Dance Pop Singer Harper Starling Says “No More What If” on Recent Single

On her recent single “No More What If,” Singer Harper Starling doesn’t want you to question or have doubts – she just wants you to feel the uplifting vibe and get out on the dance floor.

A Midwesterner now based in Los Angeles, Starling grew up in Milwaukee. Despite being diagnosed with Tourette’s Syndrome at a young age, she felt destined to perform and found her symptoms disappeared when she set foot on stage.

Her drive and talent led to a Billboard Dance Top 20 hit – “Euphoria,” a collaboration with The Perry Twins. 

harper starling

Out on August 27, “No More What If” sees Starling as a solo performer. Co-written with Cindy Valentine, who’s previously worked with Bebe Rexha and Britney Spears, “No More What If” paints a story of someone wanting recognition for their creativity and seeking to grow as a person.

The theme is autobiographical, to an extent, for Starling, who left her hometown for Los Angeles to pursue her dreams. 

As she progresses along this endeavor, we had a chance to speak with her about her career and her latest song. 

How did you get started with singing and songwriting?

I started my journey singing and songwriting by learning to play ukulele and humming melodies along to it. I then started to develop lyrics, and I created my first “professional” song in 2014. 

How did you find performing helped manage your Tourette’s?

I still don’t fully understand how the tics disappear when I perform, but I think the key is that my mind and energy are focused on something other than me sitting still. The more I performed, the more manageable my tics became.    

Based on the singles you’ve released so far, your sound leans more toward dance-pop. How do you define your sound?

I’ve been blessed to have a #1 song on the Billboard Dance chart, but I would say my sound today has evolved into more of an ‘80s-inspired vibe with infectious beats. 

Tell us about “No More What If”: What is the message or idea behind this song?

“No More What If” is an uplifting, dance-pop track about taking chances and pursuing the impossible dream.

 “No More What If” also has a tropical, uplifting vibe. How did you fit the lyrics in with the instrumentation?

As much as I’d like to take full credit on this song, I have to give the collaborative praise in that department to my co-writers and producers Cindy Valentine and Niko The Kid. They really helped me put the song, lyrics, and instrumentation together.

How did you end up working with The Perry Twins on “Euphoria”?

We were introduced through a mutual acquaintance. I played “Euphoria” for them, they fell in love with it, and we decided to work on the track together! 

How does a collaboration differ from doing your own solo works?

I enjoy the process of collaborations more because working with other writers and composers helps redirect me when I get writer’s block, and it also allows me the freedom to explore my wild side or tame my sometimes over-the-top imagination. I really do learn and grow as an artist every time I collaborate with another musician.

You’re intending to release a full-length debut album next year. What should listeners expect?

The message of empowerment and self-love, wrapped in melodic and hypnotic beats. Also glitter. Lots of glitter! 

How do you plan to lead into your album?

I’m starting with my single (and accompanying music video) “No More What If,” which came out on August 27th. There will be some more singles, and then the album will arrive in Spring 2022! 

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