like

You have some U.S. tour dates coming up. What should audiences expect, and what’s your plan for your setlists?

You can usually expect sets from me that rapidly increase with intensity. I usually like to start out with some chunkier tech-type stuff that I’m feeling and usually end up at either steaming 140 techno or drum and bass by the end, haha. I’ve got so many new IDs I’ve been working on, so people can expect sets filled with heaps of unreleased choooons.


Ivan Yaskey is a Philly-born EDM and synthpop enthusiast and interviewer who recently relocated to beautiful Boston, MA.

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