DMCA & Content Policy

The content you see on this website comes from many different places:

  • created in-house by the Dapper Confidential team
  • produced by freelancers
  • contributed by brands or enthusiasts

In all cases, we check writing for plagiarism. If you feel your text has been used without permission, please contact us so we can remove it for you.

Images used on this site are typically:

  • made by our in-house team or freelancers
  • creative commons
  • public domain
  • stock photography
  • supplied by our affiliate partners

Where licenses require, we make an effort to use correct attribution.

When images come from other sources, our content producers have confirmed with us that they have written permission to use the image. Where possible, we give credit for these.

As content producers ourselves, we don’t like seeing content copied, let along copied without attribution.

If you think an image has been used on this site without your permission, please contact us. We’re happy to remove it immediately or add correct attribution.

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