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Phyrexia All Will Be One Commander Spoiler

Title: Phyrexia, All Will Be One: Unveiling the Commander Spoiler for 2024


As the year 2024 unfolds, Magic: The Gathering players eagerly anticipate the release of the latest Commander set, Phyrexia, All Will Be One. This highly anticipated set takes players deep into the lore of Phyrexia, a plane dominated by the sinister Phyrexian horrors. With new cards, mechanics, and exciting gameplay, Phyrexia, All Will Be One promises to immerse players in a thrilling battle for dominance. In this article, we will delve into seven interesting facts about the Phyrexia, All Will Be One Commander Spoiler, followed by a comprehensive Q&A section to address the most common questions.

7 Interesting Facts about Phyrexia, All Will Be One Commander Spoiler:

1. A Phyrexian Invasion: The set revolves around the theme of a full-scale Phyrexian invasion, marking a significant shift in the Magic: The Gathering storyline. Players will witness the Phyrexians’ relentless pursuit to assimilate all planes into their twisted vision.

2. New Legendary Creatures: Phyrexia, All Will Be One introduces a host of powerful legendary creatures, each representing a different faction within Phyrexia. These creatures possess unique abilities and synergies, offering players diverse strategies to explore.

3. Faction-Based Mechanics: To capture the essence of Phyrexia’s factions, the set introduces faction-based mechanics. Each faction will have its own unique mechanic, encouraging players to build decks that align with their preferred faction.

4. Assimilation Cards: A new card type, Assimilation cards, will be introduced in this set. These cards allow players to temporarily convert their opponents’ creatures to Phyrexian creatures, increasing their power while weakening the opposition.

5. Phyrexian Artifacts: Phyrexia, All Will Be One showcases an array of powerful Phyrexian artifacts that players can include in their decks. These artifacts offer game-changing effects, further emphasizing the plane’s oppressive nature.

6. New Planeswalker: The set introduces a new Phyrexian planeswalker, Xalaxis, the Corrosive. Xalaxis possesses a unique set of abilities, reflecting the Phyrexian agenda and offering players a fresh planeswalker to build their decks around.

7. Legendary Enchantments: The set unveils a collection of legendary enchantments, each representing a significant Phyrexian landmark or stronghold. These enchantments provide players with potent effects and further enhance the thematic elements of the Phyrexian invasion.

Common Questions and Answers:

1. When will Phyrexia, All Will Be One be released?

Phyrexia, All Will Be One is set to release in the fall of 2024, following the usual Commander set release schedule.

2. Will there be new factions introduced in this set?

Yes, Phyrexia, All Will Be One introduces several new factions within Phyrexia, each with its own mechanics and playstyle.

3. Can existing Commander decks be modified with the new Phyrexia cards?

Absolutely! The Phyrexia, All Will Be One set is designed to complement existing Commander decks, allowing players to enhance their strategies with the new cards.

4. How will the Assimilation cards work?

Assimilation cards will possess abilities that temporarily transform opponents’ creatures into Phyrexian creatures under your control, reshaping the battlefield to your advantage.

5. Can legendary enchantments be used as commanders?

While most legendary enchantments can’t be used as commanders, there may be exceptions within the Phyrexia, All Will Be One set. Keep an eye out for specific card rulings.

6. Will there be legendary creatures representing each Phyrexian faction?

Yes, Phyrexia, All Will Be One introduces legendary creatures representing various factions within Phyrexia, providing players with exciting new deck-building options.

7. Will the storyline of Phyrexia, All Will Be One tie into future sets?

Yes, the events and storyline introduced in Phyrexia, All Will Be One will have significant implications for the Magic: The Gathering lore and may continue to unfold in future sets.

8. Will there be any reprints of older Phyrexian-themed cards?

While specific card reprints have not been confirmed, it is likely that the Phyrexia, All Will Be One set will include nods to iconic Phyrexian-themed cards from the past.

9. Can the new Phyrexian planeswalker be included in any deck?

Yes, Xalaxis, the Corrosive, the new Phyrexian planeswalker, can be included in any deck that supports planeswalkers.

10. How will faction-based mechanics work?

Each faction will have its own unique mechanic, providing players with exciting synergies and deck-building opportunities centered around the chosen faction.

11. Will there be any crossover cards from other planes in the set?

While the primary focus of Phyrexia, All Will Be One is Phyrexia itself, there may be a few crossover cards that connect to other planes or storylines within the Magic: The Gathering universe.

12. Can the new Phyrexian artifacts be used in any deck?

Yes, the new Phyrexian artifacts can be included in any deck that supports artifacts, offering players powerful tools to bolster their strategies.

13. How will the Phyrexian invasion theme affect gameplay?

The Phyrexian invasion theme will introduce new gameplay elements, such as increased interactivity between factions, temporary creature conversion, and enhanced synergy with Phyrexian cards.

14. Will there be any new formats or events centered around Phyrexia, All Will Be One?

While official announcements have not been made, it is likely that local game stores and Magic: The Gathering communities will organize events and tournaments specifically focused on Phyrexia, All Will Be One.


Phyrexia, All Will Be One is set to captivate Magic: The Gathering players in 2024, immersing them in a world dominated by the Phyrexian horrors. With new mechanics, legendary creatures, and powerful artifacts, this Commander set promises an unforgettable experience. Prepare for the Phyrexian invasion as all planes become one, and witness the unfolding of a new chapter in Magic: The Gathering lore.