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Artist CVBZ Excitedly Talks Making Music, Using Emerging Financing Platform Duetti

With potential monetization opportunities open to tens of thousands of artists in the present, we had a chance to speak with CVBZ about his growing career and using a platform that combines a data-driven price system with ROI-focused marketing.

How up-and-coming artists promote themselves and launch their careers continues to evolve. Over 30 years ago, you did gigs, made demos, and hoped you got a recording contract. Today, social media changes the process, allowing the artist more control.

Yet, the amount of content out there means talented individuals and groups potentially fall into obscurity, or requires an artist to manage aspects a PR and marketing team previously orchestrated.

Duetti attempts to change that, by providing a more supportive amplification platform. Conceived by Lior Tibon, the former COO of TIDAL, and Christopher Nolte, a former Business Development executive at Apple Music, and supported by Viola Ventures, Roc Nation, and other entities, Duetti provides direct cash flow to artists. This format lets them sell individual tracks, parts of songs, or full catalogs. 

While this concept isn’t new, it has only been reserved for top-tier artists. Since its initial launch, Duetti has helped over 60 artists partner on deals for over 100 tracks, up to amounts of $400,000 per deal, and strives to ultimately help new artists get a leg up, support themselves in a challenging, oftentimes brutal industry, and focus more on their creative endeavors.

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Tell us about CVBZ background: How did you get started with producing and making music?

I started doing backpack rap in high school and college. I would play shows here and there in the Portland, Oregon, area while constantly working on improving my skills throughout my early 20s. I was so dedicated to my music that I would even skip final exams just to finish recording a song!

At one point, I sent a song to an LA producer who absolutely loved it. We knew we had a hit on our hands. With the prospect of having the next DJ Snake single, I made the decision to move down to LA and give it everything I had. However, instead of signing with a major label, I decided to release the song independently. To my surprise, it gained incredible traction, amassing millions of streams and receiving editorial support. That’s when CVBZ took off, and my career as a performer, songwriter, and producer really started to take shape.

How would you describe your sound?

Somewhere between pop, indie dance, electronic, and alternative. It’s a fusion of brooding nostalgia and anthemic introspection.

How did you get involved with Duetti?

Duetti reached out last fall inquiring about catalog material, and we were able to quickly engage in a deal for a song.

How has getting involved with Duetti benefitted CVBZ so far?

It provided me with financial stability, enabling me to better care for my family and allowing me to spend more time in the studio working on my next album. This upcoming album is the best work of my career so far. Furthermore, it alleviated the grind of earning and yearning, which often hinder the creative flow. When you feel secure in yourself, the music has more space to flow through you.

Especially with many EDM producers releasing music themselves, how would you say working with Duetti boosts or supports your career?

When you have the ability to fund your own lifestyle and career without signing away parts of your future, you become the CEO, the COO, and the whole damn board. Relying on budgets and seeking approval from higher-ups to make things happen becomes nothing more than a waiting game for what you truly deserve in the end. In an era where music is so democratized, it is crucial to be self-reliant, nimble, and have the freedom to finance our projects as we see fit.

As an artist, what are your long-term plans, and how will Duetti help with building your brand and audience?

I want what everybody wants — “it all.” A voracious fan base, loyal listeners, sold-out shows, strong brand awareness, and the freedom to express my truth in whatever form it emerges. I want to keep healing as a soul, and through my music, provide healing to those who listen. Music is a form of medicine, benefiting both the creators and the listeners alike.

What can we expect from you next in terms of music released through Duetti?

I am currently releasing music independently, but I am eagerly looking forward to forging more partnerships on new tracks. Additionally, I anticipate continued growth and success for the song I currently have with Duetti.


Ivan Yaskey is a Philly-born EDM and synthpop enthusiast and interviewer who recently relocated to beautiful Boston, MA.