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Get Ready for Big Trip

If you haven’t heard of Big Trip, you soon will. The New York City-born, now Denver-based rapper has gradually been carving out his own identity after leaving behind a burgeoning baseball career to create music. Already releasing a string of singles and starting up his own label, his debut album Going Postal dropped on July 2nd.

Leading into Going Postal is single “Baseball Money Rich,” perhaps alluding to Big Trip’s own family before he discovered and began to forge his own path. Out on his own imprint Disbrow Park Records, Going Postal attracted a diverse range of collaborations, including Fenix Flexin of Shoreline Mafia and Marc E. Bassy.

Trip’s journey has taken a series of turns – all influential in getting him where he is today. He earned a full baseball scholarship to North Carolina’s Elon University, but a near-fatal accident quickly derailed his plans. 

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Trip made the decision to relocate to Boulder, Colorado, where he formed hip-hop trio Low Hanging Fruit. There, the group gained a strong following, enough to have them open for artists like A Boogie Wit Da Hoodie, Madeintyo, Afroman, and GZA. Yet, Trip eventually envisioned himself going solo. So, into 2020, he acted on that, releasing songs “Pack” and “INTL (Sleep when Your Dead).”

As Big Trip levels up his career, we had a chance to talk to him about his journey thus far – and where he wants to go from here. 

Tell us about “Baseball Money Rich.” What are you trying to express on this track?

Baseball was a huge part of my life growing up. One day, I was playing MLB the Show and thought the music on there wasn’t good enough. With the baseball lingo engrained in me already, it was a simple process to make the song once I heard the beat.

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You have a background in baseball, and even went to college on a baseball scholarship. How did you end up pursuing hip-hop instead of baseball?

Really, the transition was the beginning of me becoming my own man. My entire identity, my family, even my state all knew me as the baseball guy. As I started expanding my mind through books and certain life experiences, I realized I wasn’t playing for myself, but rather the people around me. After some trouble and time in isolation, I found myself out in Colorado doing the thing I love, music.

In Boulder, CO, you formed a group called Low Hanging Fruit. What was your approach to making music as a trio?

LHFMOB was a dynamic trio composed of myself from New York, Soup Dejour from Denver, and our producer Dirty Harry from the Bay Area. We loved the clash of different sounds that came from our upbringings. We all brought our own individual sounds and skills to create a unique sound between the three of us. Our goal is simple: Make great music, influence those around us, and have fun.

What made you decide to go solo?

My ambition to create a solo tape came from a place of challenging myself. My brother Soup is someone who I looked up to as a rapper, and kept me sharp as we both grew our skills. We always had a friendly competition of who had the better verse on a song, but I got to a point where I didn’t want to challenge my brother anymore, but I wanted to challenge myself. I have a concrete vision of what I can accomplish, and at this point, it’s me vs. me.

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How do you think you’ll differentiate yourself as a solo artist?

I know I have an overall package that hip-hop hasn’t seen before. My sound and artistry will always continue to improve, while I take over markets that most wouldn’t dedicate themselves to even enter.

Your debut album Going Postal dropped on July 2nd. What should listeners expect from you?

This project is a collection of various sounds, lyrics, and feelings all created within my home studio. From West Coast bangers with Fenix Flexin of Shoreline Mafia to more soulful tracks featuring Marc E. Bassy, there is something for everyone. Every lyric was written by me, with influence directly from my life experiences, and they’re surrounded by real instrumentation that gives you a strong taste of what we are all about – timeless, cross-generational music.

Going Postal includes a few collaborations, including Marc E. Bassy and Fenix Flexin. Why did you select these collaborations?

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“Run A Lap” with Fenix was a pretty easy decision once I laid down my verse. The hard-hitting beat by Stoney made Fenix come to my mind instantly. “Luxury” with Marc E. Bassy was another simple decision for me. The soulful, sexy song was already an anthem for the ladies, but adding Marc’s verse took it to the next level.

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Since the end of 2020, you’ve dropped a few tracks. What should we expect from you for the rest of 2021?

After Going Postal, I will be very active in the scene. I plan to drop at least one more project, along with some singles, in collaboration with some of my favorite artists. Look out for me on stage as well…EVERYWHERE!

You also have a label, Disbrow Park Records. Why did you decide to start a label, and what are your long-term goals for it?

I believe being independent, and owning your own record label as an artist, is one of the best decisions an artist can make. Not only does it give me a personal platform to grow my brand, but it also creates a label home for other artists who fit the mold – discipline, perseverance, and respect. DPR will be a powerful label in music throughout this decade.


Ivan Yaskey is a Philly-born EDM and synthpop enthusiast and interviewer who recently relocated to beautiful Boston, MA.