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How Tall Is Sheryl Underwood On The Talk

Title: How Tall Is Sheryl Underwood on The Talk? Exploring the Dynamic Host’s Height and More in 2023


Sheryl Underwood, an acclaimed American comedian, actress, and television host, has been a prominent figure on the popular daytime talk show, The Talk. Known for her quick wit and engaging personality, Underwood has captivated audiences around the world. In this article, we delve into the intriguing topic of how tall Sheryl Underwood is, along with other fascinating facts about her life and career.

1. Sheryl Underwood’s Height:
Sheryl Underwood stands at an impressive height of 5 feet 7 inches (170 cm). Her tall stature adds to her commanding presence and confident demeanor on television.

2. Age and Background:
Born on October 28, 1963, in Little Rock, Arkansas, Sheryl Underwood is currently 59 years old. She grew up in a large family and often draws inspiration from her upbringing in her comedic routines.

3. Impressive Career:
Before joining The Talk in 2011, Underwood had already established herself as a successful comedian. She has performed in various comedy clubs across the United States and was the first female finalist in the Miller Lite Comedy Search.

4. Weight and Fitness:
While specific details about Sheryl Underwood’s weight are not publicly available, she has been an advocate for health and fitness. Over the years, she has openly discussed her journey to a healthier lifestyle, which has inspired many of her fans to prioritize their well-being.

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5. Personal Life and Spouse:
Sheryl Underwood has been happily married to her husband, Michael Gladney, since 2018. The couple tied the knot in a private ceremony surrounded by close friends and family. Their relationship serves as a testament to Underwood’s commitment to love and happiness.

Common Questions about Sheryl Underwood:

Q1: How did Sheryl Underwood first gain prominence?
A1: Underwood first gained prominence through her successful career as a stand-up comedian, captivating audiences with her humor and wit.

Q2: What other television shows has she appeared on?
A2: Apart from her role on The Talk, Underwood has made appearances on popular shows such as The Steve Harvey Show, The Bold and the Beautiful, and Celebrity Family Feud.

Q3: Is Sheryl Underwood involved in any philanthropic activities?
A3: Yes, Underwood is actively involved in philanthropy. She established the Pack Rat Foundation for Education, which provides scholarships to students attending historically black colleges and universities.

Q4: Has Sheryl Underwood won any awards for her work?
A4: Yes, Underwood has received several accolades throughout her career, including the BET Comedy Award for Funniest Female Comedian.

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Q5: How has Sheryl Underwood used her platform to promote important social issues?
A5: Underwood has been an advocate for racial equality, mental health awareness, and women’s empowerment. She actively engages in discussions on The Talk, using her platform to raise awareness and inspire change.

Q6: Is Sheryl Underwood active on social media?
A6: Yes, Sheryl Underwood is active on social media platforms such as Twitter and Instagram, where she shares updates, interacts with fans, and promotes her work.

Q7: What are some of Sheryl Underwood’s notable comedic performances?
A7: Some of her notable comedic performances include her appearances on Def Comedy Jam, BET’s Comic View, and her HBO stand-up special, Sheryl Underwood: Too Much Information.

Q8: Does Sheryl Underwood have any upcoming projects?
A8: While specific details about her future projects may vary, Underwood continues to entertain audiences on The Talk, where she engages in lively discussions with her fellow hosts.

Q9: Has Sheryl Underwood written any books?
A9: Yes, Underwood has authored a book titled “Underneath It All,” which delves into her personal journey and offers insights into her life and career.

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Q10: How does Sheryl Underwood juggle her career and personal life?
A10: Underwood maintains a healthy work-life balance by prioritizing her family and personal well-being while continuing to pursue her passion for entertainment.

Q11: What has been Sheryl Underwood’s impact on daytime television?
A11: Underwood’s presence on The Talk has brought a unique perspective and refreshing humor to daytime television, resonating with viewers worldwide.

Q12: Does Sheryl Underwood have any comedy specials?
A12: Yes, Underwood has released several comedy specials, showcasing her comedic genius and earning her a dedicated fan base.

Q13: What is Sheryl Underwood’s approach to comedy?
A13: Underwood’s comedy often revolves around her experiences as a Black woman, highlighting societal issues with her sharp observations and relatable humor.

Q14: How has Sheryl Underwood evolved throughout her career?
A14: Throughout her career, Underwood has grown as an artist, using her platform to address important social issues while keeping her audience entertained with her signature style.


Sheryl Underwood’s towering presence on The Talk, along with her remarkable comedic talent, has solidified her status as a beloved television personality. With her infectious energy and commitment to making a positive impact, Underwood continues to captivate audiences with her engaging discussions and infectious humor.