20 Best Songs About Sharks

There are songs about sharks that are both fun and interesting which belong to a variety of genres. Most of these will be played during shark week that traditionally lands in July. Below are some of the top songs on sharks.

“Shooting Shark” – Blue Oyster Cult

Shooting Shark is a tempestuous breakup song that likens breaking up to ferocious sharks. The song is about a complicated love relationship which the singer proclaims he would like to be free of, but it is simply difficult to leave.

The song is a metaphor for how dangerous and damaging this love is to the singer, just as a shark.

“Mack the Knife” – Bobby Darin

Mack the Knife opens up with the lyrics, “Oh, the shark, babe, has such teeth, dear, And it shows them pearly white”, describing the danger of a shark. The lyrics go on explaining how a shark tears apart its victims and leaves no signs.

Towards the end Macky is likened to a shark – warning the listener that he is back in town and lists several ladies who would like to see the dangerous Macky.

“Fins” – Jimmy Buffett

Fins is a beach song that alludes to the Gulf Coast dating life. The sharks mentioned are those who go to bars to pick up unsuspecting singles.

The lyrics tell the tale of a young lady who is careful not to be taken by the ‘sharks.’ The opening verse states “She’s taking care to look for sharks, They hang out in the local bars, And they feed right after dark”, setting the mood for the cautionary tale of the song.

“Shark! Shark! Shark!” – Adept

The one line from this shark song by Adept sets the ominous tone of the song “The sharks will be feeding of your souls in the night.”

It is a high-tempo metal rock song where singers shout out the lyrics intensifying the message.

Details of how sharks devour their victims are gory and singers describe themselves as sharks. The energetic guitar riffs and performance emphasize the lyrics of Shark! Shark! Shark!.

“Lydia” – Highly Suspect

Lydia is about the struggle of drug abuse but also of romantic relationships and the possible complications. Here the shark is a metaphor for the drug-addicted singer who hurts the one who loves her.

The lyrics “I am the hungry shark, fast and merciless, But the only girl that could talk to him couldn’t swim” explain the singer has a real desire for the relationship to work but drug addiction destroys the unity.

“The Rapper Eater” – Lil Wayne

The Rapper Eater is all about the is a rap song describing the mastery of a rapper.

He likens himself to a shark with the lyrics “I’m a shark in the water”, having judged his opponents as weaker than he with the melodic line that follows “You just Long John Silver”.

A great to listen to when you need a good boost of confidence.

“Shark Attack” – Grouplove

Shark Attack is an up-tempo Indie Rock song describing the protagonist as feeling a little lost and a blue about life. The lyrics “And I am what I am, a natural disaster, Pick me up at three, send me off to sea” describe feelings of despair.

However, the danceable track allows the sadness and confusion seem less severe. The lyrics state “And I can’t understand what I’m after”, a feeling of being unsure of what they actually desire is one many of us identify with.

“Shark” – Dwight Twilley Band

The song Shark by Dwight Twilley is a seventies hit song which likens how a lady makes him feel like a shark.

The lyrics wax lyrical on asking a woman to come over so she and the singer can get to know one another. This tune has the classic rock and roll beat of the seventies and is a fun song to listen to.

“Mr. Jaws” – Dickie Goodman

Mr. Jaws was made in the seventies and it is what you would call a fun interview song. In this number Dickie Goodman questions a shark that just ate a young lady.

This piece was a tribute to the cult film Jaws that came out around the same time. The interviewers voice and explanation in song make this a very entertaining number.

“Sharks” – The Tragically Hip

Sharks is a rock song pocking fun at sharks and the nationalities that they allegedly prefer to attack.

The song opens up with the very entertaining lyrics that sharks don’t attack the Irish but instead have a preference for Australians.

“Shark” – Oh Wonder

Oh Wonder appears in this list with their magnificent romance tune that involves some shark words. In their romance song, a person sings out to their spouse inquiring whether they will be their shark to bring them down in disappointment or if they will be their heart and soul.

