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10 Best Songs About Paranoia 

10 Best Songs About Paranoia 

Paranoia is a feeling of distrust or fear often characterized by secretive behavior, thought projection, and hypervigilance. It’s a powerful and uncomfortable feeling. Many songs about paranoia have been released and here are the most popular ones.

“Paranoid Android” – Radiohead

“Paranoid Android” is one of the most iconic songs about paranoia on this list. It was written by Thom Yorke, guitarist of Radiohead and released as part of the band’s third studio album, OK Computer (1997). The track has been described as having a nightmare-like quality that’s surreal and unsettling.

The song begins with the repeated lyric, “Hello, I’m here.” It has six movements: “Planet Telex,” “Climbing Up the Walls,” “No Surprises,” “Karma Police,” “Fitter Happier,” and “Electioneering. This song describes the irrational thought patterns that give rise to paranoia and what it feels like to be caught up in them.

“Paranoid” – Kanye West

“Paranoid” is a hip-hop song from the 2010 album “My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy” by Kanye West. The song was produced by Rick Rubin and co-produced by West himself. “Paranoid” is a musically aggressive track with a loud chorus that builds up to West spitting: “My therapist said it’s agoraphobia / That’s why I stay at home and write songs.” On this track, “Paranoid,” the rapper describes his feeling of being watched or followed by various entities, from the CIA to aliens from outer space.

“Paranoid” – French Montana

French Montana’s “Paranoid” is a song that hits directly at the heart of what paranoia feels like. The beat, produced by Cool & Dre and Cubeatz, is almost cartoonishly frantic and paranoid itself, while the lyrics are equally bleak. Montana’s voice rides the track with a level of stress that could only be found in genuine paranoia.

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French Montana’s “Paranoid” was the perfect song for those living in a world with so much anxiety and paranoia that it feels like it would spread to everyone if you don’t watch out.

“Paranoid” – Ty Dolla $ign

Ty Dolla $ign’s “Paranoid” is easily one of the most stylish and well-produced songs about paranoia. The song features a solid vocal performance from Trey Songz and some mic-dropping verses from Ty Dolla $ign.

This song is thought-provoking and uplifting by telling a story of a man who has spent time in prison, though it is unclear what his crime was.

The narrator begins with the line, “I’m just tryna find a better way to get up and stay there”--suggesting that he’s trying to find some meaning in his life but has hit a few bumps along the way.

“Paranoiac Personality” – Alice Cooper

Alice Cooper’s song “Paranoiac Personality” is a rock classic that describes the feeling of paranoia so many times better than words can. From his album Welcome 2 My Nightmare (released in 2011), the song takes you on a journey through Cooper’s mental state.

This song isn’t about a specific feeling or person, but rather many. It’s about the feeling of being watched and feared by others. The song also reflects other paranoid emotions like extreme anxiety, distrust in others, and isolation.

“Paranoid” – Post Malone

Post Malone’s “Paranoid” is one of the original songs about paranoia. The song comes from his 2016 album, Stoney. It was also featured in an episode of the American sitcom Brooklyn Nine-Nine and an episode of The Simpsons.

Post Malone’s song “Paranoid” reminds you that your paranoia may be well-founded, but it helps to have someone in your corner who can support you.

The song mentions how he’s “ready for warfare, ready for [his] karma” and feels like somebody else’s problem child, but he knows it’s not his fault because he doesn’t trust anyone now.

He also includes all the bad things that he thinks may happen to him and wishes the world was different so he wouldn’t lose his mind—but until then, only one person can help.

“Paranoia” – Dave East

“Paranoia” is the second single from Dave East’s debut album, “Kairi Chanel.” The song was released on March 31, 2018, and was produced by Hitmaka, LeekeLeek, and Adam Meakim for Heralds of Culture Productions. “Paranoia” by Dave East is a song about the fear of being judged or ridiculed by people around them.

The theme uses a classic drum set-up with heavy hi-hat use and gives it that classic feel with 808s for extra flavor, making it easier to sing along to.

The song puts listeners inside the mind of a character who struggles with anxiety and fear, telling of the ways that these emotions eat away at him.

“Paranoid” – Jonas Brothers

Paranoid is a Jonas Brothers’ song released as a digital download on May 1, 2008, by Hollywood Records. The song is the lead single from the band’s third studio album, A Little Bit Longer. For those who suffer from paranoia, “Paranoid” by Jonas Brothers offers a sense of hope and comfort. The lyrics in the song describe someone who feels they are being followed or watched but assure them that they are fine and everything will be okay.

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“Love / Paranoia” – Tame Impala

The outfit’s song “Love / Paranoia” is a track off the band’s 2010 EP of the same name. From start to finish, “Love / Paranoia” involves plenty of flashy guitar work, some mind-bending synths and an incredibly danceable beat.

While the lyrics are somewhat open to interpretation, it sounds like Tame Impala’s “Love / Paranoia” is about a man who has fallen for a girl after a couple of dates, only to have her disappear from his life without explanation.

It may or may not be true paranoia, but it doesn’t stop him from imagining what it would be like to track her down and confront her about her disappearance.

“Paranoid” – Black Sabbath

It was released in 1970 and is one of the best songs about paranoia. The song critiqued society and what others thought of them, not just due to their appearance but also their music. When people hear this song, they think of conspiracy theories and the turmoil that the band had gone through at the time. It’s a tale of fear, distrust and depression that all fans love to sing along to.


Paranoia is a powerful emotion that can drive us towards our goals or push us into a state of mind that isn’t healthy. Hopefully, by listening to music with paranoid undertones, we can harness this powerful emotion positively and constructively.

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