How To Spoiler Messages On Discord Mobile

Title: How to Spoiler Messages on Discord Mobile: A Guide for 2024


Discord has become one of the most popular platforms for communication among gamers and communities. With the ability to chat and share content, it’s essential to know how to protect others from spoilers. This article aims to guide you through the process of spoiler messages on Discord Mobile in the year 2024. Additionally, we’ll explore seven interesting facts about Discord and provide answers to 14 common questions related to spoilers on the platform.

How to Spoiler Messages on Discord Mobile:

1. Open Discord and navigate to the channel or direct message where you want to send a spoiler message.

2. Type your message as usual but precede it with two vertical bars followed by a space: || Your Spoiler Message ||

3. Once you send the message, it will appear blurred for other users, allowing them to decide whether or not to unveil the content.

4. To reveal the spoiler message, users can simply tap on it, and the text will become visible.

Seven Interesting Facts about Discord:

1. Discord’s Growth: By the year 2024, Discord has experienced exponential growth, boasting over 500 million registered users worldwide.

2. Enhanced Mobile Experience: Discord has continuously improved its mobile app, ensuring a seamless experience across different devices and operating systems.

3. Collaboration with Game Developers: Discord has formed partnerships with various game developers, enabling unique in-game integrations and features.

4. Streamer-Friendly Features: In 2024, Discord has introduced advanced features catering to streamers, facilitating better interaction with their communities.

5. Enhanced Security Measures: Discord has implemented robust security measures to protect users from cyber threats, ensuring a safe communication environment.

6. Customization Options: The platform offers a wide range of customization options, allowing users to personalize their profiles, servers, and messages.

7. Expanding Accessibility: Discord has made efforts to enhance accessibility for users with disabilities, including features such as screen reader compatibility and colorblind mode.

Common Questions About Spoiler Messages on Discord Mobile:

1. Can I spoiler images on Discord Mobile?

Yes, you can easily spoiler images on Discord Mobile by selecting the spoiler option when uploading them.

2. Can I spoiler multiple lines of text?

Yes, you can spoiler multiple lines of text by surrounding them with double vertical bars: || Spoiler 1 \n Spoiler 2 \n Spoiler 3 ||

3. Can I edit a spoiler message after sending it?

No, once you send a spoiler message, it cannot be edited. Make sure to double-check before sending.

4. Can I delete a spoiler message?

Yes, you can delete a spoiler message like any other message on Discord Mobile. Tap and hold the message, then select the delete option.

5. How do I know if a message is a spoiler on Discord Mobile?

Spoiler messages are automatically blurred, and a “Spoiler” overlay is displayed on top of the message content.

6. Can I spoiler messages in private direct messages?

Yes, you can spoiler messages in private direct messages on Discord Mobile, ensuring you don’t accidentally spoil content for others.

7. Can I react to a spoiler message?

Yes, you can react to a spoiler message like any other message on Discord Mobile. Simply tap and hold the message to bring up the reaction options.

8. Can I receive notifications for spoiler messages?

Yes, you will receive notifications for spoiler messages on Discord Mobile unless you have specifically disabled them in your settings.

9. Can I use spoilers on voice channels?

Spoilers are primarily used for text-based channels, so they do not apply to voice channels on Discord.

10. Can I search for spoiler messages in Discord Mobile?

Yes, you can search for specific spoiler messages using Discord’s search functionality. However, the content will remain blurred until you tap to view it.

11. Can I spoiler messages in group chats?

Yes, you can spoiler messages in group chats on Discord Mobile, ensuring that multiple users can enjoy the content at their own discretion.

12. Can I view a spoiler message again after tapping on it?

Once you’ve tapped on a spoiler message, it will remain visible. You can’t re-blur it or restore the spoiler overlay.

13. Can I report a spoiler message?

If you believe a spoiler message violates Discord’s terms of service or community guidelines, you can report it using the built-in reporting system.

14. Can I turn off spoiler messages on Discord Mobile?

As a user, you cannot disable spoiler messages altogether. However, you have the option to choose whether or not to tap on and unveil the content.


In the year 2024, Discord continues to evolve and enhance its features to provide an immersive and secure communication experience. Spoiler messages on Discord Mobile enable users to share content without spoiling it for others. By following the simple steps outlined above, you can ensure that everyone has the choice to view content at their own discretion. Happy chatting and keep the spoilers under wraps!

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