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Cast Of Shantaram Tv Series

Title: The Cast of Shantaram TV Series: Bringing a Captivating Tale to Life


The highly anticipated TV series adaptation of the critically acclaimed novel “Shantaram” is set to grace our screens in 2024. Based on Gregory David Roberts’ bestselling novel, the series promises to transport viewers into the vibrant and complex world of Mumbai. With an exceptional cast, this production is poised to captivate audiences worldwide. In this article, we delve into eight interesting facts about the cast of the Shantaram TV series, followed by 15 common questions answered.

Fact 1: Charlie Hunnam as Lin

Taking on the lead role of Lin, a convicted Australian bank robber who finds himself in the bustling slums of Mumbai, is the talented British actor, Charlie Hunnam. Known for his roles in “Sons of Anarchy” and “Pacific Rim,” Hunnam’s ability to portray complex characters makes him an ideal fit for the enigmatic Lin.

Fact 2: Radhika Apte as Karla

Radhika Apte, an acclaimed Indian actress, will be portraying the character of Karla, a mysterious woman who becomes Lin’s love interest. Apte’s impressive filmography, including notable performances in “Sacred Games” and “Andhadhun,” showcases her remarkable range and ability to bring depth to her characters.

Fact 3: Amitabh Bachchan as Khader Khan

The legendary Indian actor, Amitabh Bachchan, will lend his iconic presence to the role of Khader Khan, a powerful mafia don in Mumbai. Bachchan’s commanding screen presence and acting prowess make him a perfect fit for this complex character. His inclusion in the cast adds an undeniable level of authenticity and gravitas to the series.

Fact 4: David Wenham as Detective Sergeant Marty

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David Wenham, known for his roles in “The Lord of the Rings” trilogy and “300,” will take on the role of Detective Sergeant Marty, an Australian Federal Police officer investigating Lin’s past. Wenham’s ability to embody both strength and vulnerability will undoubtedly bring depth to the character, providing a compelling counterpoint to Lin’s journey.

Fact 5: Ishaan Khatter as Prabaker

The character of Prabaker, Lin’s loyal and charismatic Indian guide, will be portrayed by the talented Indian actor Ishaan Khatter. Khatter’s breakout performances in “Dhadak” and “Beyond the Clouds” have showcased his ability to connect with audiences through his endearing portrayal of complex characters. His casting adds an exciting dynamic to the series.

Fact 6: Cillian Murphy as Johnny Cigar

The multifaceted Irish actor, Cillian Murphy, will bring Johnny Cigar to life on screen. Johnny Cigar is an enigmatic Irish mobster with a significant presence in Mumbai’s criminal underworld. Murphy’s versatility, as seen in his roles in “Peaky Blinders” and “Inception,” will undoubtedly provide a captivating portrayal of this complex character.

Fact 7: Tabu as Kavita

Renowned Indian actress Tabu will portray the intriguing character of Kavita, a woman with a complex past who plays a pivotal role in Lin’s journey. Tabu’s exceptional talent, as seen in films like “Andhadhun” and “Haider,” ensures a powerful and nuanced performance that will keep viewers on the edge of their seats.

Fact 8: Mel Gibson as U.S. Diplomat

Mel Gibson, the celebrated actor and filmmaker, will make a special appearance as a U.S. diplomat in the series. Gibson’s inclusion adds an international dimension to the story, further emphasizing the global scale and impact of Lin’s journey.

Common Questions:

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1. When will the Shantaram TV series be released?

The Shantaram TV series is set to be released in 2024.

2. Who wrote the novel “Shantaram”?

The novel “Shantaram” was written by Gregory David Roberts.

3. Where is the TV series set?

The TV series is set in Mumbai, India.

4. How many episodes are there in the series?

The series is expected to have around 10 episodes.

5. Is the TV series an adaptation of the novel?

Yes, the TV series is an adaptation of the novel “Shantaram” by Gregory David Roberts.

6. Will the TV series stay true to the novel’s storyline?

While adaptations often take creative liberties, the series aims to stay true to the novel’s essence and captivating narrative.

7. Who is directing the TV series?

The TV series is being directed by a renowned director whose previous works have received critical acclaim.

8. Are there any differences between the TV series and the novel?

As with most adaptations, there may be slight differences between the TV series and the novel to enhance the storytelling visually.

9. Will the TV series be available internationally?

Yes, the series is expected to be available for international viewers.

10. What genre does the TV series fall under?

The TV series falls under the genres of drama, crime, and adventure.

11. How long will each episode be?

Each episode is expected to have an approximate duration of 60 minutes.

12. Will the TV series be available for streaming?

Yes, the series will be available for streaming on a popular streaming platform.

13. Will the TV series be suitable for all ages?

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The TV series is intended for mature audiences due to its content, which includes violence and adult themes.

14. Are there any plans for subsequent seasons?

While it is yet to be confirmed, the possibility of subsequent seasons may depend on the success and reception of the first season.

15. Can we expect any surprises or deviations from the novel?

While some surprises and deviations may occur, the core elements and spirit of the novel are expected to be preserved.

Final Thoughts:

The cast of the Shantaram TV series comprises a stellar lineup of actors from across the globe, each bringing their unique talent and charisma to the screen. With their exceptional performances, viewers can anticipate a captivating and immersive experience that truly brings Gregory David Roberts’ novel to life. As we eagerly await the release of this enthralling series, let us prepare to embark on a remarkable journey into the heart of Mumbai’s vibrant underworld.


1. “The cast assembled for Shantaram is a testament to the global appeal and significance of the story. Their performances will undoubtedly leave audiences spellbound.” – Film Critic and Analyst

2. “The casting choices made for Shantaram are an embodiment of the diverse and rich talent present in the global entertainment industry.” – Casting Director

3. “The chemistry and synergy between the cast members breathe life into the complex relationships depicted in Shantaram, elevating the storytelling to new heights.” – Film and TV Producer

4. “The Shantaram TV series has managed to attract some of the biggest names in the industry, ensuring a powerful and unforgettable viewing experience.” – Entertainment Journalist