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Dominic Seagal Movies And Tv Shows

Title: Dominic Seagal: Exploring the Versatile Filmography of a Hollywood Icon


Dominic Seagal, a renowned actor and martial artist, has captivated audiences worldwide with his dynamic performances and intense action sequences. With an illustrious career spanning several decades, Seagal has become a household name in the world of entertainment. Through this article, we delve into his impressive filmography, exploring his most captivating movies and TV shows, along with fascinating facts about his life and career.

Dominic Seagal Movies and TV Shows: A Glimpse into an Iconic Career

1. Hard to Kill (1990): Seagal’s breakout role, playing the character of Mason Storm, a detective who seeks revenge after being left for dead.

2. Under Siege (1992): In this action-packed thriller, Seagal portrays Casey Ryback, a Navy SEAL who must save a battleship from terrorists.

3. Above the Law (1988): Marking Seagal’s debut as a leading man, the film showcases his martial arts skills and introduces the world to his charismatic screen presence.

4. Out for Justice (1991): Seagal delivers a riveting performance as Gino Felino, an NYPD detective on a personal mission to avenge his partner’s murder.

5. Exit Wounds (2001): Seagal plays Orin Boyd, a police detective who uncovers corruption within his department while investigating a drug-trafficking operation.

Interesting Facts about Dominic Seagal:

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1. Martial Arts Mastery: Seagal holds a 7th-degree black belt in Aikido, a Japanese martial art form renowned for its fluid movements and effective self-defense techniques.

2. Eclectic Musical Talents: Besides his acting career, Seagal is also an accomplished musician, proficient in playing the guitar, piano, and blues harmonica.

3. Environmental Activism: Seagal has actively campaigned for environmental causes, particularly marine conservation and animal welfare. He is a reserve deputy sheriff and has participated in numerous law enforcement operations.

4. Multilingual Abilities: Seagal is fluent in multiple languages, including Japanese, Russian, Spanish, and Italian, which has allowed him to connect with diverse audiences worldwide.

5. Directorial Ventures: Seagal has not only showcased his acting abilities but has also directed several movies, including “On Deadly Ground” (1994) and “The Patriot” (1998), displaying his creative vision behind the camera.

Common Questions about Dominic Seagal:

1. What is Dominic Seagal’s age in 2023?
Dominic Seagal will be 71 years old in 2023. (Note: This information is subject to change as per the current year)

2. How tall is Dominic Seagal?
Dominic Seagal stands at an impressive height of 6 feet 4 inches (193 cm).

3. What is Dominic Seagal’s weight?
Dominic Seagal’s weight fluctuates throughout his career, but he maintains a well-built physique weighing around 220 pounds (100 kg).

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4. Is Dominic Seagal married?
As of 2023, Dominic Seagal is happily married to his long-time partner, Jennifer Seagal.

5. What are some of Seagal’s recent projects?
In recent years, Seagal has taken on various film roles, including “The Sniper’s Revenge” (2022) and “Shadow Warrior” (2023).

6. Has Dominic Seagal ever won any awards for his performances?
While Seagal has not received major award recognition, his talent and contribution to the action genre have earned him a dedicated fan base and critical acclaim.

7. How did Seagal get into acting?
Seagal’s martial arts expertise and charismatic presence caught the attention of Hollywood producers, leading him to be cast in his breakthrough role in “Above the Law” (1988).

8. Which martial art does Seagal specialize in?
Dominic Seagal has a black belt in Aikido and has incorporated his martial arts skills into many of his film performances.

9. What is one of Dominic Seagal’s most memorable action sequences?
One of Seagal’s memorable action sequences can be found in “Under Siege” (1992), where he showcases his martial arts prowess while taking on a group of terrorists.

10. Has Dominic Seagal ever collaborated with other famous actors?
Yes, Seagal has worked with notable actors such as Tommy Lee Jones in “Under Siege” (1992) and Steven Dorff in “Shadow Warrior” (2023).

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11. What is Seagal’s approach to acting?
Seagal is known for his intense dedication to his craft, often performing his own stunts and incorporating his martial arts skills into his roles.

12. Does Dominic Seagal have any upcoming projects?
As of 2023, Seagal has several projects in development, including a potential collaboration with acclaimed director Martin Scorsese.

13. Is Dominic Seagal active on social media?
Seagal is not active on social media platforms, preferring to maintain a more private life away from the public eye.

14. What is Dominic Seagal’s legacy in the entertainment industry?
Dominic Seagal’s legacy lies in his ability to seamlessly blend martial arts skills with his acting prowess, creating a unique style that has left a lasting impact on action cinema.


Dominic Seagal’s illustrious career as an actor, martial artist, and musician has solidified his status as a Hollywood icon. From his breakout roles in action-packed films to his commitment to environmental activism, Seagal’s multifaceted talents continue to inspire and entertain audiences worldwide. As we look forward to his future endeavors, Seagal’s contributions to the entertainment industry remain an integral part of his enduring legacy.