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10 Best Songs About Hope and a Better World

10 Best Songs About Hope and a Better World

As you look around the world, you may be overwhelmed by everything that’s happening. You can easily turn a blind eye to the people who need your assistance. Nonetheless, we are all responsible for this planet, and we are in a position to ensure the world is a better place to be.

Music helps to strengthen, empower, and inspire people. It comes in handy as we deal with difficult situations and negative emotions while ensuring we feel a deep connection towards each other. We can use music to celebrate different great moments while motivating us to make some positive changes. It can motivate us such that we can accomplish great things. Through music, we can motivate humanity and ensure things are done accordingly.

Although music is mainly used to entertain, some artists have decided to utilize their talents to bring about positive changes to the world. Their primary focus is on making the world a better place.

Below are 10 songs that have a strong message. Such songs ensure that there is hope for humanity while bringing about some positive change.

1. “Keep Changing the World”—Mikeschair

The song falls under the Rock genre. It acts as a shoutout to activists, and the main focus is on empowerment. People are encouraged to work to make the world a better place by assisting the lonely and broken people worldwide. As per the lyrics, the message is clear, and we should focus on changing the world.

2. “We Are the World”—Michael Jackson (25 Artists for Haiti)

The album for this song is not available; however, the song falls under the pop genre. The song was sung originally by Michael Jackson, and it was then remade by a group of famous singers around the globe after the incident in Haiti. The song has a great message that reminds us, as human beings, “we are the world.”

3. “Hey World (Don’t Give Up)”—Michael Franti

Michael Franti is a famous pop singer. In some of his songs, he delivers a powerful message. In this song, Franti inspires people not to give up despite the challenges they may be facing. Franti reminds us of the beauty of life and why we should keep fighting for everything right.

4. “Seasons of Love”—Rent

This song falls under the musicals genre. You may wonder about how a musicals song can inspire people. The song is filled with love, and it recognizes the importance of shared humanity, which is why it deserves to be on this list. The song reminds us that even when we disagree, we should keep loving. We should also consider how we can measure a year in life. For such thoughts, we should provide the answers to ourselves.

5. “Imagine”—John Lennon

This song falls under the Pop and Rock genres. The song talks about what we can be when we work hard and ensure love is involved. It talks about how we are dreamers. John Lennon has genuinely inspired many with this song.

6. “Galactic Love”—New Nobility

The song by New Mobility falls under the Pop and rock category. It is soothing to rock lovers because of the vocals and shredding. It also appeals to people who love pop.

7. “The World Is Ours”—Aloe Blacc & David Correy

The music falls under the pop genre. It talks about how we are one with the sky, the air, and the sea. We are also supposed to light up the world.

8. “Change the World”—Colby & Awu

The “change the world” album falls under the hip hop category. The duo by Awu and Colby was incredible. Colby hails from America, and Awu is from Bamenda, Cameroon. Both of them love music, and they are passionate about justice. Their dream is about changing the world; however, we can only achieve such goals if we work together.

9. “We’re All in This Together”—Ben Lee

The song is found in the Awake is the New Sleep album, and it falls under the pop genre. Benjamin Lee is an Australian musician, and he came up with this song. Besides singing, he is also an actor. He started his career at the age of 14 with the help of the Noise Addict band based in Sydney. In 1995, Ben Lee started his solo career after the band broke up. He has also appeared in different films, including “The Rage in Lake Placid.” Over the years, he has also managed to release other solo studio albums, and people are in love with this song by Ben Lee since it inspires them even at their worst moments.

10. “Do Something”—Matthew West

The “Do Something” song is found in the “Into the Light” album. The gospel song is by Matthew Joseph West. Besides being a musician, he is a songwriter and an actor. He has released more than five studio albums, and other popular songs he has sung include “The Motions” and “You Are Everything.” He has also been nominated for the Dove Awards more than five times. The song is phenomenal, and it has inspired many individuals.


Have you ever felt low at some point? Well, you can listen to any of the songs listed above. Each of these songs is bound to lift your spirits, and you’ll feel inspired. We have listed songs from different genres, which means you’re sorted depending on the type of music you prefer to listen to, ranging from gospel to pop music.

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