Stay Fresh: Music Festival Grooming Packing List

Music festivals are great to let loose, enjoy some music and summertime fun. However they’re also several days of less than optimal sleep and personal hygiene, all while trying to look your best, or at least somewhat presentable. It’s a struggle. 

Men’s Music Festival Grooming

I decided to ask music festival insiders for their festival grooming packing lists and tips. The amazing team at KAABOO Del Mar was kind enough to help me out.  First a caveat, KAABOO is not your typical music festival.  If you’re hitting middle-age (like me) and yearn for a little more comfort, cleanliness and good food, this is for you. 

Men’s Music Festival Grooming

It’s a curated mix of music, art, comedy and cuisine that runs September 14-16 on the beautiful beach of Del Mar, California. Plus the music is top-notch — headliners for 2018 include Halsey, Imagine Dragons, N.E.R.D., Katy Perry and Wiz Khalifa.

That said, despite all the emphasis comfort and cleanliness, it’s still 3 days in the sun with lots of partying, not so much sleep so I asked their team how they cope.

Men’s Music Festival Grooming

Chris Racan

VP Business Development

Festival Packing List: 

Sun Bum: the only sun care and hair care product anyone should ever use! Their Leave in Conditioner is unreal and everything is vegan!


Arm and Hammer toothpaste

Floss Sticks

Floss sticks

best festival grooming cooling after shave

Cool Fix after shave

Men's Hair Pomade by American Crew

Crew Matte Pomade

Kiehls Midnight Recovery

Lastly, can’t leave home without the Kiehl’s morning after eye cream, for when you want your eyes to not look you been raging for a few days on end. 

Pro-Tips: Additional Items

Sticky Bumps Surf Wax BASE - 3 Pack

Always pack surf wax just in case there is a wave nearby.

Sun Company Altimeter and Barometer

Throw in my alitmeter as well, never know when a drop zone is close enough for some skydiving.

Men’s Music Festival Grooming

Rolando Kahn

Marketing Coordinator

2 Key Grooming Items for Music Festivals:

Dove Men+Care Antiperspirant Deodorant

I think one of the most important things one can have on-hand is deodorant and/or some sort of scent spray. We’ve all experienced that insecure feeling when you are a little too aware of your own body odor after a night (or day) of partying, and it can be so easily remedied if you are prepared with something to combat a potentially embarrassing smell! If it comes down to an internal game of “would you rather”, I’d rather have a strong spray scent than a strong BO scent.

R+Co Dart Pomade

Pomade is important for maintaining your hair, even after bouncing and spinning for hours on end at a festival. If you are feeling a little “messy” on the inside, you can still keep it classy on the outside.

Men’s Music Festival Grooming


Social Media Strategist

Festival Grooming Packing List: 

Banana Boat Sport Ultra Sunscreen Lotion

Mini Sunscreen! (any brand, small, high SPF for fewer applications)

American Crew Fiber

For hair product I prefer American Crew Fiber

Pro Tip: Snag an old makeup or under-eye cream screwtop container from someone. Washed out, it will hold just enough hair paste/pomade for several days.

Travel-sized body spray/antiperspirant (mini) Axe makes great, tiny containers. 

Pro Tip: This depends on the person, but use a good antiperspirant deodorant ahead of time, this will do for a refresh. For an overnight/camp festival, definitely bring a travel sized stick of antiperspirant.

Gillette Sensor3 Comfort Disposable Razor

For an overnight festival, I’d bring a small disposable razor to line up any stubble.

SmartMouth Original

mini mouthwash fits in the pocket too, and can be thrown away after you hit the roasted garlic stand!

Men’s Music Festival Grooming

Garrett Stollar

Social Media Intern

Festival Grooming Favorite: 

American Crew Fiber

It has solid hold with natural look and feel. It makes my hair hold well but not to the point of making my hair feel crusty. It’s a very natural feeling.

Learn more about upcoming KAABOO events and book your tickets here. Or read about what clothing to pack for the festival here.


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