Singer Cassie Marin Contemplates Digital Life with “Busy Body”

Music careers aren’t what they used to be. Few artists get signed after a live performance – instead, you need to be doing the legwork, on your own initially, to get seen and grow your fanbase before anyone notices.

Whether a performer is more pop or dance or somewhere within that spectrum, the digital realm is where an artist’s career ignites and thrives. Singer Cassie Marin explores the juxtaposition of living one’s life digitally on her latest track “Busy Body,” which dropped on August 27.

Cassie Marin

Now based in Los Angeles, California Marin grew up in Miami, where she trained as a gymnast and one day hoped to make it to the Olympics. A serious injury at the age of 13 derailed those aspirations, yet Marin turned her passion to another interest – her love of music.

The same discipline that helped her in gymnastics fueled her self-guided endeavor through production and songwriting and has since emerged as a delicately feminine, synth-based electronica sound.

“Busy Body,” a follow-up to “Everything You Could Want,” explores society’s obsession with technology – and the relationships it creates. Specifically, Marin’s lyrics highlight how we’re all individuals watching others – and being watched ourselves – and have created divisions through beliefs and shallow interests. 

As Marin’s career takes off, we discuss “Busy Body,” her approach, and inspirations. 

How did you get started with singing and songwriting?

I was always singing as a child. I started playing piano at the age of 3 and then composing when I was 7. I didn’t start fully songwriting, though, until I was 11, and I had started playing guitar. 

What influenced you to write “Busy Body”?

“Busy Body” happened shortly after I revisited one of my favorite movies Cable Guy—I was inspired by our digital era, and how much of ourselves exist on the internet, as well as the human need for friendship.

What was your process for recording this track?

“Busy Body” was originally a freestyle I did while jamming with my bud Devon [Corey]. Within 30 minutes, we had rearranged the sections to make it what it is now.

This track follows up “Everything You Could Want”: How does one track progress to the other?

“Everything You Could Want” is definitely more of a deep dive for me personally than “Busy Body,” which I would consider more of an easy listen, but ultimately they do share the recurring theme of human desire for connection and understanding.

You describe yourself as somewhat secretive: How does this fit into your songs’ themes? 

The truth is, sometimes the meaning of my songs don’t reveal themselves to me until long after it’s written, sometimes even after it’s released—I’d consider them secretive because they’re all very personal pieces of myself, as I’ve been learning how to create myself.

As an artist, how do you define or describe your sound?

It’s never an effortless answer, I’ll tell you that—my sound is very much alive, indie pop and R&B driven juice.

Who or what influences you?

Everything and everyone. 

You also pair visuals with your music: What’s your process for doing this as you write a song?

I will typically have a visual growing from the beginning stages of songwriting, but there are some moments where the vision directs the song from the start—it all depends on the project.

Do you have any plans to tour or perform live later this year or into next year? 

Yes and yes!

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