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When Is Major Harris T.i. Son Birthday

Title: When is Major Harris, T.I.’s Son’s Birthday? 5 Interesting Facts


Major Harris, the son of renowned rapper and actor T.I. (Clifford Harris Jr.), has garnered quite a following since his birth. Born on May 16, 2008, Major Harris has grown up in the limelight, often making appearances alongside his famous father. In this article, we will dive into Major Harris’ birthday, share five interesting facts about him, and provide additional relevant information such as his age, height, weight, and spouse (if applicable). Please note that the article refers to the year 2023 instead of 2021.

1. Major Harris’ Birthday:

Major Harris celebrates his birthday on May 16th each year. Born in 2008, he will turn 15 years old in 2023. This date holds significance, not only for his family but also for his fans, who eagerly await the occasion to shower him with love and good wishes.

2. Interesting Fact #1: Talented Athlete:

Apart from being the son of a prominent hip-hop artist, Major Harris has showcased his athletic abilities. He is known for his passion for basketball and has participated in several youth leagues. Major’s dedication to sports has helped him develop teamwork skills, discipline, and a competitive spirit.

3. Interesting Fact #2: Musical Inclinations:

Growing up with a musically inclined father, it is no surprise that Major Harris has shown an interest in music. While he has not released any official tracks or albums, he has occasionally shared snippets of his musical endeavors on social media. It will be intriguing to see whether he follows in his father’s footsteps in the future.

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4. Interesting Fact #3: Height and Weight:

As of 2023, Major Harris would have reached his teenage years and is likely to have experienced significant growth. While the exact measurements may vary, it is safe to assume that he would have a height and weight appropriate for his age and genetics. However, specific details about his height and weight are not publicly available.

5. Interesting Fact #4: Siblings:

Major Harris has several siblings from his father’s various relationships. His siblings include Messiah, Domani, Deyjah, King, and Heiress Harris. Together, they form a close-knit family that regularly supports and celebrates each other’s achievements.

6. Interesting Fact #5: Father-Son Bond:

Major Harris shares a strong bond with his father, T.I. The duo often appear together in public events, interviews, and social media posts, showcasing their close relationship. Major’s father has been instrumental in guiding him through the entertainment industry, offering valuable advice and support.

Common Questions about Major Harris:

1. How old is Major Harris in 2023?
– Major Harris will be 15 years old in 2023.

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2. When is Major Harris’ birthday?
– Major Harris celebrates his birthday on May 16th each year.

3. What are Major Harris’ interests?
– Major Harris is passionate about basketball and has shown an interest in music.

4. Does Major Harris have any siblings?
– Yes, Major Harris has several siblings, including Messiah, Domani, Deyjah, King, and Heiress Harris.

5. Is Major Harris pursuing a career in music?
– While Major has shown an interest in music, he has not released any official tracks or albums as of now.

6. How tall is Major Harris?
– Specific details about Major Harris’ height are not publicly available.

7. What is Major Harris’ weight?
– Specific details about Major Harris’ weight are not publicly available.

8. Is Major Harris married?
– As of 2023, Major Harris is too young to be married.

9. Who is Major Harris’ father?
– Major Harris is the son of T.I. (Clifford Harris Jr.), a renowned rapper and actor.

10. Does Major Harris have any other talents apart from sports and music?
– While sports and music are prominent in Major Harris’ life, he may have other talents that have not been publicly disclosed.

11. How does Major Harris handle fame at a young age?
– Major Harris, with the guidance of his family, manages the challenges of fame by prioritizing education, personal growth, and maintaining a strong support system.

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12. Will Major Harris pursue a career in the entertainment industry?
– While it is too early to determine Major Harris’ career path, his exposure to the entertainment industry through his father may influence his future choices.

13. Does Major Harris have any aspirations outside of sports and music?
– Major Harris’ interests may evolve over time, and he may pursue other aspirations beyond sports and music as he grows older.

14. How does Major Harris maintain a normal childhood despite his celebrity status?
– Major Harris’ family strives to provide him with a balanced upbringing, ensuring he has a normal childhood while also navigating the demands of his celebrity status.


Major Harris, the son of T.I., is a young individual who has been growing up in the spotlight. As he celebrates his birthday on May 16th each year, fans eagerly anticipate his growth and development. With his interest in sports, music, and close-knit family, Major Harris continues to capture the hearts of those who follow his journey. As he enters his teenage years in 2023, it will be fascinating to observe the path he chooses to take and the impact he may have on the entertainment industry.