best  songs About memories

Many musicians have even written songs about memories themselves – both good and bad, the act of remembering and forgetting.

There are plenty of these songs to choose from, but here are some of my absolute favorites.

As It Was


The smash-hit of summer 2022 describes a personal transition where Harry Styles looks back on how things used to be and mourns the change he’s going through.

when we were young

Adele looks back on memories with a loved one where she's reminded of when they were younger & realizes they haven’t changed much since.

In My Life


This classic Beatles track celebrates all the memories that make up a life, whilst acknowledging that new love can eclipse everything that went before.


Dylan recalls how she was wrapped up in her relationship and prioritised having fun over everything else. Looking back she knows it could never have lasted.

All Too Well

Taylor Swift remembers one of the relationships that had the biggest impact on her life. She can’t help but recall every little detail of the relationship, even though it’s all over,

Music: Ketsa - Who Needs Saving. Source: Free Music Archive. Licence Type: CC BY-NC

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