It is an enjoyable song that combines musical creativity and shark words to deliver an excellent ballad that is a delightful tune.

“Deepest Bluest” – LL Cool J

“Deepest Bluest” is another great shark tune. This track will resonate with you differently, especially if you have seen the film Deep Blue Sea.

However, if you have not yet seen the movie, then the song’s chorus, “my hat is like a shark’s fin,” is not going to be very sensible for you. All in all, the song is still a very enjoyable song tune to listen to.

“Victorious” – Panic! At The Disco

Brendon Urie has achieved many things in his glittery career. And in this “Victorious” track, he brags about his progress, which has made him experience a glittery lifestyle.

In the Panic! at the Disco’s numerous opulent times, Urie portrays a shark as a dangerous prize in the song Panic At The Disco, eventually demonstrating his charming boldness in chasing his ambitions and “ripping the sea red” as a symbol of triumph.

“Petting Zoo Justice” – Dance Gavin Dance

Dance Gavin Dance’s shark song “Petting Zoo Justice” is ridiculous as ever, evoking memories of the music “Shark Dad” from Instant Gratification.

This track is likely the heaviest from the album Mothership, with filthy singer Jon Mess at the lead, drawing the audience into his bizarre world of gibberish lyricism, which some listeners may consider poetry in the modern day.

A striking shark phrase in the song is the line “Shark dad ate a baby calf”.

“Till I Die” – Machine Gun Kelly

In the song “Till I Die,” Machine Gun Kelly represents his native town of Cleveland, Ohio. MGK pays homage and gives a couple of shout-outs to the city and its notable entertainers.

In addition to that, he also mentions a seafood eatery in the town called Shark’s Seafood & Deli. As noted in this thumping rap tune, the food joint is on Lee Road.

Machine Gun Kelly has another song, “Till I Die: Part II,” which is a sequel to the first song. It is also well worth listening to, as it is an equally big tune from the artist.

“Shark Attack” – Split Enz

Split Enz was formed by two brothers, Tim and Neil Finn. They gained a lot of fame with their big hit in the early ’80s titled “I Got You.”

However, the same album also had this peculiar rock song called “Shark Attack” that was slightly over the edge.

The track had some crazy beats, and its lyrics compared a bad romantic relationship to what a shark attack does to someone.

Nonetheless, Neil Finn took a different route with tranquil waters later in his career when he joined his next band, the Crowded House.

“Pink Lemonade” – Watsky

Watsky’s in-depth study of current media and materialism, “Pink Lemonade,” delves into the deception and naivety that has affected our culture and society in general.

His short lines of lyrical poetry and vivid description overflow with his fascinating take on current social and political themes. Despite this, he maintains his flow lighthearted and eccentric, comparing and contrasting himself to the character of a mako shark.

Popular beliefs state that the mako shark is the original ancestor to the great white sharks.

“Irresistible” – Fall Out Boy

Fall Out Boys have always been lauded for their sentimental lyrics in their accomplished music career. Although they went through several adjustments to their music style, their lyrics have always been a selling point for them.

“Irresistible” is another magnificent tune that the band belted out. The shark mentioned in “Irresistible” is a perfect illustration of a Fall Out Boy analogy that can be applied in several real-life circumstances that one faces.

It is one of the many memorable one-liners from the band and another example of Pete Wentz’s lyrical genius.

“Rocking The Boat” – Ice Nine Kills

“Rocking The Boat” has a theatrical and deep theme in its rhythm, with a big influence from Ice Nine Kills’ horror flick-inspired album The Silver Scream. The song has a creepy mood, just like what the film does to its audience.

Spencer Charnas makes it evident from the start that they’re referring to the legendary horror film Jaws, yelling “shark” at the peak of his voice. The song also features Jeremy Schwartz.

“Jaws Theme” – John Williams

This tune is one of the best shark-themed songs out there. John delivers a classic song filled with suspense with what can simply be described as two notes.


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