Pop music is filled with songs about time -  through lyrics that tell stories, revel in nostalgia, show determination, or linger in regret.

Here are the best songs about the passing of time.


A lament for the changing of life's seasons, this is one of Fleetwood Mac's greatest tunes. Stevie Nicks sings that even nostalgia for childhood can't stop time from passing.

Strawberry Fields Forever


Truly groundbreaking when it was first released in 1967, this Beatles song still can still surprise the listener with unorthodox sounds and lush melodic strains.

closing time

Released in 1998, Semisonic's song is mainly about what you think: closing time at a bar. As the song instructs, "you don't have to go home, but you can't stay here."

Time After Time

Its impact on music remains enduring as it has consistently been part of most Best Love Songs countdowns since its release.

remember the time

Released in 1992 from Michael Jackson's eighth album, Dangerous. Like the name suggests, this song is about fondly remembering falling in love.

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Music: Ketsa - Who Needs Saving. Source: Free Music Archive. Licence Type: CC BY-NC

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