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Singer Lusaint Continues Release of Original Material With “Fool For You”

Listeners first got a glimpse of singer Lusaint through her slowed down, soulful covers of recognizable pop songs – En Vogue’s “More Than Friends,” Chris Isaak’s “Wicked Game,” and Beyonce’s “Crazy in Love,” to name a few.

Her unique spin, however, isn’t just relegated to reworking existing songs. Rather, Lusaint has started making a name for herself with original tracks – including the recently released “Fool For You.” “Fool For You” follows “Dark Horse,” her original debut single that has since received support from BBC Introducing Manchester and Victoria Jane on BBC Radio 1, and will be on her debut EP, titled Self Sabotage, slated for release in October 2023.

With her sound heavily inspired by Motown, jazz, and blues, the Manchester-born singer Lusaint had the most Shazams in one day in the U.K. (45,000) back in 2019 and has since racked up over 20 million global streams.

Tell us about Lusaint musical background: How did you get started with singing?

I started singing around the age of 10/11. Being extremely shy as a young girl, I’m not quite sure what lead me to audition for plays and the school choir, but that was my only comfort zone at the time, to sing! Ever since then, it continued, but only really began as a career around six years ago. The journey has been amazing!

You began singing covers of other artists’ songs. What made you make the switch to original material this year?

I’ve always wanted to create my own music from a young age and had been for a long time. I wanted to test the waters with covers, as I wasn’t quite confident enough to put myself out there as an original artist to begin with. After seeing the growth of the covers, it inspired me to start writing more and more. 

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For your original songs, what’s been your process for selecting songs to sing?

I always record random lyrics or melodies in to my phone and have them saved for when a creative day comes along! I go through them with my producer, and we pick parts from them that work for a track. A lot of the time, we end up using the lyrics I have used, as I find they have more meaning than I originally thought!

What interested you in “Fool for You”?

The song is generally about being in a toxic relationship/environment and finding yourself trapped in this vicious circle. You find yourself going back to something that’s really not good for you. Bad habits die hard. 

How did “Fool for You” come together?

I’d been working on some music that just wasn’t sitting well with me. I was feeling really low, as I couldn’t figure out what it was! I wasn’t at home at the time and went back to my hotel room, and wrote the song in around 30 minutes. I then went home the following day and recorded the track with Bjorn (producer) and had never felt so happy to create something that felt really right!

This track will also be part of your debut EP. What should listeners expect with your first full-length release?

The EP is called Self Sabotage. A lot of the songs hold the same meaning of falling back in to the same problematic situations, but eventually realizing that and pulling yourself away!

How did it feel to earn the most Shazams in one day?

It was a crazy day! I think it was the fifth track I’d released as a cover online and the most unexpected time to have that situation. But, I was so happy and very grateful it led me to so many amazing opportunities. 

With your EP dropping, will you be touring? What should listeners expect during your performances?

There will definitely be a tour in the not-too-distant future! I do have a show on 20th September at Notting Hill Arts Club. The first of many to come! 

What are your short- and long-term goals as an artist?

I think to keep creating as an artist and enjoy being present with that. I’ve always wanted to make music I’m proud of, and to have that out there right now is such an amazing feeling. I feel that long term, too. I can’t wait for the next release – also which is coming very soon!


Ivan Yaskey is a Philly-born EDM and synthpop enthusiast and interviewer who recently relocated to beautiful Boston, MA.