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10 Best USB Headphones For Musicians, Gamers & Professionals

USB Headphones can be a great investment for gamers, working professionals, and music lovers.

Let’s take a deep dive into some of the best USB Headsets on the market in 2022. 

Our Top Recommendations for USB Headphones

Best for Sound Quality 

Jeecoo Xiberia USB Pro Gaming Headset

These Jeecoo Xiberia USB Pro Headset for PC- 7.1 come in a stunning matte black color with beautiful rainbow LED lights on the left ear for a touch of artistic flair.

You’ll love the soft, comfortable earmuffs, the adjustable headband, and the thick foam padded headband. 

PROS: Noise-canceling microphone reduces ambient noise for enhanced voice quality. 

CONS: Software needs to be downloaded and installed to use the surround sound feature. 

  • Value: USB compatible with PC, laptops, and Mac. 
  • Features: Virtual 7.1 surround sound.  
  • Durability: Sturdy construction.
  • Ease of Use: In-line controller for volume and volume adjustment. 

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Best for Comfort

EKSA E1000 USB Gaming Headset

Another pair of best USB headphones with excellent sound quality is EKSA E1000 USB Gaming Headset. This over-ear headset come in gray, blue, green, and red. Soft memory foam earmuffs ensure long-time comfort during gameplay. 

PROS: No additional downloads. 

CONS: The adjustable headband doesn’t give much room to adjust. 

  • Value: Specification parameters for your comfort and use. 
  • Features: Multi-platform compatibility: supports PS4/PS5 consoles, PC, laptops, Windows 7/8/8.1/10/XP. &.1 surround sound and noise cancellation mic. 
  • Durability: Long-lasting. 
  • Ease of Use: Durable cable doesn’t tangle. 

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Best for Gaming

BINNUNE Wireless Gaming Headset

These high-performance BINNUNE Wireless Gaming Headsets are perfect for a versatile gamer due to the wireless USB headset and Bluetooth connectivity.

You can enjoy wireless audio up to 32 feet of interference-free range, giving you a lag-free experience. The 2.4 GHz flash drive works up to 33 feet.

PROS: Noise-canceling microphone reduces ambient noise. 

CONS: Is only compatible with PC devices and PS4/PS4 consoles. 

  • Value: High-performance Bluetooth 5.0. 
  • Features: Deep bass, and 48-hour battery life without recharging. 
  • Durability: 48-hour nonstop battery life. 
  • Ease of Use: Easy control buttons. 

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Best for Everyday Use 

Corsair HS70 Pro Wireless Headset

The Corsair HS70 Pro Wireless Headset is made with adjustable ears and works great for simple gameplay or listening to music. You won’t find a more straightforward crafted headset with all the fantastic perks of the top-rated headsets. 

PROS: Thoroughly tested mic and audio drivers. 

CONS: A USB adapter is needed to use wireless features on your PC or PS4; however, the adapter is included in your purchase. 

  • Value: High-quality and custom-tuned audio. 
  • Features: A fully detachable microphone. 
  • Durability: Lightweight, durable USB headset, aluminum construction. 
  • Ease of Use: Straightforward and easy-to-use.

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Best Lightweight

Logitech G435 LIGHTSPEED Headset

Another USB headset, Logitech G435 LIGHTSPEED, and Bluetooth Wireless Headset is everything you need for everyday wear. This headset is perfect no matter your style, coming in different colors to suit your gaming style and setup. 

PROS: USB headphones Logitech are the first with lightspeed wireless and low latency Bluetooth connectivity. 

CONS: Designed for trimmer heads and no adjustable headband. No microphone.

  • Value: Made of at least 22% recycled plastics. 
  • Features: Designed with dual beamforming mics to help you talk to your friends. 
  • Durability: Light construction weighing only 5.8 ounces. 
  • Ease of Use: 18 hours of use without recharging. 

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Best USB Headset for Work

OneOdio USB Wired Headset

With these OneOdio USB Wired Headset with Microphone, you’ll be prepared to take on Zoom and Skype calls right from your home. 

PROS: Connection with a 6 foot wire works on PS4/ PS4 Pro/ Xbox One/ PC/ Mac/ Nintendo Switch/ PSP/ Laptops/ phones and any other devices with an audio jack. 

