German Producer Tim Plvnk Shows He’s “Somebody” to Watch on New Track

Not every artist finds their identity right away, instead trying out a few strategies and sounds first until they find something that fits. 

On his latest track Somebody,” German DJ and producer Tim Plvnk seems to have discovered his groove – a touch uplifting deep house coupled with the energy to become a festival banger. His journey here wasn’t the most straightforward, however.

At the age of 12, he moved from Spain to Germany and took up drumming around this time. While he eventually played in a band, introduction to electronic music shifted his perspective and introduced a new passion – DJing, which then manifested as holding crazy, you-just-have-to-go underground parties.

After experimenting with a few different styles and going solo after his colleague quit, he decided to go by name Tim Plvnk and released his debut single “Echo” in 2019. Its follow-up “I Just Want You” garnered 3 million streams in just a four-month period. By 2020, Universal Music Group signed him. 

Out in 2021, “Somebody” signals the arrival of a clear identity – bouncy and elevating with its catchy handclaps, no matter where you hear it – while Plvnk has opted to use Twitch to showcase his DJing skills. With this career on the rise, we had a chance to discuss his latest release and approach to production.

Your single “Somebody” came out recently. What was your vision for this track?

My team and I tried to present a track which addresses a lot of people and motivates them to dance and sing along. The thrilling vocal was supposed to activate listeners wherever they are, whether during a car ride, at the beach with friends, or by themself at home. I feel like we were able to achieve that goal with my new single “Somebody”. 

Your sound has some deep and progressive house elements. What’s the best way to describe your sound?

We always aim to sound deep/clean with our instrumentals. On top, we put catchy vocals to make it more progressive. I would say our sound is a good mix between radio and festival music. You can dance or just vibe to it. 

drum set

You started drumming earlier in your teens and switched to production. How does your background affect your production style?

Drumming gave me structure. I always like my productions very clean. And, no one is allowed to mess with my drums.

Speaking about your production style, what’s your process for writing and producing a track?

It´s definitely never the same process. But I guess you could say it all starts with the vibe/sound of the track. Besides that, I also listen to a lot of new music. 

Several of your tracks also feature vocalists. When do you know a vocal line works with your music?

We aim to match the vocal sound and feeling to the track. For that, you obviously have to try several vocalists, but it’s always worth it. 

rave producer

Outside of production, you’ve been DJing on Twitch as of recent. What should viewers expect during your sets?

I always do 4-5 hour-sets. Starting deep and chilled for the first 1-2 hours and ending with a future rave. The chat is always on fire, and we are having a good time. 

What’s your approach for putting together a DJ setlist?

Vibe and sound are always the main topic. I want to give my audience a specific sound, so they know they are listening to TIM PLVNK. And, I always have 80% new tracks for each live set. 

Your track “I Just Want You” surpassed over 3 million streams so far. How does that feel for you as an artist?

We actually surpassed 4 million two weeks ago. That’s massive. I never thought that many people would listen to my sound. It’s just impressive. 

You’ve also been signed to UMG. What should we expect from you as a follow-up to “Somebody”?

We are working on new music every day, and a new single might be coming sooner than you think. Visiting my socials is always worth it. That way, you know what TIM PLVNK is up to.


Ivan Yaskey is a Philly-born EDM and synthpop enthusiast and interviewer who recently relocated to beautiful Boston, MA.

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