Zorza Captures the Explosive High-Energy Rave Essence on EP ‘Once You Fall’

Get transported back to a Y2K rave with the fast-paced, high-energy, and eclectic sounds of Zorza.

The DJ and producer Zorza from Toronto’s profile has grown over the past couple of years – partially due to a strong following on Twitch and various performances highlighting a mélange of high-energy trance, techno, hyperpop, hard dance, and strong basslines. These factors resulted in a spike of streams for the track “Bodiless,” which drew the attention of RADAR and earned her a spot on their “Ones To Watch” list for 2023.

In addition to a cover feature for Planet Rave, Zorza has performed with Shlømo and Skin on Skin and at festivals like Boiler Room Toronto and Pep Rally. Following the success of “Bodiless,” Zorza recently dropped EP Once You Fall on Saike, Shlømo’s label, and plans to perform with Shlømo in New York City on Halloween.

How did Zorza get started producing and DJing?

I had a cracked version of Reason, and then a few years later, I decided to splurge on Ableton and bought it with real digital money. As for DJing, I wanted a way to perform my own songs live while still vibing to tracks I love, so it just made sense. 

Since you produce a wide range of dance music styles, how would Zorza describe her sound?

This is always such a tough one for me, haha. I love and am inspired by so many genres, so I love to combine different styles into my sound. It’s def a mix of trance, techno, hyperpop, and so much more. My fans like to call it ZDM, which I think fits perfect.

Tell us about your EP Once You Fall: What was your idea or concept for the release?

After DJing for so many years, I really wanted to make a project that was meant for the dancefloor. I also love to look through art books while I’m producing, and I was really obsessed with Gustave Dore’s Paradise Lost illustrations. Specifically the idea of the “fallen angel” really inspired this release. 

As you’ve been releasing a variety of tracks over the past couple of years, how did the release come together?

This was probably the first time I sat down and worked on a project with the end goal of the EP fully in mind. In the past, I would create a bunch of singles and then eventually a project would come together, so this was a new and different process for me. This release really consumed me over the first few months of 2023 (in the best way possible). 

You’ve grown into one of the top music streamers on Twitch. What have you been doing to build your following?

I think the biggest thing is consistency and just having fun with it. I’ve learned it should be more about the community and hanging out, rather than only performing. It’s def the best place to really connect with an audience on a different level. 

DJing wise, your sets encompass a variety of sounds – nostalgic to hard trance to hyperpop. What’s your approach for putting together a setlist?

I try to not overthink it, and I organize my playlists in a way that allows me to pivot and respond to what the audience is feeling. I do love to constantly be switching the vibe between different genres, but really I just go for what feels the best. 

Do you do anything different for festival versus club versus Twitch sets?

Twitch is a great place because it allows me to experiment with different genres and tones of sets. I never plan what I’m going to play on Twitch, and this keeps it fun and interesting for me and the audience. It’s the place where I discover what songs I love, what songs mix well, and why some songs just don’t mix at all, haha.

For club sets, I like to keep the dancefloor moving, so I try to not have too many long breakdowns in my sets. Festivals are the most fun because I really love playing around with big drops and buildups in these sets. I feel like the festival atmosphere just makes me want to go hard!

With your career starting to rise, what are your short- and long-term goals?

My short-term goal is to be able to achieve my long-term goals. And, my long-term goal is to not only have short-term goals.


Ivan Yaskey is a Philly-born EDM and synthpop enthusiast and interviewer who recently relocated to beautiful Boston, MA.

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