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30 Best Songs About Thunder and Lightning

Thunderstorms are the most beautiful and terrifying things on earth. They’re also one of the best sources of inspiration when it comes to making music.

Music has been written about these natural phenomena since ancient times, and this blog post will explore the 20 best songs about thunder and lightning.

“Thunderstruck” – AC/DC

Thunderstruck is an Australian heavy metal song released in 1990 as the album’s first track with the same name.

According to Classic Rock magazine, Thunderstruck has become synonymous with ” Gimme Shelter, “Gimme Some Lovin’, “and ” Whole Lotta Love. ” The song was written by Angus Young, Malcolm Young, and Brian Johnson.

Featuring one of rock music’s most iconic riffs, Thunderstruck opens with a man giving his girlfriend a book called ” Love at First Sight: A Study of Courtship in Ancient Greece.”

After reading it, she suggests going bowling, but he replies that he would rather watch TV. While watching TV, they hear loud thunder, and she hides in fear under the bedsheets. This song would make a great anthem against the fear of thunderstorms.

“Thunder Kiss ’65” – White Zombie

This heavy metal classic is about a man and his girlfriend attending a rock concert, with an equal number of men and women in attendance (Get your mind out of the gutter!).

After the show, they go back to her place and start having sex on top of her bed when they’re startled by lightning and thunder.

The next day, he finds himself alone with red lipstick stains on his white shirt – no sign of his girlfriend. In other words: A lot goes down during this storm. 

“Under the Thunders Venus” – Current 93

This album, released in 2012, is part of David Tibet’s ongoing series about the magical powers of numbers and letters. As you may or may not know, Tibet was also a member of Coil, an industrial band active from 1983-2004.

Despite being much more electronic sounding than its predecessor (Thunder Perfect Mind), you can certainly hear similarities with Coil’s music. Pagan and occult traditions influenced coil, and Tibet has maintained the same esoteric approach to his solo work.

“Thunder Road” – Bruce Springsteen

This song was written by Bruce Springsteen back in 1975 for his debut album Greetings From Asbury Park, N.J. The lyrics are about a young couple escaping from their dreary small-town lives to start new lives together in the city (Ooh).

Although several concerts during the Obama campaign featured this track, I’m sure that some of you will be surprised that it’s on an article about music about thunderstorms! Despite this, it’s still one of my favorite songs ever recorded.

“Higher” – Art vs. Science

This song is about how it feels to fall in love with someone who compliments your weaknesses and strengths.

The music video takes place at a secret society meeting, where everyone wears tuxedos, goblets are used as telephones, people communicate using sign language (in case you haven’t noticed yet: It’s very esoteric).

Some scientists even bring their own personal Tesla coils (created by Nikola Tesla) to this party. If you like what you hear, check out the band’s other stuff on Spotify!

“When the Levee Breaks” – Kansas Joe McCoy & Memphis Minnie

When the Levee Breaks was written in 1929 by African-American blues musicians Joe McCoy and Memphis Minnie.

The song is about the Great Mississippi Flood of 1927, which swept away entire towns in the Mississippi Delta. In other words: This song has been here long before AC/DC was even a thing.

“Lightning Crashes” – Live

Lightning Crashes is what happens when you cross a grunge band with a hippie rock opera. This song deserves its place on this list because of how it was used in The Crow, but it’s not even the best song on Throwing Copper: That would be “Selling the Drama.”

Here’s hoping the new three-disc version comes with some remixes or something because I’ll take any opportunity to make me feel awkward at parties.

“Thunder Rolls” – Garth Brooks

Do yourself a favor and to this song instead of watching his video. At least you’ll be spared from watching Garth Brooks act like he’s trying to stop a truck.

This song is about how it feels when your partner starts seeing somebody else, and lyrics like “I watch her come and go / A little more bling each day” support that interpretation.

“Ride The Lightning” – Metallica

I’m not going to say much about this song, except for the fact that it’s one of the best songs on Metallica’s second album.

Some lyrics seem to be inspired by Stephen King’s The Stand, which is about how it feels to be hunted down like an animal.

“Thunder” – Imagine Dragons

Thunder is a popular song by the renowned rock band Imagine Dragons.

Released by Interscope Records, the track gained popularity and came number four on the US Billboard Hot 100 in 2017.

