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10 Best Songs About Thunder and Lightning

10 Best Songs About Thunder and Lightning

Thunderstorms are the most beautiful and terrifying things on earth. They’re also one of the best sources of inspiration when it comes to making music.

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Music has been written about these natural phenomena since ancient times, and this blog post will explore the 10 best songs about thunder and lightning.

1. Thunderstruck by AC/DC

Thunderstruck is an Australian heavy metal song released in 1990 as the album’s first track with the same name.

According to Classic Rock magazine, Thunderstruck has become synonymous with ” Gimme Shelter, “Gimme Some Lovin’, “and ” Whole Lotta Love. ” The song was written by Angus Young, Malcolm Young, and Brian Johnson.

Featuring one of rock music’s most iconic riffs, Thunderstruck opens with a man giving his girlfriend a book called ” Love at First Sight: A Study of Courtship in Ancient Greece.”

After reading it, she suggests going bowling, but he replies that he would rather watch TV. While watching TV, they hear loud thunder, and she hides in fear under the bedsheets. This song would make a great anthem against the fear of thunderstorms.

2. Thunder Kiss ’65 by White Zombie

This heavy metal classic is about a man and his girlfriend attending a rock concert, with an equal number of men and women in attendance (Get your mind out of the gutter!).

After the show, they go back to her place and start having sex on top of her bed when they’re startled by lightning and thunder.

The next day, he finds himself alone with red lipstick stains on his white shirt – no sign of his girlfriend. In other words: A lot goes down during this storm. 

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3. Under the Thunders of Venus by Current 93

This album, released in 2012, is part of David Tibet’s ongoing series about the magical powers of numbers and letters. As you may or may not know, Tibet was also a member of Coil, an industrial band active from 1983-2004.

Despite being much more electronic sounding than its predecessor (Thunder Perfect Mind), you can certainly hear similarities with Coil’s music. Pagan and occult traditions influenced coil, and Tibet has maintained the same esoteric approach to his solo work.

4. Thunder Road by Bruce Springsteen

This song was written by Bruce Springsteen back in 1975 for his debut album Greetings From Asbury Park, N.J. The lyrics are about a young couple escaping from their dreary small-town lives to start new lives together in the city (Ooh).

Although several concerts during the Obama campaign featured this track, I’m sure that some of you will be surprised that it’s on an article about music about thunderstorms! Despite this, it’s still one of my favorite songs ever recorded.

5. Thunderstruck by Art vs. Science

This song is about how it feels to fall in love with someone who compliments your weaknesses and strengths.

The music video takes place at a secret society meeting, where everyone wears tuxedos, goblets are used as telephones, people communicate using sign language (in case you haven’t noticed yet: It’s very esoteric).

Some scientists even bring their own personal Tesla coils (created by Nikola Tesla) to this party. If you like what you hear, check out the band’s other stuff on Spotify!

6. When the Levee Breaks by Kansas Joe McCoy & Memphis Minnie

When the Levee Breaks was written in 1929 by African-American blues musicians Joe McCoy and Memphis Minnie.

The song is about the Great Mississippi Flood of 1927, which swept away entire towns in the Mississippi Delta. In other words: This song has been here long before AC/DC was even a thing.

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7 . Lightning Crashes by Live

Lightning Crashes is what happens when you cross a grunge band with a hippie rock opera. This song deserves its place on this list because of how it was used in The Crow, but it’s not even the best song on Throwing Copper: That would be “Selling the Drama.”

Here’s hoping the new three-disc version comes with some remixes or something because I’ll take any opportunity to make me feel awkward at parties.

8. Thunder Rolls by Garth Brooks

Do yourself a favor and to this song instead of watching his video. At least you’ll be spared from watching Garth Brooks act like he’s trying to stop a truck.

This song is about how it feels when your partner starts seeing somebody else, and lyrics like “I watch her come and go / A little more bling each day” support that interpretation.

9. Ride The Lightning by Metallica

I’m not going to say much about this song, except for the fact that it’s one of the best songs on Metallica’s second album.

Some lyrics seem to be inspired by Stephen King’s The Stand, which is about how it feels to be hunted down like an animal.

10. Thunder by Imagine Dragons

Thunder is a popular song by the renowned rock band Imagine Dragons.

Released by Interscope Records, the track gained popularity and came number four on the US Billboard Hot 100 in 2017.