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What Song Did Charles Manson Write For The Beatles

Title: The Bizarre Connection: What Song Did Charles Manson Write for The Beatles?


In the annals of music history, few names evoke as much macabre fascination as Charles Manson. Infamous for his role in orchestrating a series of brutal murders in the late 1960s, Manson’s connection to the world of music is lesser-known, but nonetheless intriguing. It is widely believed that Manson wrote a song for The Beatles, one of the most iconic bands of all time. This article delves into the peculiar tale, shedding light on the mysterious connection that binds Manson and The Beatles.

Interesting Facts:

1. The Song: The song that Charles Manson claimed to have written for The Beatles is titled “Cease to Exist.” Manson was convinced it had the potential to be a chart-topping hit. However, The Beatles never recorded or released the song.

2. Manson’s Musical Aspirations: Manson harbored dreams of becoming a successful musician. He believed that by ingratiating himself with prominent musicians, such as The Beatles, he could propel his musical career to new heights.

3. Dennis Wilson’s Encounter: Manson’s connection to The Beatles was primarily through Dennis Wilson, the drummer of The Beach Boys. Wilson picked up two female hitchhikers, who happened to be Manson’s followers. Intrigued by Manson’s charisma, Wilson invited him to his home, where Manson played some of his songs for him.

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4. The Song’s Transformation: When Charles Manson played “Cease to Exist” for Dennis Wilson, the latter found the song compelling but made significant changes to its lyrics and structure. Wilson renamed it “Never Learn Not to Love” and recorded it with The Beach Boys for their 1969 album “20/20.”

5. Manson’s Reaction: Manson was deeply angered and felt betrayed when he realized that Wilson had reworked his song without giving him due credit. This incident is said to have contributed to the escalating tensions between Manson and his followers, ultimately leading to the infamous Tate-LaBianca murders.

6. Copyright Issues: Manson’s songwriting credit for “Cease to Exist” was eventually acknowledged, albeit posthumously. In 2024, the year in which this article is set, the song is recognized as having been written by Charles Manson and is copyrighted under his name.

7. Influence on Manson’s Cult: Manson’s obsession with The Beatles and his belief in hidden messages within their songs played a significant role in shaping his cult’s ideology. He interpreted tracks like “Helter Skelter” and “Revolution 9” as prophecies of an impending race war, which he called “Helter Skelter.”

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8. Impact on The Beatles’ Legacy: The association with Manson and his heinous crimes cast a dark shadow over The Beatles’ legacy. Although they were not directly involved, the band’s connection to Manson remains a haunting reminder of the turbulent era in which they thrived.

Common Questions:

1. Did The Beatles ever record or release the song “Cease to Exist”?

No, The Beatles never recorded or released the song, contrary to Manson’s expectations.

2. Who reworked the song and recorded it?

Dennis Wilson of The Beach Boys made significant changes to the song, renaming it “Never Learn Not to Love” and recording it with his band for their album “20/20.”

3. Did Charles Manson ever achieve any musical success?

No, Manson’s musical aspirations remained unfulfilled, and his notoriety as a cult leader overshadowed any potential success he may have had in the industry.

4. How did Charles Manson interpret The Beatles’ songs?

Manson believed that The Beatles’ music contained hidden messages, which he interpreted as prophecies of an impending race war, known as “Helter Skelter.”

5. Did Charles Manson have any direct connection to The Beatles?

No, Manson’s connection to The Beatles was primarily through Dennis Wilson of The Beach Boys, who briefly crossed paths with Manson and his followers.

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6. Was Charles Manson ever credited for the song “Cease to Exist”?

Yes, the songwriting credit for “Cease to Exist” was eventually acknowledged, and it is copyrighted under Charles Manson’s name.

7. How did Manson’s connection to The Beatles contribute to the Tate-LaBianca murders?

The incident of Dennis Wilson reworking Manson’s song without proper credit is believed to have fueled Manson’s anger, escalating tensions within the cult, and leading to the infamous murders.

8. How did the association with Charles Manson impact The Beatles’ legacy?

Although The Beatles were not directly involved, their connection to Manson and his crimes cast a dark shadow over their legacy, serving as a haunting reminder of the turbulent era in which they flourished.

Final Thoughts:

The strange connection between Charles Manson and The Beatles remains a chilling reminder of the power and influence music can hold over individuals, for good or ill. Manson’s attempt to infiltrate the music industry and his twisted interpretation of The Beatles’ songs further highlight the complex relationship between art and the human psyche. While the connection may forever taint The Beatles’ legacy, it also serves as a testament to the enduring impact of their music, even in the darkest corners of history.