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How To Put A Spoiler On Discord Mobile

Title: How to Put a Spoiler on Discord Mobile: A Comprehensive Guide (2024)


Discord is a popular communication platform that allows users to connect with friends and communities through voice, video, and text chat. One of its unique features is the ability to use spoilers, which allows you to hide text or images until the recipient chooses to reveal them. In this article, we will guide you through the process of putting a spoiler on Discord Mobile, along with interesting facts about spoilers in general.

Interesting Facts about Spoilers:

1. Origin of the Term “Spoiler”:

The term “spoiler” originated in the 1920s in the context of theater. It referred to someone who revealed crucial plot points or surprises to others, essentially “spoiling” their experience.

2. Internet Spoiler Culture:

With the rise of the internet, spoilers have become a significant concern among enthusiasts of movies, TV shows, and books. People often use text or image spoilers to protect others from accidental revelations.

3. The Rise of Spoiler Tags:

Spoiler tags were initially popularized in online forums to warn users about upcoming spoilers. Now, Discord has implemented spoiler tags to allow users to hide sensitive content until it is explicitly revealed.

4. Spoilers in Gaming:

Spoilers have become a crucial aspect of the gaming community, where players often share experiences, strategies, and tips. The ability to use spoiler tags on Discord Mobile ensures that players can discuss sensitive game elements without ruining the experience for others.

5. Spoilers and Fan Theories:

Spoilers often lead to the creation of fan theories, as fans speculate about hidden plot twists and upcoming events. The use of spoilers on Discord Mobile allows fans to engage in these discussions while respecting the preferences of others.

6. Spoilers for Emotional Impact:

In certain cases, spoilers can enhance the emotional impact of a story. Knowing what’s coming can create anticipation and heighten the experience for some individuals.

7. Spoilers as a Marketing Strategy:

In recent years, some movie studios and TV networks have strategically used spoilers to generate buzz and increase viewership. Controlled spoiler releases can create excitement and generate discussions among fans.

How to Put a Spoiler on Discord Mobile:

Follow these steps to put a spoiler on Discord Mobile:

Step 1: Open Discord Mobile on your device and navigate to the chat or channel where you want to add a spoiler.

Step 2: Type your message or paste the image you want to hide as a spoiler.

Step 3: Add two vertical bars (||) before and after the text or image you want to hide. For example, ||this is a spoiler||.

Step 4: Send the message or image. It will appear grayed out or blurred, indicating that it is a spoiler.

Step 5: Recipients can tap on the spoiler to reveal its content.

Common Questions about Spoilers on Discord Mobile (2024):

Q1: Can I add a spoiler on Discord Desktop?

A1: Yes, the process is similar on Discord Desktop. Simply follow the same steps by enclosing the text or image in || spoiler bars.

Q2: Can I use spoilers in voice chats?

A2: Spoilers are designed for text-based communication and are not applicable to voice chats.

Q3: Can I use spoilers in private messages?

A3: Yes, you can use spoilers in private messages on Discord Mobile as well as on Discord Desktop.

Q4: Is there a limit to the number of spoilers I can use in a single message?

A4: No, you can use multiple spoilers in a single message on Discord Mobile.

Q5: Can I add spoilers to images on Discord Mobile?

A5: Yes, you can use spoiler tags to hide images on Discord Mobile by adding || before and after the image link or upload.

Q6: Can I customize the appearance of spoilers?

A6: No, the appearance of spoilers on Discord Mobile is standardized to ensure consistency.

Q7: Can I remove a spoiler from a message?

A7: No, once a message containing spoilers is sent, they cannot be removed. It is essential to be cautious before sending spoilers.

Q8: Can I search for specific spoilers on Discord Mobile?

A8: Discord Mobile does not offer a built-in search feature for spoilers. However, you can manually scroll through the chat to find them.

Q9: Are spoilers available on Discord’s web version?

A9: Yes, spoiler tags are available on Discord’s web version, allowing users to hide content in a similar manner.

Q10: Can I use spoilers in server announcements?

A10: No, spoiler tags are not supported in server announcements on Discord Mobile.

Q11: Will the recipient be notified of a spoiler in their notifications?

A11: No, spoilers will not be revealed in notifications, ensuring that the surprise is preserved until the recipient opens the chat.

Q12: Can I use spoilers in Discord servers I don’t own?

A12: Yes, spoilers can be used in any Discord server, regardless of ownership.

Q13: Can I use spoilers on Discord Mobile without the latest update?

A13: Spoilers require a compatible version of Discord Mobile. Ensure that you have the latest update installed to access this feature.

Q14: Can spoilers be used in group chats?

A14: Yes, spoilers can be used in group chats on Discord Mobile.


Spoilers on Discord Mobile provide a convenient way to share sensitive content without accidentally revealing it to others. By following the simple steps outlined in this guide, you can easily add spoilers to your messages or images. Remember to use spoilers responsibly to respect the preferences of others and maintain the excitement of surprises in various media forms.