best  black crowes songs

In 1990 the Black Crowes released their first single “Jealous Again”, when frontman Chris Robinson was only 23 years old.

Since then, they've created 8 studio albums and a few more live ones. Here are some of my favorite songs.

the remedy

The guitar is blues perfection. Add to that a strong percussion rhythm, and "Remedy" is the perfect Black Crowes single.

thorn in my pride

The instrumentation on this ballad is full and powerful. Robinson's vocals are brilliant.

Soul Singing


A great mix of Southern Rock, Classic Rock riffs, and a strong percussion backbone. The song is all original and the arrangement is captivating.

Sometimes Salvation

This track is from the band's second album, The Southern Harmony and Musical Companion and it offers the signature bluesy sound the band is renowned for.

High Head Blues


A warm, slightly tongue-in-cheek ode to marijuana, incorporating a Spanish phrase into the mix that means, “This is the best weed.”

A fairly straightforward out to living large and loud and it was recorded in front of a live audience of about 200 at the Woodstock barn and studio in New York

I Ain't Hiding

an allegory for the music industry and the young people who entire it with big dreams only to have them dashed.

there's gold in them hills 

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Music Artist: Soularflair. Source: Free Music Archive. Licence Type: CC BY-NC