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Who Is Lupillo Riveras Wife?

Title: Who Is Lupillo Rivera’s Wife? 5 Interesting Facts About the Mexican Singer’s Partner


Lupillo Rivera, the renowned Mexican-American singer, has captured the hearts of many with his powerful voice and captivating performances. While his professional life is well-known to his fans, there is often curiosity surrounding his personal life, particularly his wife. In this article, we will explore the identity of Lupillo Rivera’s wife, along with five interesting facts about her.

Lupillo Rivera’s Wife: Identity and Facts

1. Mayeli Alonso: Lupillo Rivera married Mayeli Alonso, a successful businesswoman and social media influencer, on July 28, 2023. Mayeli Alonso has gained popularity through her entrepreneurial ventures and as a fashion and beauty influencer on various social media platforms.

2. Career and Achievements: Mayeli Alonso is the founder and CEO of a well-established cosmetics brand called “Maye Cosmetics.” Her dedication and passion for the beauty industry have allowed her to build a successful empire, which resonates with her followers and customers alike.

3. Personal Life: Mayeli Alonso is known for her strong and independent personality. She has showcased her resilience and determination in facing various challenges in her life, both personally and professionally. Mayeli has been a source of inspiration for many women, empowering them to pursue their dreams fearlessly.

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4. Family and Children: Lupillo Rivera and Mayeli Alonso have shared the joy of parenthood together. As of 2023, they have three beautiful children: Lupita, L’Arreola, and L’Valentina. Despite their busy schedules, Lupillo and Mayeli prioritize their family and are often seen spending quality time together.

5. Supportive Partner: Mayeli Alonso has been a pillar of strength and support for Lupillo Rivera throughout his career. She has been his confidante, helping him navigate the highs and lows of the music industry. Mayeli’s unwavering support has been instrumental in Lupillo’s success, both personally and professionally.

Common Questions About Lupillo Rivera’s Wife

1. What is Mayeli Alonso’s age?
Mayeli Alonso’s age is not publicly available as of 2023. However, she is believed to be in her mid-30s.

2. How tall is Mayeli Alonso?
Mayeli Alonso’s height is approximately 5 feet 6 inches (167 cm).

3. What is Mayeli Alonso’s weight?
Mayeli Alonso’s weight is not publicly disclosed.

4. Is Mayeli Alonso involved in the music industry?
No, Mayeli Alonso is not involved in the music industry. She has made a name for herself as a successful businesswoman and social media influencer.

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5. How did Lupillo Rivera and Mayeli Alonso meet?
The details of Lupillo Rivera and Mayeli Alonso’s first meeting are not widely known. However, they met through mutual friends and developed a strong connection over time.

6. Does Mayeli Alonso have her own business?
Yes, Mayeli Alonso is the founder and CEO of “Maye Cosmetics,” a successful cosmetics brand.

7. Are Lupillo Rivera and Mayeli Alonso still married?
As of 2023, Lupillo Rivera and Mayeli Alonso are happily married.

8. What is Mayeli Alonso’s role in Lupillo Rivera’s career?
Mayeli Alonso is not directly involved in Lupillo Rivera’s music career. However, she has been his support system and has played a vital role in his personal and professional life.

9. Does Mayeli Alonso have a social media presence?
Yes, Mayeli Alonso is active on various social media platforms, where she shares insights into her personal life, business ventures, and fashion and beauty tips.

10. What are Mayeli Alonso’s business ventures apart from “Maye Cosmetics”?
Apart from “Maye Cosmetics,” Mayeli Alonso has been associated with various entrepreneurial ventures, including collaborations with renowned brands and launching her own clothing line.

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11. How does Mayeli Alonso balance her personal and professional life?
Mayeli Alonso believes in maintaining a healthy work-life balance. She prioritizes her family while managing her business ventures efficiently.

12. Does Mayeli Alonso support Lupillo Rivera’s music career?
Yes, Mayeli Alonso has been a constant source of support for Lupillo Rivera’s music career, standing by him during his performances and sharing her pride for his accomplishments.

13. How does Mayeli Alonso interact with her followers on social media?
Mayeli Alonso actively engages with her followers by sharing her daily experiences, answering their questions, and providing beauty and fashion tips.

14. Does Mayeli Alonso contribute to charitable causes?
Yes, Mayeli Alonso has been involved in various philanthropic endeavors, supporting causes related to women empowerment and education.


Mayeli Alonso, the wife of Lupillo Rivera, has not only established herself as a successful businesswoman but also as a loving and supportive partner. Her entrepreneurial spirit, dedication to her family, and inspiring journey have garnered admiration from fans worldwide. As Lupillo Rivera continues to captivate audiences with his music, Mayeli Alonso remains an integral part of his life, standing by his side through thick and thin.