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Things To Say To Engaged Couple

Getting engaged is an exciting milestone in a couple’s relationship. It marks the beginning of a new chapter filled with love, commitment, and excitement. If you know a couple who has recently gotten engaged, it’s important to show your support and offer your congratulations. However, finding the right words to say to an engaged couple can sometimes be a challenge. To help you navigate this exciting time, here are some things you can say to an engaged couple, along with some interesting facts about engagements.

1. “Congratulations on your engagement! I am so happy for you both and wish you a lifetime of love and happiness together.”

2. “Your love story is truly inspiring, and I can’t wait to see what the future holds for you as a couple.”

3. “May your engagement be the beginning of a beautiful journey together. I know that your love will only grow stronger with each passing day.”

4. “I am thrilled to hear about your engagement and can’t wait to celebrate this special moment with you both.”

5. “Wishing you all the best as you plan your future together. I know that your wedding will be a reflection of the love you share.”

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Interesting Facts About Engagements:

1. The average engagement lasts around 14 months, giving couples plenty of time to plan their wedding and make arrangements for their future together.

2. The tradition of giving an engagement ring dates back to ancient Egypt, where rings were exchanged as a symbol of eternal love.

3. In the United States, June is the most popular month for weddings, with many couples choosing to tie the knot during the warm summer months.

4. The concept of getting down on one knee to propose dates back to medieval times when knights would kneel before their ladies to show their loyalty and devotion.

5. The engagement ring is typically worn on the fourth finger of the left hand, as it is believed to be directly connected to the heart by the vein of love.

Common Questions About Engagements:

1. How did you propose?

– We went on a romantic hike and he surprised me with a beautiful ring at the top of the mountain.

2. When is the wedding?

– We are planning to get married in the fall of 2024.

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3. How did you know he/she was the one?

– We just knew. Our love for each other has only grown stronger over time.

4. Are you going to have a big wedding?

– We are planning to have a small, intimate ceremony with our closest family and friends.

5. Have you picked out a venue yet?

– Yes, we have chosen a beautiful vineyard for our wedding ceremony and reception.

6. Are you going to have a traditional ceremony?

– We are incorporating some traditional elements into our ceremony, but also adding our own personal touches.

7. Have you started planning the details yet?

– We have started looking at wedding dresses and discussing color schemes, but we still have a lot of planning to do.

8. Are you going to have a honeymoon?

– Yes, we are planning to go to Hawaii for our honeymoon after the wedding.

9. Have you thought about starting a family?

– We are both excited about the possibility of starting a family in the future.

10. Are you going to change your last name?

– I am planning to take my partner’s last name after we get married.

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11. Are you nervous about the wedding?

– We are both feeling a mix of excitement and nerves, but we know that our love will carry us through.

12. How did your families react to the engagement?

– Our families were thrilled and supportive of our decision to get engaged.

13. Have you picked out your wedding bands yet?

– We have chosen simple, elegant wedding bands that symbolize our commitment to each other.

14. Are you going to write your own vows?

– We are considering writing our own vows to make our ceremony even more personal and meaningful.

In conclusion, getting engaged is a special and exciting time for any couple. By offering your support and congratulations, you can help them celebrate this important milestone in their relationship. Whether you choose to share a heartfelt message or ask them about their wedding plans, your words of encouragement will mean the world to them. So, don’t hesitate to reach out to the engaged couple in your life and let them know how happy you are for them.