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How Old Is Shawn From Street Outlaws

Title: How Old Is Shawn From Street Outlaws: Unveiling the Man Behind the Wheel


Street Outlaws has captured the hearts of automotive enthusiasts worldwide, and one of the show’s most beloved characters is Shawn Ellington, famously known as Shawn from Street Outlaws. Fans have followed his journey on the show, witnessing his remarkable racing skills and the camaraderie within the Oklahoma City street racing community. In this article, we delve into some intriguing facts about Shawn, including his age, height, weight, and personal life. Additionally, we address 14 commonly asked questions about this street racing icon, providing fans with the latest insights as of the year 2023.

5 Interesting Facts About Shawn from Street Outlaws:

1. Age and Birthdate:
Shawn Ellington was born on November 15, 1977, which makes him 45 years old as of the year 2023. Despite his age, Shawn has exhibited exceptional driving skills and a passion for racing that continues to inspire fans of all ages.

2. Racing Alias: Murder Nova
Shawn’s sleek black 1969 Chevrolet Nova, aptly named “Murder Nova,” is an iconic presence on Street Outlaws. The car has undergone numerous modifications over the years, becoming a true beast on the drag strip. With Murder Nova, Shawn has not only gained respect but has also established himself as one of the most successful street racers on the show.

3. Personal Life: A Family Man
Beyond the racing world, Shawn is a devoted family man. He is happily married to Erin Ellington, his long-time partner. Together, they have two children, a son named Aiden and a daughter named Emmy. Despite the dangers of street racing, Shawn has always prioritized the safety and well-being of his family.

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4. Height and Weight:
Standing at a solid 5 feet 10 inches tall and weighing approximately 180 pounds, Shawn possesses a lean and athletic build. His physical stature contributes to his agility on the track, allowing him to maneuver his car with precision and control.

5. Mechanical Wizard:
While Shawn is known for his exceptional driving skills, he is also a mechanical genius. He possesses an in-depth understanding of automotive engineering, allowing him to fine-tune his car to perfection. This combination of driving prowess and mechanical expertise has played a significant role in his success on Street Outlaws.

14 Common Questions About Shawn From Street Outlaws:

1. How did Shawn get into street racing?
Shawn’s passion for street racing began at a young age. Growing up, he was surrounded by the racing culture, and his love for speed led him to become an integral part of the Oklahoma City street racing scene.

2. Is Shawn the fastest racer on Street Outlaws?
Shawn is undoubtedly one of the fastest racers on the show. However, Street Outlaws features an incredibly talented group of individuals, each with their unique set of skills and vehicles.

3. What modifications have been made to Murder Nova over the years?
Murder Nova has undergone several modifications to enhance its performance, including engine upgrades, suspension improvements, and aerodynamic enhancements. These modifications have helped Shawn achieve remarkable speeds on the track.

4. How does Shawn balance his passion for street racing with family life?
Shawn is committed to his family’s well-being and safety. He ensures a healthy balance between his racing career and family life by prioritizing safety measures, open communication, and spending quality time with his loved ones.

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5. Has Shawn ever been involved in any accidents while racing?
Like any street racer, Shawn has encountered his fair share of accidents and close calls. However, he remains dedicated to minimizing risks and improving safety measures within the street racing community.

6. Does Shawn have any other hobbies outside of racing?
Aside from his love for racing, Shawn enjoys exploring new mechanical innovations, spending time with his family, and embracing outdoor activities like fishing and camping.

7. How did Shawn earn his nickname “Murder Nova”?
Shawn’s nickname, “Murder Nova,” stems from the menacing appearance of his black 1969 Chevrolet Nova, combined with his extraordinary racing skills. The nickname has become synonymous with his dominance on the street racing circuit.

8. What are some of Shawn’s most notable victories on Street Outlaws?
Shawn has achieved numerous significant victories on the show, but his most memorable triumphs include defeating Big Chief, Daddy Dave, and others in thrilling head-to-head races.

9. Does Shawn have any plans to retire from racing?
As of 2023, Shawn has not announced any plans for retirement. His love for racing remains strong, and fans can expect to see him continue to push the envelope in the world of street racing.

10. How does Shawn maintain his focus and mental preparation before a race?
Shawn relies on a combination of mental preparation, physical fitness, and a deep understanding of his car’s capabilities to maintain focus before each race. Visualization techniques and a calm demeanor are also crucial elements in his pre-race routine.

11. What sets Shawn apart from other racers on Street Outlaws?
Shawn’s exceptional driving skills, mechanical knowledge, and unwavering determination set him apart from other racers on the show. His ability to adapt to changing conditions and his passion for the sport make him a formidable competitor.

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12. Has Shawn ever competed in official racing events outside of Street Outlaws?
While Shawn primarily focuses on street racing, he has occasionally participated in official racing events. However, his heart and loyalty lie with the Oklahoma City street racing scene.

13. Does Shawn have a favorite racetrack or location?
Shawn has a deep connection to the streets of Oklahoma City, which have become the backdrop for many of his intense races. The familiarity of these streets and the support of the local community add to his love for street racing in his hometown.

14. How does Shawn handle adversity and setbacks in his racing career?
Like any racer, Shawn has faced adversity and setbacks throughout his career. However, he remains resilient, using each setback as an opportunity to learn and improve. His determination and unwavering spirit have helped him overcome challenges and continue to succeed on the track.


Shawn from Street Outlaws has become an indelible figure in the world of street racing, captivating audiences with his fearless driving, mechanical expertise, and dedication to his family. As of 2023, at 45 years old, Shawn continues to push the limits and dominate the drag strip with his iconic Murder Nova. Through his remarkable journey, he has solidified his status as one of the show’s most beloved characters, inspiring fans to chase their dreams and pursue their passions.