Major league baseball players are often known for using unique baseball walk up songs when getting on the field to play.

They're empowering. Not to mention, walk up music excites the crowd. Here are 20 of my favorite walk up songs.

boogie nights

Aaron Judge is well known among baseball fans for using this Heatwave track as his walk up song. 

Your Love


Baseball outfielder Charlie Blackmon likes this song as a walk up song. It's no coincidence that the original musician is called The Outfield.


The most popular of AC/DC's tracks baseball players like to use for walk up music. Used by the likes of John Smoltz and Noah Syndergaard.

Sweet Emotion

Baseball player Kyle Hendricks is known for using this as his walk up song. It was released by the American rock band Aerosmith in the year 1975.

blow the whistle

Another popular walk up song used by multiple professional players is Too Short. George Kottaras and Travis D'Arnaud are two who are particularly well known.

Read the article for 15 more of best baseball walk up songs used by the baseball greats.

Music Artist: Axel Lundstrom. Source: Free Music Archive. Licence Type: CC BY-NC

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