Producer Blinkie Gives Us a “Little Love”

Can an electronic dance music artist cover a spectrum of subgenres while still keeping the same moniker? It’s a question that remains up for debate: Martin Garrix, for instance, turns into GRX when he wants to get away from vocal-driven big room, and Richie Hawtin has long used Plastikman to experiment outside of a 4/4 time signature.

Yet, certain performers have defied these expectations, with South Londoner Blinkie being one of them. Starting to make music at 15 and later getting attention with “Don’t Give Up (On Love),” he’s dabbled and had some success in both mainstream and underground circles. Last year’s massive “Take Control” is a testament to this split – glitchy, minimal, and groovy with clear festival appeal.

Just as well, Blinkie’s sound isn’t as easily pinned down. Although, these days, many would place him in the deep or future house category, he counts Quincy Jones, Rick Ruben, and Kanye West among his influences, and has worked with a relatively diverse group of artists: Major Lazer to Anne-Marie, J.P. Cooper, J Warner, and Everything Everything. 

Placing his bid for a summer anthem, Blinkie released “Little Love” earlier this year, building upon the sounds and success of “Take Control,” “Lost Control,” and “Blue Skies.”

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Tell us about “Little Love.” What was your approach for creating this track?

It’s definitely one of my favorite tracks that I’ve created in long time. I really wanted to create something happy & uplifting. Something that sounds like summer love. Once I figured out the chords, everything else was easier to put together because the feeling was there. 

How was it following the success of last year’s “Take Control”?

It has been good. I’ve made a lot progress, and now, I’m back with this track that I’m really happy with.

How did you end up working with Grace Tither on this track?

She’s a good friend of mine. We had been friends for a long time but never really worked on anything together until this track.

Your career has grown quickly since 2015’s “Don’t Give Up (On Love).” Where would you like to see your career go?

I would love to do more collaborations with different artists, start playing out more, and just release as much music as I can. 

What plans – either a new track or album – do you have for following up “Little Love”?

I’m definitely going to be dropping more tracks after “Little Love”

You’ve been called a chameleon before. How would you describe your sound? What influences you?

I would describe my sound as a fusion of all the different music and genres that I’ve listened to. My influences come from different things, such as places, life, situations that I’ve been through, feelings, or it could just be whatever music I’m listening at the time.

Producer Blinkie
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As a producer, how do you go about creating a track from scratch?

It really depends on how I’m feeling. Sometimes, I could just be feeling a certain emotion strongly, so I would just follow that and try to create something to express that emotion. Sometimes, I start by just having a conversation with whoever I’m working with and ideas usually come from whatever conversation we have.

You have a few remixes under your belt, too. Which tracks or artists would you like to remix?

I would love to remix some James Capaldi, MK, Black Coffee, or Billie Eilish tracks.

Summer and festival season are nearly here. Where should we expect to see you over the next few months?

No dates at the moment, because I’m spending a lot of time in the studio creating more music, but I should be out and about soon.

As you travel, what are your must-bring items, whether for music or grooming?

For music I would say, my laptop, my mini keyboard, and my external hard drives. For grooming: coconut oil, travel sized toiletries, cologne/deodorant, and an Afro comb.


Ivan Yaskey is a Philly-born EDM and synthpop enthusiast and interviewer who recently relocated to beautiful Boston, MA.

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