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5 Best In-Wall Speakers For Every Purpose & Budget

In-wall speakers can be a great investment for music lovers and creators. They can create a greater sense of immersion and add depth to a favorite song or movie, all while taking up little to no space in your house.

Micca M-8S
  • Easy to install
  • Excellent quality
  • Versatile
Polk Audio RC85i
  • Durable
  • Easy to paint
  • Exceptional sound-quality
  • Superior sound quality
  • Loud
  • Perfect for large spaces

Our Top Picks

Micca M-8S 8 Inch 2-Way in-Wall Speaker

Best All-Round: Micca M-8S

Best All-Around

Star Rating: 4.5 of 5

The Micca M-8S is an all-around valuable speaker. It is affordable but does not sacrifice any quality. The sound is clear and smooth, and the speaker is versatile enough to be an ideal choice for both movies and music.

It is easy to install and comes in a 6.5-inch version as well – the Micca M-6S. Overall, the Micca M-8S is one of the best in-wall home speakers out there in just about every category, including value, sound quality, and performance.

Pros: Affordable, excellent quality, and versatile – a great all-around speaker.

Cons: It does not come with an amp or wire.

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Polk Audio RC85i 2-way Premium In-Wall 8 Speakers

Best for Outdoor Use: Polk Audio RC85i 

Star Rating: 4.5 of 5

The Polk Audio RC85i is incredibly durable, making it an excellent speaker for outdoor use or to put in a bathroom, as steam and water won’t damage it as easily as it may damage other speakers.

The sound quality is just as exceptional as the Micca M-8S, though the durability does add to the price. This speaker is perfect for an outdoor movie set-up or a party under the stars.

The sound coverage is evenly dispersed, and the depth and detail transports you into whatever media you are consuming with this beautiful speaker.

Pros: Durable, great for outdoors, easy to paint to blend in with the existing wall.

Cons: At only 6.5 inches, it is on the small side. It does not come with an amp.

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Klipsch R-5650-S II In-Wall Speaker

Best for Sound Quality: Klipsch R-5650-S

Star Rating: 4 of 5

The Klipsch R-5650-S delivers sound quality that will send any audiophile racing to the nearest Best Buy for a set of these speakers. Klipsch, the manufacturer, says the horn-loaded tweeters “increase acoustic output while significantly reducing distortion” in its surround sound output. 

In addition, the volume the speaker can reach while maintaining such clear extensive range across midranges, lower ranges, and bass. 

Another durable speaker, it can also be used outside, putting it on the expensive side. However, the endurance and versatility of the Klipsch R-5650-S make it a purchase you won’t be able to regret.

Pros: Superior sound quality, particularly for music, can get quite loud and fill a large space easily.

Cons: On the more expensive side.

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Monoprice 3-Way Fiber In-Wall Speakers

Best for Versatility: Monoprice 3-Way Fiber

Star Rating: 4 of 5

The “3-Way” in the Monoprice 3-Way Fiber speakers means that these speakers can be used left, right, or center. Their adaptability is the highlight of these speakers.

They can fit any position you need and can easily be switched out and moved around, so they are great if you change your set-up often or think you may have to change soon. 

They also blend in seamlessly, like most of the in-wall speakers. Their sound quality is also nothing to scoff at, delivering a clear sound no matter their placement.

Pros: Affordable, versatile, blends in well.

Cons: It can be a little bulky to put into the wall, sold in pairs of two, can be inconvenient for someone wanting an odd number.

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MartinLogan ML65i In-wall speaker

Best for Affordability: MartinLogan ML65i

Star Rating: 3.5 of 5

For a pair of speakers, the MartinLogan ML65is are pretty affordable. These aren’t the most high-end speakers but are still quality speakers for someone trying to outfit a home studio or theater on a budget.

The grille is easily painted to match any wall, and they are best used inside. The sound is clean, deep, and covers midrange well. These are great for front or rear speakers especially.

Pros: Affordable, easy to customize to any aesthetic

Cons: Only sound in pairs, not the most high-end speaker around  

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Purpose of In-Wall Speakers

In-wall speakers provide a more immersive experience, providing high-quality surround sound.

Perfect for a home movie theater or connecting to music – especially for a party or home studio.

In-Wall Speakers vs. Regular Speakers: What’s the Difference?

The immersive quality of in-wall speakers sets it apart from the rest, but plenty of speakers provide surround sound.

In addition, in-wall speakers push the sound through the wall, even further making you feel like you’re in the middle of the movie, music, or whatever sound you are listening to.

home theatre system with in-wall speakers

In-wall speakers are also safe and out of the way. They are less likely to get damaged from day-to-day wear and tear and accidents, and they make cleaning and moving around a room a lot easier.

They also tend to look more pleasant and can be blended in easier, meaning you can still have high-quality sound without sacrificing the aesthetics of your room.

Are In-Wall Speakers More Expensive?

In-wall speakers are not, on average, any more expensive than other speakers. No matter what kind of speaker you are looking for, you will pay more for better quality or to fit specific needs.

Some in-wall speakers can be expensive, but you are paying less for the speaker to go in the wall and more for the sound quality and experience the speakers can provide.

Home Theatre System with In-Wall Speakers

In-wall speakers tend to be at least 6.5 inches, so this cost comparison takes similar-sized speakers into account that sit on the floor or can be mounted elsewhere. Of course, other speakers that are significantly smaller may be cheaper.

Should I Put Insulation Behind In-Wall Speakers?

Putting insulation behind in-wall speakers can help keep the sound in one room and keep the sound from resonating or echoing in the wall.

In addition, insulation will help allow other members of the house to enjoy other forms of media (or maybe just silence) while you are immersed in your surround sound. The insulation also keeps the sound from bouncing around in your wall.

In-wall speakers are best for private houses, not apartment buildings, dorm rooms, or townhouses that share a wall. Of course, mounting the speaker in the wall will get you into trouble in the first place, but close neighbors may complain about being able to hear.

Final Thoughts

Depending on your needs and budget, there is absolutely an in-wall speaker out there that will suit you, and in-wall speakers are better if you are looking for a holistic and immersive experience.


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