7 Best Audio Splitters to Share Your Sounds

Have you ever wanted to listen to the same music or movie with a friend? Audio splitters were made to fix this problem by allowing two sets of earbuds to be plugged into the same source. That is their most basic function, to let people listen to the same sounds with their own earbuds.

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What Does an Audio Splitter Do?

In recent years of increased home audio tech becoming available and the rise of vloggers and game streamers, audio splitter uses extend way beyond sharing music

Say you want to use an audio splitter mic and headphones while you record audio or stream a game. An audio splitter for PC is ideal so you can have more outputs without the added sound ports and allow for different equipment to be in use simultaneously. 

Splitters generally come in 3.5mm size and can vary from two inputs or two outputs, depending on your desired need for an audio splitter. There are various ways these can be used, as long as your phone, PC, or audio mixer has a headphone port of 3.5mm. 

Here are some solid options for audio splitters, all available on Amazon. 

Do Splitters Reduce Sound Quality?

The general answer for a two-input headphone audio splitter is no. The wiring within the splitters is meant to carry and split the sound without a problem. 

The quality of headphones used could play a factor. Still, audio splitters are useful for a reason and tend to ensure decent quality sound. 

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What’s the Opposite of an Audio Splitter?

When you think of an audio splitter, you think of one plug going into a source (a phone port, for example) and two coming out to split the sound between two listeners

Input plug is often called “male” while the output port is called “female.” 

So, the reverse of a traditional splitter is where there are two male plugs and only one female. These allow plugs for a mic and headset to be plugged into a PC.

1. Syncwire Headphone Splitter

This is a classic style headphone audio splitter. It has a single input and two outputs, allowing two sets of headphones to be inserted. This is a simple and efficient product with a solid rating and fair price on Amazon.

It’s a high-quality design with a black nylon jacket covering premium copper wiring on the inside. The Syncwire splitter has a 3.5mm jack coated in 24k gold to ensure optimal sound quality from both input and output.

2. DuKabal Headphone Splitter

This headphone splitter offers great sound and multiple lengths and looks. The two input ports and sturdy jack are made with 24k gold and covered with a flexible nylon cover. The cord jacket comes in: black and white, silver, red and white, then black and yellow. 

3. UGREEN Headphone Splitter

This splitter has two outputs, one for mic and one for headphones. This allows you to use headsets on your PC or other sound-related work. 

It boasts high-quality sound with aluminum and copper wires coated in durable black nylon. The 24k gold ensures clear sounds from all sources.

The 8-inch cord leaves some room for the splitter to be used in different spots. 

4. PELAT Audio Splitter

The Pelat audio splitter is another two output audio splitter for mic and headphone use. Its outer coating is a soft black fabric, and the casings are a cool blue aluminum.

At 3.5mm, it fits standard-sized inputs on PC and gaming console systems. The copper wire and 24k gold plating allow sound to transmit clearly through the splitter for whatever your audio intentions are.

5. KOOPAO Audio Splitter

The dual output KOOPAO audio splitter gives you a mic and headset splitter. It’s simplistic like the other two reverse audio splitters listed here. 

It comes in black or gold with a braided nylon covering and 3.5mm gold plated plugs that work with standard jacks. The aluminum mesh keeps the wires intact and running clear for longer with no fading or damaged sound.

6. Zzus Audio Switcher

This audio splitter box is compact and simple. It gives you two sets of input and output to hook up a speaker system or PC for a variety of useful applications. It has a volume control knob so you can adjust how much sound you need and a quick mute button for a pause.

The input and output are controlled by one of the two buttons on the top of the audio switcher. Zzus offers you a simple audio switcher that can be bought for different types of ports. It’s a little package that gives you a whole lot of control and options. 

7. Fosmon A1602 RCA Splitter

This is one of the more complicated audio splitter software available. It’s meant to be hooked up to your TV and can support up to three RCA devices, such as gaming consoles and DVD players. 

It’s useful if you are using console systems without an HDMI cord and testing out various pieces of tech and want a simple and easy way to switch around, rather than fumbling around behind the TV every time. 

Final Thoughts

Audio splitters are useful for sharing music or using different systems for audio. Whether that’s sharing music on a date, watching a movie with someone while traveling, or for what creative reason you might need dual audio output, the audio splitter market won’t be going anywhere.

Well, at least until Bluetooth takes over and makes cords a thing of the past. Even if it does, nothing beats a reliable sound coming through corded headphones.


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