“Thunder in My Heart” – Leo Sayer

This disco classic has withstood the test of time. The song was initially released in 1977, and it still receives airplay today. There are several reasons why Thunder in My Heart is one of Leo Sayer’s best songs.

The melody is catchy and easy to remember. Besides, the lyrics are relatable and meaningful. Moreover, the song has a great groove that makes it impossible not to dance to. 

“Thunder Underground” – Ozzy Osbourne

According to professional reviewers and fans, the song is one of the best of Osbourne’s vocals. The same year the song was released on the album No More Tears, it reached number 9 on the UK charts.

The hard rock track features aggressive guitar riffs and drumming, matching Ozzy Osbourne’s powerful vocals. According to reviews, the song is a prime example of Osbourne at his best, with catchy hooks and an irresistible beat.

Fans agree that Thunder Underground is one of Black Sabbath’s top tracks.

“God of Thunder” – Kiss

The God of Thunder song may be one of the band’s lesser-known tracks, but that doesn’t make it less impressive.

This hard-rocking song is equally powerful and catchy, and it’s easy to see why it became a fan favourite. With its driving beat and thunderous guitar chords, The God of Thunder is sure to get your adrenaline pumping.

“Thunder and Lightning Polka” – Johann Strauss II

There are many reasons why this song is Johann Strauss II, one of the best polkas ever written. For one, it is incredibly catchy and will have you humming or whistling along in no time.

The melody is light and upbeat, providing a perfect soundtrack for a lively party. Finally, the Strauss brothers’ signature harmonies make this piece unmistakably nostalgic. 

“Distant Thunder” – Richard Clapton

Distant Thunder is one of the best songs were ever written. The lyrics are poetic, and the melody is unforgettable. This song is an excellent example of why Richard Clapton is one of the most talented musicians in history.

His songs are constantly moving and evoke deep emotions in his listeners. If you haven’t heard this song before, I highly recommend giving it a listen.

“Some Loud Thunder” – Clap Your Hands Say Yeah

Clap Your Hands Say Yeah is a band known for its unique sound. Many of their songs are upbeat and fast-paced, but one song, in particular, stands out from the rest. “Why Some Loud Thunder” is one of the band’s most well-known and best songs.

It has a slower tempo than many of their other songs, but its lyrics and melody are still just as powerful. Fans of the band love this song, and new listeners will be intrigued by its unique sound.

“Silver Thunderbird” – Marc Cohn

The lyrics are written in a mesmerizing and poetic way, making it one of Cohn’s most well-known and best-loved songs. Although the song is not typically considered a country music ballad, its haunting and dreamy sound leaves audiences captivated.

In fact, “Silver Thunderbird” has been covered by numerous artists over the years, including Trisha Yearwood and Wynonna Judd. Whether you’re a fan of Marc Cohn or love great ballads, this song is worth a listen.

“Thundersteel” – Riot

Thundersteel by Riot is one of the best songs that the band has ever written. The song was released in 1988 and has remained a fan favourite for over 30 years.

Thundersteel is an epic ballad about a warrior who must fight for his life and the lives of those he loves. The song is full of poetic lyrics and powerful melodies that will stay with you long after hearing it.

“Thunder Island” – Jay Ferguson

The song starts with a haunting guitar intro that sets the tone for the rest. It’s dark and brooding, and you can tell that something terrible is about to happen.

The lyrics are incredibly powerful, and they perfectly capture the feeling of being trapped on an island during a storm.

This song is perfect for anyone who loves moody rock music with a bit of a dark edge to it.

“Thunder Peel” – Beck

Thunder Peel by Beck is one of the best songs off his album Sea Change. The song has an exciting story and great lyrics that make it one of my favourite tracks on the album.

The song was inspired by Beck’s life experience, which makes the song poignant and personal. I love how he blends folk and rock in this song to create a unique soundscape.

If you’re a fan of Beck, or even if you’re not, I recommend checking out Thunder Peel. You won’t be disappointed as it will keep you dancing.

“Summer and Lightening” – ELO

Released on the Out Of The Blue album in 1977, the song is part three of a four-part symphonic rock piece.

“Standin’ in the Rain,” “Big Wheels,” and “Summer and Lightning” each express the unrequited love of the character. The somber, downbeat songs are followed by the upbeat “Mr. Blue Sky.”

