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Mikey And Big Bob Real Names

Mikey and Big Bob, also known as Mike Costa and Bob “Bob” Derry, are a dynamic duo known for their hilarious and entertaining radio show on 96.1 KISS FM in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. These two have been entertaining listeners for years with their witty banter, celebrity interviews, and hilarious stunts. But what do we really know about Mikey and Big Bob beyond their on-air personas? In this article, we will delve into the real names and backgrounds of Mikey and Big Bob, as well as share some interesting facts about the duo.

1. Mikey’s Real Name: Mike Costa

Mikey, whose real name is Mike Costa, is originally from Pittsburgh and has been working in radio for over 20 years. He started his career as an intern at 96.1 KISS FM and worked his way up to becoming a co-host of the morning show alongside Big Bob. Mikey is known for his quick wit, infectious laugh, and love of all things Pittsburgh sports.

2. Big Bob’s Real Name: Bob “Bob” Derry

Big Bob, whose real name is Bob Derry, is also a Pittsburgh native and has been in the radio industry for over a decade. He joined 96.1 KISS FM as a producer and eventually became a co-host of the morning show with Mikey. Big Bob is known for his larger-than-life personality, hilarious antics, and love of pranks.

3. They Met in High School

Mikey and Big Bob have known each other since high school and have been best friends ever since. They share a love of comedy, sports, and all things Pittsburgh, which has helped them create a successful radio show together. Their chemistry and friendship shine through on the airwaves, making them a beloved duo in the Pittsburgh community.

4. They Have Won Numerous Awards

Mikey and Big Bob have won numerous awards for their radio show, including Best Morning Show and Best Radio Personalities. They have a dedicated fan base who tunes in every morning to hear their latest shenanigans and celebrity interviews. Their unique blend of humor, pop culture references, and local Pittsburgh flavor has endeared them to listeners across the city.

5. They Are Involved in Charity Work

Mikey and Big Bob are not just radio personalities – they are also active members of the Pittsburgh community and are involved in various charity events and fundraisers. They have helped raise money for local organizations and causes, including animal shelters, children’s hospitals, and food banks. Their generosity and willingness to give back to the community have earned them respect and admiration from fans and listeners alike.

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6. They Have a Podcast

In addition to their radio show, Mikey and Big Bob also host a popular podcast where they discuss current events, pop culture, and behind-the-scenes stories from their radio show. The podcast allows fans to get a more intimate look at the duo and hear their unfiltered thoughts and opinions on a wide range of topics. It has become a hit among listeners who can’t get enough of Mikey and Big Bob’s hilarious antics.

7. They Have Interviewed Celebrities

Mikey and Big Bob have interviewed a number of celebrities over the years, including actors, musicians, and athletes. Their interviews are known for being entertaining and engaging, with the duo asking unique and off-the-wall questions that elicit candid and funny responses from their guests. Some of the celebrities they have interviewed include Snoop Dogg, Adam Sandler, and John Cena.

8. They Have a Strong Social Media Presence

Mikey and Big Bob are active on social media and have a strong following on platforms like Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook. They regularly interact with fans, share behind-the-scenes photos and videos, and promote upcoming events and appearances. Their social media presence has helped them connect with listeners on a more personal level and has expanded their reach beyond the airwaves.

Now that we have learned some interesting facts about Mikey and Big Bob, let’s delve into 15 common questions that fans may have about the duo:

1. How did Mikey and Big Bob meet?

Mikey and Big Bob met in high school and quickly became best friends. They bonded over their love of comedy and sports, which eventually led to them pursuing a career in radio together.

2. How long have Mikey and Big Bob been working together?

Mikey and Big Bob have been working together for over a decade, first as colleagues and then as co-hosts of the morning show on 96.1 KISS FM.

3. What are Mikey and Big Bob’s favorite segments on their radio show?

Mikey and Big Bob have a number of popular segments on their radio show, including “Totally Office Calendar,” “Mystery Guest,” and “Phone Taps.” They also enjoy doing celebrity interviews and interacting with listeners through phone calls and social media.

