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Movies Related To Mortal Instruments

Movies Related To Mortal Instruments: Exploring the World of Shadowhunters

The Mortal Instruments is a popular young adult fantasy series written by Cassandra Clare. The series follows the story of Clary Fray, a young girl who discovers she is a Shadowhunter – a half-angel, half-human warrior tasked with protecting the world from demons. The series has been adapted into a movie and a TV show, both of which have garnered a dedicated fan base.

The Mortal Instruments: City of Bones was released in 2013, directed by Harald Zwart and starring Lily Collins as Clary Fray. The movie follows Clary as she discovers her true identity and joins forces with a group of Shadowhunters to save her mother from the villainous Valentine Morgenstern. While the movie received mixed reviews from critics, it gained a strong following among fans of the books.

The movie features a number of exciting and emotional moments, accompanied by a powerful soundtrack. Here are 13 songs from the movie that capture the essence of The Mortal Instruments:

1. “Into the Night” by Santana feat. Chad Kroeger

This song plays during a pivotal scene in the movie where Clary and Jace battle demons in a nightclub. The haunting vocals and driving beat add to the intensity of the scene.

2. “Demons” by Imagine Dragons

Imagine Dragons’ hit song perfectly captures the inner struggles faced by the characters in The Mortal Instruments. The haunting lyrics and powerful melody make it a fitting choice for the movie.

3. “Bones” by Ms Mr

This eerie and atmospheric song plays during a scene where Clary explores the Shadowhunters’ headquarters, the Institute. The haunting vocals and dark lyrics set the tone for the mysterious world of the Shadowhunters.

4. “Closer” by Tegan and Sara

This catchy and upbeat song plays during a lighter moment in the movie, when Clary and Jace share a dance at a club. The infectious melody and playful lyrics add a touch of romance to the film.

5. “Control” by Halsey

Halsey’s haunting vocals and dark lyrics perfectly capture the inner turmoil of the characters in The Mortal Instruments. This song plays during a scene where Clary struggles to control her newfound powers.

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6. “Ready Aim Fire” by Imagine Dragons

This powerful and energetic song plays during a thrilling action scene in the movie. The driving beat and intense vocals add to the excitement of the battle between the Shadowhunters and demons.

7. “Stay High” by Tove Lo feat. Hippie Sabotage

This moody and atmospheric song plays during a scene where Clary grapples with her emotions after a shocking revelation. The haunting vocals and emotional lyrics add depth to the character’s struggles.

8. “Angel With a Shotgun” by The Cab

This intense and emotional song plays during a climactic battle in the movie. The powerful vocals and haunting lyrics add to the drama of the scene as Clary faces off against the villainous Valentine.

9. “Warriors” by Imagine Dragons

Imagine Dragons’ anthemic song plays during a triumphant moment in the movie, as the Shadowhunters band together to defeat their enemies. The empowering lyrics and driving beat add to the sense of victory.

10. “I Know You Care” by Ellie Goulding

This emotional and heartfelt song plays during a tender moment between Clary and her best friend Simon. The haunting vocals and poignant lyrics capture the depth of their friendship.

11. “When the Darkness Comes” by Colbie Caillat

This haunting and atmospheric song plays during a scene where Clary confronts her fears and embraces her destiny as a Shadowhunter. The emotional vocals and introspective lyrics add depth to the character’s journey.

12. “Human” by Christina Perri

Christina Perri’s emotional ballad plays during a heartbreaking moment in the movie, as Clary faces a devastating loss. The poignant lyrics and soulful vocals capture the character’s grief and resilience.

13. “Silent” by Tori Kelly

This haunting and ethereal song plays during the end credits of the movie, leaving viewers with a sense of mystery and intrigue. The haunting vocals and atmospheric melody set the stage for the next chapter in Clary’s journey.

The Mortal Instruments: City of Bones may have divided critics, but its powerful soundtrack and emotional performances resonated with fans of the books. The movie captures the thrilling and magical world of the Shadowhunters, with a mix of action, romance, and suspense. While the movie may not have been a box office hit, it has found a lasting place in the hearts of fans who continue to celebrate its themes of love, loyalty, and courage.

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Common Questions About The Mortal Instruments:

1. What are the Mortal Instruments?

The Mortal Instruments are a series of magical objects that grant their wielders the power to see and fight demons. They play a key role in the world of the Shadowhunters.

2. Who is Clary Fray?

Clary Fray is the main protagonist of The Mortal Instruments series. She is a young girl who discovers she is a Shadowhunter and must navigate a world of magic, monsters, and danger.

3. Who is Jace Wayland?

Jace Wayland is a skilled Shadowhunter and love interest of Clary Fray. He is known for his cocky attitude, fighting skills, and tragic past.

4. Who is Valentine Morgenstern?

Valentine Morgenstern is the main antagonist of The Mortal Instruments series. He is a powerful and manipulative Shadowhunter with a dark agenda.

5. What is the Shadow World?

The Shadow World is the realm inhabited by Shadowhunters, Downworlders (supernatural beings like vampires and werewolves), and demons. It exists alongside the mundane world but is hidden from most humans.

6. What are Runes?

Runes are magical symbols that Shadowhunters use to enhance their abilities, protect themselves, and communicate. Each Rune has a specific meaning and power.

7. What is the Mortal Cup?

The Mortal Cup is one of the Mortal Instruments, a magical object that can create new Shadowhunters. It is a key plot point in The Mortal Instruments series.

8. What is the Institute?

The Institute is the headquarters of the Shadowhunters, where they train, research, and plan their missions. It is a fortress-like building filled with weapons, technology, and ancient artifacts.

9. What are Downworlders?

Downworlders are supernatural beings like vampires, werewolves, faeries, and warlocks. They exist alongside humans in the Shadow World and have their own cultures and conflicts.

10. What is the Clave?

The Clave is the governing body of the Shadowhunters, made up of the Conclave (the leaders) and the Inquisitor (the enforcer). They set laws, make decisions, and enforce order in the Shadow World.

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11. What is the Mortal Sword?

The Mortal Sword is one of the Mortal Instruments, a magical sword that can compel truth from anyone who holds it. It is used in trials and interrogations by the Clave.

12. What is the Mortal Mirror?

The Mortal Mirror is one of the Mortal Instruments, a magical mirror that can reveal the truth about a person’s soul. It is a powerful and dangerous object.

13. What is the Mortal Instruments movie about?

The Mortal Instruments: City of Bones follows Clary Fray as she discovers her true identity as a Shadowhunter and battles demons alongside a group of allies. The movie is based on the first book in the series by Cassandra Clare.

Final Thoughts:

The Mortal Instruments series has captured the hearts of readers and viewers with its magical world, complex characters, and thrilling adventures. The movie adaptation may have had its flaws, but it succeeded in bringing the beloved characters and settings to life on the big screen. The soundtrack added an extra layer of emotion and intensity to the story, with songs that captured the spirit of the Shadowhunters’ world.

As fans eagerly await news of a possible sequel or reboot, they can continue to immerse themselves in the world of The Mortal Instruments through the books, TV show, and fan communities. The series has inspired countless fan works, fan fiction, and fan art, keeping the magic alive for years to come.

In the world of fantasy and young adult fiction, The Mortal Instruments stands out as a shining example of creativity, imagination, and heart. It reminds us of the power of friendship, love, and courage in the face of darkness. And it invites us to explore new worlds, confront our fears, and embrace our destinies. So whether you’re a die-hard fan or a curious newcomer, dive into the world of The Mortal Instruments and prepare to be enchanted.