CONS: It only works for Windows, MacOS, or Chrome OS. 

  • Value: Perfect for meetings. 
  • Features: USB extension cable for volume control and a 3.5mm audio cable. 
  • Durability: Lightweight, soft ear cotton, swiveling ear pads, and a padded headband. 
  • Ease of Use: Omnidirectional boom mic for gaming, business, podcasting, and video conferencing. 

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Best for Video Calls

Avantree DG59(M) Wireless Headphones

Get ready to sign on to your 2022 video conferences with these Avantree DG59(M) Wireless Headphones with a Microphone gives you the simplicity to blend into your work environment while keeping the high-quality construction the ability to stand out on its own. 

PROS: 40-hour battery life. 

CONS: The battery was tested at only 60% volume, which leads to a possible error in how long the battery will last on different settings. 

  • Value: Low latency Bluetooth means you’ll never worry about audio lag. Audio and visuals will be in-sync with your USB headset for tv. 
  • Features: Bluetooth and the memory foam earpads are replaceable
  • Durability: Much lighter than other Bluetooth USB headsets. 
  • Ease of Use: You can connect to Skype, Zoom, Microsoft Teams, and Google Meet with no wires. 

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Best for Noise Cancellation 

Razer Kraken Kitty RGB USB Gaming Headset

The ever-growing popularity of the Razer Kraken Kitty RGB USB Headset comes with the iconic cat ears on top of the foam-padded headband.

The Razer Kraken brand comes with and without cat ears to give you all the same unique benefits but still fit your style. 

PROS: Active noise cancellation microphone to pick up your voice clearly while minimizing background noise. 

CONS: Audio is only available on Windows 10 64bit. 

  • Value: Connects with a USB connector. 
  • Features: Stream reactive lighting changes color with audience emoticons and alerts during a live stream. 
  • Durability: Cooling gel-infused ear cushions that prevent overheating. 
  • Ease of Use: One connector is all that’s needed, so you can plug right in and start streaming. 

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Best for Artistic Flair 

Pacrate 7.1 USB Stereo Headset

Light up your gaming and streaming experience with these Pacrate 7.1 USB Stereo Gaming Headset with Microphone. You’ll be the center of attention of any live stream with the LED lights and colored memory foam padding.

PROS: Automatically adjusts the size to fit your head, and the flexibility allows you to fold and take them on the go. 

CONS: It doesn’t support an Xbox One. The 7.1 virtual surround sound only works when connected to a PC or laptop. 

  • Value: Multi-platform compatibility for PC, laptops, Macs, and other devices with a USB audio port. 
  • Features: Noise cancellation, surround sound, and premium mic for clear audio. 
  • Durability: Feather-like design and construction make this USB headset long-lasting and comfortable. 
  • Ease of Use: The LED lights are operational with the USB plug. 

Most Unique

SADES G70 7.1 Stereo Surround Sound Gaming Headset

Let your SADES G70 7.1 Stereo Surround Sound Headset do the talking for you by showing the type of gamer you are. The stunning pink-and-white headset helps you stand apart from the competition. 

PROS: Supports almost any device with a USB port. 

CONS: Software needs to be downloaded and installed for the 7.1 surround sound effect. 

  • Value: Multi-platform compatibility for gamers and live streamers.
  • Features: Microphone controller and LED light. 
  • Durability: Good for professional gamers who play for extended sessions. 
  • Ease of Use: Omnidirectional mic gives you a 360-degree pickup of your voice. 

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Purpose of Using USB Headphones

USB headsets are designed with convenience in mind. Generally, the advantage of USB headphones versus a 3.5mm headset is that they can be quickly and easily plugged in and connected without having to download extra software.

Are USB Headphones Better?

The general consensus is that, yes, they are better, especially when it comes to sound quality.

sound engineer wearing cool usb headphones

This is because USB headphones use their own sound cards and sound processing system. Because of this, sound quality tends to be crisper and their noise-canceling effect greater. 

Final Thoughts

Depending on your needs and budget, there is definitely a USB headset out there for you. With these headsets, you’ll be able to enhance your overall experience, and get a better outcome with your gameplay, work, and even listening to music. 


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