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Phil Collins I Want To Know

Phil Collins is a legendary musician who has had a successful career spanning over five decades. One of his most iconic songs is “I Want to Know” from his 1985 album “No Jacket Required.” In this article, we will delve into the history of the song, as well as some interesting facts about Phil Collins and his music.

1. Inspiration for the Song:

“I Want to Know” is a heartfelt ballad that showcases Phil Collins’ emotional and powerful vocals. The song was inspired by Collins’ personal experiences with love and relationships. He has stated in interviews that the lyrics reflect his desire to understand the complexities of love and the longing to know where he stands with his partner.

2. Chart Success:

“I Want to Know” was a commercial success, reaching the top 10 on the Billboard Hot 100 chart in the United States. The song also performed well in other countries, solidifying Phil Collins’ status as a global superstar. Its popularity continues to endure, with the song being a favorite among fans of Collins’ music.

3. Grammy Award Winning Album:

“No Jacket Required,” the album that features “I Want to Know,” was a critical and commercial success for Phil Collins. The album won the Grammy Award for Album of the Year in 1986, solidifying Collins’ reputation as a powerhouse in the music industry. The success of the album helped propel Collins to even greater heights in his career.

4. Evolution of Phil Collins’ Sound:

“I Want to Know” showcases Phil Collins’ ability to blend pop, rock, and soul influences into a cohesive and memorable sound. Throughout his career, Collins has experimented with different musical styles and genres, always staying true to his unique voice and vision. His versatility as a musician has endeared him to fans around the world.

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5. Phil Collins’ Impact on Music:

Phil Collins is not only a successful solo artist but also a respected drummer and songwriter. He first gained fame as the drummer and lead vocalist for the rock band Genesis before launching his solo career. His contributions to music have been recognized with multiple awards and accolades, cementing his legacy as a true music icon.

6. Phil Collins’ Philanthropic Work:

In addition to his musical accomplishments, Phil Collins is also known for his philanthropic efforts. He has been involved in numerous charitable causes, including supporting children’s charities and environmental initiatives. Collins’ generosity and commitment to making a positive impact on the world have endeared him to fans and admirers alike.

7. Phil Collins’ Personal Struggles:

Despite his success, Phil Collins has faced personal struggles throughout his life. He has been open about his battles with addiction and health issues, including hearing loss and back problems. Through it all, Collins has remained resilient and determined to continue making music and connecting with his audience.

8. Legacy of “I Want to Know”:

“I Want to Know” has stood the test of time as a classic ballad that continues to resonate with listeners. The song’s heartfelt lyrics and Collins’ soulful vocals have made it a favorite among fans of his music. Its enduring popularity is a testament to Collins’ talent as a songwriter and performer.

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In conclusion, Phil Collins’ “I Want to Know” is a timeless song that showcases his musical prowess and emotional depth. Through his music, Collins has touched the hearts of millions of fans around the world and left a lasting legacy in the music industry. His powerful vocals and honest lyrics continue to inspire and uplift listeners, making him a true legend in the world of music.

Common Questions about Phil Collins:

1. What is Phil Collins’ full name?

Answer: Philip David Charles Collins

2. How many Grammy Awards has Phil Collins won?

Answer: Phil Collins has won eight Grammy Awards throughout his career.

3. What instrument does Phil Collins play?

Answer: Phil Collins is a talented drummer, as well as a singer and songwriter.

4. What was Phil Collins’ first band?

Answer: Phil Collins first gained fame as the drummer and lead vocalist for the rock band Genesis.

5. How many solo albums has Phil Collins released?

Answer: Phil Collins has released eight solo albums, including the critically acclaimed “No Jacket Required.”

6. What is Phil Collins’ most famous song?

Answer: Phil Collins’ most famous song is arguably “In the Air Tonight,” known for its iconic drum solo.

7. Has Phil Collins ever acted in movies?

Answer: Yes, Phil Collins has appeared in several movies, including “Hook” and “Buster.”

8. What inspired Phil Collins to become a musician?

Answer: Phil Collins was inspired to become a musician after seeing the Beatles perform on television.

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9. What is Phil Collins’ net worth?

Answer: Phil Collins’ net worth is estimated to be around $300 million.

10. Has Phil Collins ever written a book?

Answer: Yes, Phil Collins has written an autobiography titled “Not Dead Yet,” which was published in 2016.

11. How many children does Phil Collins have?

Answer: Phil Collins has five children, including actress Lily Collins.

12. What is Phil Collins’ favorite song to perform live?

Answer: Phil Collins has stated that “In the Air Tonight” is his favorite song to perform live.

13. Has Phil Collins ever reunited with Genesis for a tour?

Answer: Yes, Phil Collins reunited with Genesis for a successful tour in 2007.

14. What is Phil Collins’ favorite musical genre?

Answer: Phil Collins has a diverse musical taste but is particularly fond of soul and R&B music.

15. What is Phil Collins’ favorite album that he has released?

Answer: Phil Collins has cited “Face Value” as his favorite album that he has released.

Final Thoughts:

Phil Collins is a musical legend whose impact on the music industry is undeniable. His heartfelt lyrics, soulful vocals, and powerful performances have endeared him to fans around the world. Through his music, Collins has touched the hearts of millions and left a lasting legacy that will continue to inspire and uplift listeners for generations to come. His iconic song “I Want to Know” is just one example of the timeless music that has solidified his reputation as a true music icon.