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Interesting Duo Mojave Grey Fuse Dance and Electronica With Rock and Western

Mojave Grey strive for a bit of everything – catchy dance-pop mixed with guitar playing and subtle Americana hints. Latest track “House of the Sun” brings it all together while showcasing both the skills of vocalist Zander Bleck and guitarist Michael Pozzi. 

Conceived in Joshua Tree, California, from a foundation of electronica, Mojave Grey attempt to create a new subgenre. “Desert dance music,” as they call it, alludes to Western and rock roots while fusing these elements with dance beats pulling from Bleck’s previous collaborations with Avicii and Swedish House Mafia. Pozzi, meanwhile, comes from a background blending rock, pop, and electronica for HBO.

“House of the Sun” further continues the tone poem introduced by “Origins,” itself a four-part cinematic series designed to immerse fans in Mojave Grey’s universe. In support, the duo plan to perform alongside Bob Moses, Orville Peck, and SOFI TUKKER for a series of shows through the end of the year and have an Aspen Residency scheduled for the winter season.

How did Mojave Grey start working together? 

We met officially on a long-haul international flight on way to perform a few gigs. We hit it off almost instantly and much creativity and adventure ensued 

What’s your approach for performing electronic music live?

We both come from years of playing more rock and roll and pop. We like bringing some of our favorite elements from that period into our electric set. We’re really loving the mashup of genres.

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You describe your sound as “desert dance music”: What does this mean?

We are based in the Joshua Tree high desert. The desert has been our foundation musically and spiritually since we started Mojave Grey 

How did your recent track “House of the Sun” take shape? What was your process for blending instruments with production?

“House of the Sun” almost wrote itself on a cold winter morning in a haunted hotel in Aspen, CO. We had the chord structure, and everything just fell into place quickly. That song has always had some magic in it. 

Tell us about your cinematic series “Origins”: How did you come up with the musical and visual concept?

Instead of traditional music videos, we always liked the idea of creating a big story. We used different sides of our personalities to personify and metaphorically capture the wild journey of what it’s like being an artist. We also wanted to show the desert, as well as Los Angeles, side by side. 

Does “House of the Sun” relate to the “Origins” series in any way? If so, how?

We’re gonna have to wait and see. The music video coming on September 15th will tease back into our story

For the rest of 2023, you’re preparing for a series of performances and your Aspen Residency. What should audiences expect during your performances?

Our show is ever evolving and growing. We want to become one of the most exciting and immersive experiences you can have in a live show. Much to come!


Ivan Yaskey is a Philly-born EDM and synthpop enthusiast and interviewer who recently relocated to beautiful Boston, MA.