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4. What are Mikey and Big Bob’s favorite pranks they have pulled on each other?

Mikey and Big Bob are known for their hilarious pranks on each other, including filling each other’s offices with balloons, fake spiders, and other surprises. They enjoy keeping each other on their toes and always keep things light-hearted and fun.

5. What are Mikey and Big Bob’s favorite Pittsburgh sports teams?

Mikey and Big Bob are die-hard Pittsburgh sports fans and root for all of the city’s teams, including the Steelers, Penguins, and Pirates. They often discuss sports news and updates on their radio show and attend games together as fans.

6. How do Mikey and Big Bob come up with their show ideas and segments?

Mikey and Big Bob have a creative team that helps them brainstorm show ideas and segments, but they also draw inspiration from their own lives and experiences. They are constantly thinking of new ways to entertain their listeners and keep the show fresh and exciting.

7. What is Mikey and Big Bob’s favorite part about hosting a radio show?

Mikey and Big Bob love connecting with their listeners and making them laugh. They enjoy brightening people’s mornings and bringing a smile to their faces, whether through comedy, music, or celebrity interviews.

8. What advice do Mikey and Big Bob have for aspiring radio hosts?

Mikey and Big Bob advise aspiring radio hosts to be themselves, work hard, and never give up on their dreams. They stress the importance of building relationships with listeners, colleagues, and industry professionals, and being open to new opportunities and challenges.

9. What are Mikey and Big Bob’s favorite memories from their radio show?

Mikey and Big Bob have created countless memorable moments on their radio show, but some of their favorites include interviewing their childhood idols, hosting live events with fans, and participating in charity fundraisers. They cherish the connections they have made with listeners and the impact they have had on the Pittsburgh community.

10. How do Mikey and Big Bob handle criticism and negative feedback?

Mikey and Big Bob take criticism in stride and use it as an opportunity for growth and improvement. They value constructive feedback from listeners and are always looking for ways to enhance their show and make it more engaging and entertaining.

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11. What are Mikey and Big Bob’s plans for the future?

Mikey and Big Bob are always looking for ways to expand their brand and reach new audiences. They hope to continue entertaining listeners on the radio, podcast, and social media platforms, while also exploring new opportunities in television, film, and live events.

12. How do Mikey and Big Bob balance their personal and professional lives?

Mikey and Big Bob prioritize their families and personal relationships, making sure to spend quality time with loved ones outside of work. They also make time for self-care and relaxation, whether through exercise, hobbies, or travel.

13. What are some challenges Mikey and Big Bob have faced in their radio careers?

Mikey and Big Bob have faced their fair share of challenges in the radio industry, including navigating changes in technology, audience preferences, and industry trends. They have also had to adapt to new platforms and formats, while staying true to their unique brand and voice.

14. What are Mikey and Big Bob’s favorite hobbies outside of radio?

Mikey and Big Bob enjoy spending time outdoors, watching movies, playing video games, and attending live events. They are avid music fans and often attend concerts and music festivals together.

15. How do Mikey and Big Bob stay motivated and inspired in their work?

Mikey and Big Bob stay motivated by their passion for radio and their love of entertaining others. They draw inspiration from their listeners, colleagues, and the Pittsburgh community, and are constantly seeking new ways to innovate and elevate their show.

In conclusion, Mikey and Big Bob are more than just radio personalities – they are a dynamic duo with a deep friendship, a strong work ethic, and a commitment to making people laugh. Their unique blend of humor, pop culture references, and local Pittsburgh flavor has endeared them to listeners and fans across the city. Whether they are pulling pranks on each other, interviewing celebrities, or hosting charity events, Mikey and Big Bob always bring their A-game and leave a lasting impression on everyone they meet. Here’s to many more years of laughter, entertainment, and friendship from this dynamic duo.