For ELO fans, “Summer and Lightning” is an example of Jeff Lynne at his best.

“1952 Vincent Black Lightning” – Richard Thompson

“1952 Vincent Black Lightning” is a beautiful love ballad by one of England’s best musical storytellers.

While Richard Thompson’s lyrics are not technically about lightning, the symbolic power of the natural phenomenon is at play. The Black Lightning motorbike is as rare and unique as lightning. Its effect on those lucky enough to see it is the same.

Thompson’s touching lyrics and gruff voice bring the characters to life and a tear to the listener’s eye.

“Thunder on the Mountain” – Bob Dylan

This epic from the 2006 album “Modern Times” is a rollicking rockabilly roller-coaster ride.

The apocalyptic lyrics contrast oddly with the upbeat melody. Dylan aficionados suggest that is the point. The character merrily goes along, doing what he thinks is right, while actually driving himself right into hell. The upbeat, catchy tune pulls the listener right along with him.
After a listen or two, you may agree.

“Living in Lightning” – City and Colour

City and Colour songwriter Dallas Green sometimes seems to regret his success. If he regrets being a talented songwriter, listeners hope he gets over it.

In “Living in Lightning,” Green uses lightning to symbolize the fame that strikes an artist. The lyrics go on to express the demands that weigh him down.

Intelligent lyrics and Green’s pure voice make this song exceptionally poignant.

“The Lightning Strike (What If This Storm Ends)” – Snow Patrol

The first of the three parts, “The Lightning Strike,” “What If This Storm Ends?” was released as a single from the album “A Hundred Million Suns” in 2013.

The idea of the song came from a personal experience songwriter Gary Lightbody had when he witnessed a severe storm up close.

The storm’s power is expressed effectively in the song. It is used as a metaphor for an uneasy relationship and the beauty that can come from it.

“Down Under” – Men At Work

One of the Australian pop group’s biggest hits, “Down Under,” was a serious song that most Americans didn’t understand. The catchy tune, and Colin Hay’s unusual voice, made the song an earworm you couldn’t shake in the early 80s.

In an early 2000s interview, Hay stated that the song was a bit of a protest song. The line, “Can’t you hear the thunder?” refers to the potential revolt if Australia continued to be commercialized out from under the citizenry.

“Heat Lightning” – Mitski

In this quiet, thoughtful song, Mitski likens the mysterious nature of Heat Lightning to her insomnia. As the song progresses, the character likens the flickering lightning to the “Sleeping eyelid of the sky. Flutters in a dream.”

If you have ever seen heat lightning silently spreading across the sky, you realize her analogy is appropriate.

The gentle tone of the music, imaginative lyrics, and Mitski’s angelic voice contribute to the dreamlike nature of the song.

“Thunder and Lightning” – Giant

Giant came along as the 80s Glam Rock / Hair Bands were being killed off by Grunge. Their sophomore album, “Time to Burn,” featured “Thunder and Lightning.”

The lyrics liken the touch of his love to a lightning strike. “Thunder and Lightning every time we touch .”Written by band members Huff and Stephenson, the lyrics are clever, logical, and fun to sing along with.

Dann Huff’s screaming guitar and Hagar-like vocals are top-notch. If you’ve never heard Giant, check this one out!

“Ride the Lightning” – Warren Zeiders

Let be clear, I don’t like Country. But, a cool song is a cool song. “Ride the Lightning” by Warren Zeiders is one of those songs. A self-professed Country Outlaw, Zeiders likes to do his own thing. Lyrics like, “One foot in the flames and the other trying to walk the line” expresses that outlaw nature.

Zeiders’ strong acoustic guitar and gruff voice perfectly match the subject. They contribute to a pretty cool rebel anthem.

“Lightning Bolt” – Pearl Jam

When you think of catchy rockers, Pearl Jam songs do not leap to mind. “Lightning Bolt” is an exception. A toe-tapper from the first guitar riff, this song rolls over you.

Eddie Vedder’s clever lyrics are about a girl that takes a guy by surprise, like a lightning bolt out of the blue: “She comes on like a stone. But you don’t know where from she was thrown”.

Not a preachy Pearl Jam song. A fun one !


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